DotCom Secrets Book Review:
What I Have Learned From This Book

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DotCom Secrets Book Review

Book: DotCom Secrets
Author: Russel Brunson
Price: $0.00 + Shipping
Published: 2015
Promo: One Funnel Away Challenge
There are so many DotCom Secrets book reviews online.

But it’s so difficult to find really good and honest ones.

So, I decided that I should also write a DotCom Secrets book review to let you help you have a better understanding of this book.

DotCom Secrets book is an online marketing blueprint that will teach you the best strategies on how to get more traffic, more leads, and more sales. This book will help you to have a better understanding of how online marketing works and how you can benefit from it.

So, in this DotCom Secrets book review, you’ll find out why I’m recommending you to read this book and what exactly you’ll benefit from it.

How I Got Introduced to the DotCom Secrets Book?

Well, it all started in 2017.

I was writing an article about the best business books, where I interviewed hundreds of online entrepreneurs and business owners to offer me their top 3 business books.

And a good number of them offered to read this book.

I knew most of the books on that list, but I haven’t heard about the DotCom Secrets book before.

So, I decided that I need to get that book.

I went through a few of the DotCom Secrets book online reviews and I immediately ordered it through their main website.

A few days later I was all into it.

And I must to mention that so far, it’s still my #1 best book that I have ever read.

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DotCom Secrets Book Author: Russel Brunson

Russel Brunson is arguably one of the most successful marketers in the 21st century.

You see, by the age of 12, when his peers were outside playing, young Rusell was collecting junk mail, listening to radio and TV commercials. To him, reading and studying sales and marketing was entertaining.

In 2003 he was marketing an online marketing software known as Zip Brander. The software was helping online entrepreneurs to get traffic to their website and offers.

In 2005 he created the first products whereby he was selling ‘How to make potato guns’ DVDs. This was his initial entry into the world of internet marketing.

Since then, Russel Brunson sold anything and everything from coaching products, books, t-shirts, software, and many more.

At one point, he even won a Ferrari for getting 1.3 Million leads in six weeks.

In the year 2014, he cofounded ClickFunnels with his partner Todd Dickerson. The company has grown so much that it’s currently worth over $400 Million in just six years since inception.

As if that’s not enough… Today, Russel is the highest-paid speaker?

Yes, more than Barrack Obama, Trump, Bill Clinton, Tonny Robbins, or anyone else you’re thinking about.

In the year 2018, he closed $3 Million in sales during a speech at the 2018 10X Growth Conference by Grant Cardone!

So, trust me when I say that he is one of the greats in the internet marketing world.

What is DotCom Secrets Book About?

DotCom Secrets is an online marketing book, which will teach you the best strategies on how to use a simple process to get traffic, conversions, and sales online. This book contains an actionable blueprint of how online marketing works and how you can benefit from it.

Russell Brunson published this book in the year 2015. This was his first book of a series of others to come later. But, five years later, each and everything taught in the book is still as relevant today as it was when the book was launched.

It was branded as ‘The underground playbook for growing your company online.’

This tagline for the book speaks volumes on the value the book delivers.

Essentially, if you want to build an online company, this is the book to read. Also, if you’re trying to sell anything online, this book will open up your eyes more than any other material that you have read so far.

Here are a couple of things reviewed that you’ll find in the DotCom Secrets book.

What DotCom Secrets Book Will Teach You?

In short, this book teaches you advanced online marketing techniques for increasing your conversions and making the most out of every single visitor that visits your page.

Instead of selling ONE item to your visitors, you identify people that are BUYERS and thus present them with immediate upsells and/or downsells to maximize the amount of income you can generate from them.

If they want to learn and buy more, why not offer it to them?

For example:

One of the most successful sales strategies you can implement into your business is…

Offer a Free Product + Shipping

If you aren’t familiar with how the offer works, you may be confused about how people make a profit when they are sending you a product for free.

But the secret is in the…


While there isn’t much margin when you offer the product for free plus shipping, you can offer some outstanding upsells that encourage people to buy more right after they order your product.

A free plus shipping funnel is basically founded on the premise that since a customer got something for free with complimentary shipping to boot, they are justified to purchase something else to maximize the since they got something for free!

The keyword here is FREE. And who doesn’t want a free cool product, right?

The main key here is…

…to add value before you’ll start selling.

You should take your customers towards your highest perceived services or products step-by-step by providing a great amount of value.

For example:

Let’s take a Dentist where he offers free teeth cleaning that would attract his dream client.

Dentist Value LadderSecond, he offers additional value by offering Retainers.

Third, he offers Cosmetic Surgery.

As you know, for many dentists, they make the most money and provide the most value for their patients by offering cosmetic surgery.

Fourth, he offers you six months check-up program which is actually a continuity program.

A continuity program where you continue paying on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis until you decide to cancel.

You see:

Instead of trying to convince someone to buy the most expensive offering right away, you need to build a funnel that will help you to do two things:

  1. Provide value to each customer at the unique level of service that he or she can afford.
  2. Make money and be profitable while identifying your dream clients who can afford your highest offer.

When you implement each of these secrets, you will transform your business a sales and marketing machine that allows you:

  • to outspend your competitors
  • acquire an almost unlimited number of new customers
  • make (and keep) more money
  • and most importantly – serve more people.

What is Inside the DotCom Secrets Book?
My Review of the Most Important Chapters

So, what’s inside this book that made Tonny Robbins say that DotCom Secrets book is:

“A simple process that ANY company can use to geometrically improve their traffic, conversion, and sales online.” – Tony Robbins

Let’s have a look at the most important chapters of the DotCom Secrets book that I have reviewed:

Section 1: Ladders and Funnels

This section deals with the foundation of building every business. It covers one of the most critical aspects of selling anything online (The Value Ladder). This value ladder will show you how to deliver maximum value to your customers sequentially.

It also will help you to know how to identify your dream customers and where to get them online. Once you find them, the book will help you determine what kind of traffic they are to your sales funnel. This will help you know what type of messaging you should use to target them and increase your conversion rate.

Section 2: Your Communication Funnel

This section is all about using email marketing to get the potential customers hooked to your message and brand. It outlines some of the email marketing strategies that Russel and his team have tested and proven to work.

Russel goes deep into details on what you should include in every email. You can take what he teaches in this chapter and customize it to your email marketing strategy.

Section 3: Funnelogy Leading Your Customers

Are you new to funnel building?

Well, this section will teach you all the foundations you need to know about coming up with sales funnels.

Section 4: Funnels and Scripts

This section goes deeper into the mechanics of the funnels, including the scripts he uses. Yes, he goes as deep as to show the copywriting part of the funnel building.

Section 5: ClickFunnels

Finally, he gives you a chance to join the 14-day free ClickFunnels trial period or join him for a one on one coaching program.

As you can see, this book emphasizes three main areas:

  1. Email Marketing
  2. Value ladder
  3. How to build a funnel

At the beginning of the book, Russell makes a declaration that this book isn’t about traffic. But, it has so much information on how to build your business and where and how to get traffic.

How Can You Benefit From The DotCom Secrets Book?

DotCom Secrets isn’t just a book – it’s a guide book: It’s a how-to book.

It is not the kind of book you pick and read from cover to cover. It is more like a recipe, the kind that you read with your ingredients set and ready to start cooking.

So, to benefit from the book, read section by section with a pen and paper: take notes.

Also, make sure to start implementing and testing all that you learn from the book. This way, the concepts will become part of you, and they will help you build your online company and sell more of your products or services.

Some of the areas that you should look forward to learning are:

  • It will help you think critically about who are your ideal clients? Who would get the most benefit from using your products or services?
  • Once you identify your ideal client, the book will get you thinking about the best way to attract the clients.
  • You will also learn how to strategically scale your business using the value ladder as you provide more value to your customers.
  • If you’re new to the world of the sales funnel, the book will delve into the basics of what is a funnel and how you can create a sales funnel for your business.
  • You will also learn how easy it is to find your ideal client online, especially on social media.

Note, these are some of the benefits you will get from the first chapter of the book.

If I had to write all the lessons from each chapter and section, this would become the longest review on the internet- and I’d rather you spend that time reading the book itself.

DotCom Secrets Price Review

There are not us much to review about the price of the DotCom Secrets book.

And there’s a good reason for that.

As a strategy to ensure that as many entrepreneurs get their hands on the book, Russel Brunson gives the book for FREE!

Yup, just like that.

DotCom Secrets Book costs $0.00 + $7.95 US or $14.95 for international shipping. You just need to cater for the shipping fee to your location, and it will be delivered to you.

What to Do If You’re Considering DotCom Secrets Book

Step 1: Pick a Copy of the DotCom Secrets Book

As I told you before – DotCom Secrets book is FREE. You just need to cover the shipping costs.

It will teach you many advanced online marketing techniques to increase your sales and overall conversions.

If you’ll claim your free copy of the book, you’ll also be able to claim additional FREE bonuses with total value of $359.95:

DotCom Secrets Book Bonus

Step 2: Buy DotCom Secrets Audiobook

DotCom Secrets book also has it’s digital version which is available as an upsell in the DotCom Secrets book sales funnel.

The price of the DotCom Secrets audiobook is $37.

If you’ll buy DotCom Secrets audiobook you’ll not only get the audio version of this book (read by Russell Brunson) but together with it you’ll also get 5 other amazing bonuses:

  • The Order Form Bump – How to Increase vary value on the initial order form page.
  • The Invisible Funnel – How to get people to give you money without actually selling anything.
  • The Bridge Page – The secrets to converting cold traffic
  • The Yellow Brick Road by Stacey Martino
  • The Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook – How to build sales funnels more efficiently with all the necessary elements.

dotcom secrets audiobook offer

Step 3: Claim the DotCom Secrets Live Event Recordings

DotCom Secrets live event is an exclusive training 2-day event with Russell Brunson’s for those who paid $100,000 to be in his top tier coaching, where he revealed dozens of never before seen secrets on how to grow your company online.

It cost $97 and you can also get it as an upsell in the DotCom Secrets book funnel.

dotcom secrets live

Step 4: Get The Secrets Trilogy Box Set

the secrets trilogy box setIf you haven’t read the Traffic Secrets and Expert Secrets books, you can consider taking the Secrets Trilogy Box Set of all the three books.

As a bonus, you’ll also get Unlock The Secrets book, which is only available in this box set.

The price for the box set is $97 and you can get it as an OTO in the DotCom Secrets book funnel here:

Step 5: Get the Secrets Trilogy Audiobooks

the secrets trilogy audiobooksIf you prefer more the audiobook version – the you can also get The Secrets Trilogy as an audiobooks.

You’ll get all three books for only $74. Since each book is selling for $37 that means you’ll buy 2 and get 1 audiobook for FREE.

Step 6: Consider Funnelytics – The Funnel Mapping Tool

funnelytics upgradeFunnelytics is a funnel mapping tool, which lets forecast potential results of a sales funnel before you build it and then track real-time results and compare it right in your funnel map.

This tool is also available as an OTO in the DotCom Secrets book funnel.

Step 7: Sign up for a ClickFunnels Free Trial

If you don’t have a ClickFunnels account yet, you can sign up for the 14-day free trial.

This way, you’ll be able to play a bit with the software and test it to see if you really need it.

And by the way, during the free trial period you’ll also get an instant access to all of these bonuses:

ClickFunnels free Trial

Step 8: Get This Sales Funnel Training

Sales Funnel Hacks

Main Takeaways from this DotCom Secrets Book Review

DotCom Secrets book is filled with so many takeaways.

The lessons will not fade or lose relevance with time.

As long as people keep building online businesses, as long as social media is still around, this book will remain relevant.

Here are some of the takeaways:

  • This book is a MUST READ for any online entrepreneur.
  • Do not read the book to tick off the number read in the year. Instead, keep it next to your laptop, PC, or working area, let it become your online marketing Bible. And, to make it complete, also remember to get the other books by Russel Brunson namely:
  • Be ready to get insights on:
    • Your ideal clients and how to target them.
    • The fundamentals of a sales funnel
    • The different types of traffic and how you should be targetting them differently
    • Email marketing strategies
    • How to become an excellent storyteller to develop your brand as an online entrepreneur

Final Words About This DotCom Secrets Book Review

This DotCom Secrets book review is based on my personal experience, so use this information as informational only.

This book isn’t just some theoretical concepts from a professor’s head.

They are actionable steps that have been tried and tested by one of the best in the market.

And, if you’d want to grow your business, getting this book should be your next step.



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