30 Days Book Review

550 Page Hardcover Book
by Russel Brunson from ClickFunnels

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Name: 30 Days 
Author: Russell Brunson
Price: $97
Discount: FREE With the One Funnel Away Challenge

There are hundreds of 30 Days Book reviews online.

However, between all of them, there are so few honest ones.

So, I went into writing my own review where I wanted to show what this book is really about.

I’ve already bought the book and I can confirm that is definitely worth the investment!

So, in this in-depth 30 Days book review I’ll go into full detail on what this book is about, how it works, and what benefits you can get from it.

What is the 30Days.com book about?

30 Days Book by Russell Brunson30 Days book is a 550 pages hardcover book showing how to start an online business from scratch in just 30 days if you have no money, no list, no product, and no traffic.

If you like the 30Days.com Virtual Summit you should like this book as well.

In this book, Russell Brunson sent an email to over 100 members who were a 2 Comma Club Award Winners and asked a question what would they do if they would suddenly loose everything.

30 members sent him back an exact proccess of what would they do from Day 1 to Day 30 with their action plan.

The book contains 30 chapters, with each chapter dedicated to a specific award winner. Each of these chapters are outlined with specific day-to-day details that you can follow to grow your business.

What You’ll Find Inside the Book?

Here are the stories 2 Comma Club Award Winners are sharing in this book:

  • Trey Lewellen (Physical Product Sales): The Proprietary “Reactive Startup Formula” That Makes Launching Your Product Painless…And Virtually Guarantees Your Success!
  • Liz Benny (Life and Business Transformation): Secrets Of A High-End ($10K+) Coaching Program
  • Garrett White (Coaching and Consulting): The “Core 4” For Achieving Success
  • Allison Prince (E-commerce Business): How My School-Age Daughters Built Their Own 6 Figure E-Commerce Empire…In Just 9 Months!
  • Dana Derricks (Non-Broke Entrepreneurs): The “Dream 100” Method That Helped Generate Millions In Revenue For Myself And My Clients
  • Julie Stoian (Internet Marketing): The 3 “Profitability” Steps You Absolutely Must Accomplish During Your First Week To Establish Credibility, And Attract High-Ticket Customers And Clients
  • Stephen Larsen (Funnel Building/MLM): The “Purple Ocean” Approach To Identifying Products That Your Fans Would Body-Check Their Grandmas To Buy!
  • Stacey Martino (Relationship Coaching): The 3 Non-Negotiables For Setting Yourself Up For Success (…Before You Even Start Your Funnel)
  • Ed Osburn (Health Professionals/Chiropractors): The #1 Factor That’s Exponentially More Powerful Than A Testimonial For Getting Your Clients And Customers From A “Maybe” To A “Yes!”
  • Tyler Shaule (Non-Profit Children’s Summer Camp): 4 Simple Steps To Crafting Your Fundraising “Offer”
  • Rachel Pedersen (Digital Marketing/Social Media): How I Take Entrepreneur Clients From $4,000/Mo To Pulling In Up To $7,000 PER DAY!
  • Jeremy McGilvrey (Instagram Expert): My Foolproof “HCBA” Hack That Pin-Points Profitable, In-Demand Niches In Just MINUTES.
  • Peng Joon (Internet Marketing): How To Attract Attendees To Your $1K-Per-Ticket LIVE Event In Just 45 Minutes…(And FILL Every Seat In The Room!)
  • Myron Golden (Personal Dev. Sales and Marketing): The Strategies I Use To Help My Clients Rake In Up To $10 MILLION Per Year Each.
  • Jaime Cross (Organic Skincare): Mastering the “Convergence Quadrant” Method: Optimize Your Offers Before You Ever Start Building Your Funnel!
  • Dan Henry (Facebook Ads): The Unusual Approach That Led Me To Build A $3 Million Business In Just ONE Year.
  • Joe McCall (Real Estate Investing): Simple Techniques That Create An Irresistible High-Ticket Coaching Offer.
  • Spencer Mecham (Affiliate Marketing): How To Attract Buyers To Your Affiliate Programs On Autopilot.
  • Anissa Holmes (Dentistry Practice): How To Leverage FB To Land Clients To Consistently Fill Up Every Slot In Your Schedule.
  • Dean Holland (Internet Marketing): How To Come Up With A Valid Product Idea And Create A Webinar Strategy That Optimizes Your High-Ticket Sales.
  • John Lee Dumas (Podcasting Business): The 2 Most Important Practices I Use EVERY DAY To Stay Focused On My 7-Figure Businesses.
  • Rob Kosberg (Publishing and Media): My Top-Secret “Embarrassingly Simple” Strategies That Enable Me to Land $25,000 Sales (Day After Day) From A Webinar.
  • Natalie Hodson (Fitness Business): How To Identify And Approach Your PERFECT Influencers To Promote Your Lead Magnet… (And Get The Most “Yeses” Possible!)
  • Pat Rigsby (Fitness Business): “I’ve Repeated The Same EXACT Process Over And Over Again To Create 7 Businesses That Make At Least $1 Million Per Year.”
  • Caitlin Pyle (Information Products/Work at Home): How To Build INSTANT Credibility And Authority In Your Niche (Even If You’re “New And Unknown” At The Moment)
  • Akbar Sheikh (Ethical Principals of Persuasion): How To Create An Almost INSTANT Coaching Practice That Attracts Your Perfect Client.
  • Rhonda Swan (Personal Branding): How I Traded My All-Day “Hustle” For A Tripwire Funnel That Shot From “Zero” To 6-Figures In Just WEEKS!
  • Davis Asarnow (Funnel Marketing Agency): The Lost PHILOSOPHY That Earned Me An 8-Figure Award…FOUR TIMES!
  • Raoul Plickat (Sales and Marketing): Tapping Into Your “A.G.P.” To Accomplish Any Goal In HALF The Time!
  • James Friel (Autopilot Entrepreneur): The SINGLE Biggest Mistake That Holds New Business Owners Back…(and keeps them from ever achieving the success they dream of!)

30 Days Book Price

30 Days book costs $97 in total. However, you can get it for FREE if you’ll join the One Funnel Away Challenge (which is the only possible way to get this book, by the way). The Price for One Funnel Away Challenge is $100.

30 Days Book Review: Final Thoughts.

30 Days book is a 550 pages hardcover book showing how to start an online business from scratch in just 30 days if you have no money, no list, no product, and no traffic.

I found many great ideas in this training and it has changed my business a lot.

So, I think it’s totally worth it.


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