Russell Brunson

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Russell BrunsonRussell Brunson is New York Times Bestselling Author and Co-Founder of ClickFunnels.

He has spent the past 19 years building his business empire.

In that time, he’s grown a following of over 1 million entrepreneurs and sold more than 450,000 books in America alone – earning him New York Times Bestselling status with record speed.

He popularized the idea of sales funnels as we know them today (using some pretty creative strategies), which have helped tens of thousands to grow their businesses quickly using the software company.

ClickFunnels helps people make money from home without investment in web development skills.

Name: Russell Brunson
Born: March 08, 1980
Title: New York Times Bestselling Author, Co-Founder of ClickFunnels
Nationality: American
Parents: Marde Brunson, Ross Brunson
Wife: Collette Brunson
Education: Boise State UniversityCurrently
Children: 5
Living: Eagle, Idaho, United States

Bio: Who is Russel Brunson?

Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson (born 1980) is an American entrepreneur and author.

He is the founder of ClickFunnels, a sales funnel SaaS company that started in 2014.

ClickFunnels has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing private companies in America by Forbes magazine, with over 100,000 customers, including large corporations.

The digital marketing guru has a following of over 1,000,000 entrepreneurs who’ve bought his books and attended the seminars he’s hosted.

He is now one of America’s bestselling authors with hundreds-of-thousands copies sold worldwide.

Early Life

Russell Brunson started to collect junk mail when he was 12 years old.

He used to listen to the radio or watch TV as he waited for commercials because the marketing and sales industry was more interesting to him than anything else on offer at that time.

Russell is an ambitious and curious individual who does not want to study business; he wants to understand it.

He has learned every opportunity possible, from specific details to how they work with other mediums such as advertising or social media channels.

His knowledge of business goes beyond a surface understanding.

Brunson has always been able to dominate in the wrestling ring.

He won first place in state championships and finished 2nd nationally as a senior student, placing him among the top-ranking wrestlers nationwide.

After graduating college with an education degree, Russell continued his competitive spirit by teaching students how to succeed on their mat for years until he found another way around it: coaching collegiate teams across America.


Russell first found success online in 2003 when he created what is now known as one of the most successful tools for internet marketing: ZIPBRANDER.

This genius piece of technology automatically attracts to your eCommerce site while also increasing profit margins by upselling products without having customers do any work at all.

Russell was always the smart one in his family.

He knew he wanted to make money from an early age, and when Russell found a way for people like him to spend their time making potato guns rather than working on boring construction sites, it all clicked into place.

In 2005 Russell created his most famous invention to date: The King of Potato Guns. After two years, he went back into his workshop and recreated it as one would expect him too-with a bit of twist.

The gun kit had an upsell with all the required supplies.

He was launched into the digital marketing industry by these products.

Within just one year, he’d made his first fortune from sales by marketing these items himself on sites such as YouTube, Facebook, etc.

Russell Brunson was the ultimate underdog.

He started his first online company while he was wrestling in college, and within a year of graduation, had sold over a million dollars worth of products from his basement.

Then 15 years later, Russell’s following has grown to be over 1 million entrepreneurs who have watched him sell hundreds of thousands of copies of books worldwide!

Russell was able to make a living from what most people would consider unlikely sources.

With the development of his sales funnel technology, he encountered many obstacles.

This led him to create the first-ever platform for building sales funnels, ClickFunnels, where he worked with Todd Dickerson.

In only three years, they made up to 100 million dollars thanks to their active users, who were over 100,000 strong by this period.

Personal Life

Russell’s family life is his greatest joy.

Russell’s long-time girlfriend Collette Brunson eventually became his wife in 2002, and they have five children: three sons and two daughters.

Russell has always been an outdoorsman who enjoys hunting in the winter months.

As he got older, Collete encouraged him to do more with his time by spending it doing things like going on vacations or shopping trips instead of hunting.

He only hunts deer every once in a while during bow season when it gets colder out because all the trees lose their leaves, making them easier targets.

Collette and Russel enjoy traveling around Idaho, exploring different towns, looking at various architecture throughout each city.


Furthermore, Russell is committed to the community and encourages philanthropy. Russell and his team at ClickFunnels have a goal of giving back to the world.

They have created partnerships with non-profit making institutions such as Village Impact, where $1 is donated every time a new sales funnel joins their community.

These donations help build learning institutions in Africa.

Operation Underground Railroad is one example of an organization they are partnering up with – this group rescues children from sex trafficking worldwide.

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Products Created by Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson Books

In addition to building software for sales and marketing Russell Brunson is an established author.

He has published four books focused on how you can market your online business more effectively through digital media channels such as email lists or social media sites like Facebook.

These social media platforms have become indispensable tools that all companies should be using these days if they want their company name out there at any cost.

1. DotCom Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online with Sales Funnels.

DotCom Secrets Book

This updated edition of DotCom Secrets reveals all his secrets to generating leads and selling products online using funnels.

Brunson’s DotCom Secrets is a dynamic bait that he has been using to convert leads into customers.

His book offers an enticing first interaction with potential buyers-alongside upsell opportunities in his other books on entrepreneurship or online marketing courses offered ClickFunnels.

DotCom Secrets is an excellent book for marketing your online company for the first time.

This book has sold over 200,000 copies since it came out.

Change your funnel into a profit-generating machine with these processes, frameworks, scripts that will help you grow your company.

But First, you need to understand and identify your dream customer.

2. Expert Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Converting Your Online Visitors into Lifelong Customers

Expert Secrets

In this updated edition, Russell teaches you step-by-step strategies to create a message that will attract potential customers looking for long-life investments in their business.

Expert Secrets is all about how to transform your business into a movement by using storytelling.

This book is one of the most comprehensive books on building a solid personal brand.

Expert Secrets book covers how to become an expert influencer, appeal to your customers’ hopes and goals instead of fears or pain points, emphasize the movement behind your product rather than its features.

It also covers how to turn your company’s story into a memorable experience for potential consumers with pre-selling content that will make them feel confident in their purchase decision before they buy from you.

3. Traffic Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Filling Your Websites and Funnels with Your Dream Customers

Traffic Secrets Book

Traffic Secrets is a book that guides you on attracting customers to your sales funnel who will buy from you again and again.

It gives insight into what it takes to get people coming back when they’ve already found a product or service that solves their problem in one way or another.

With this knowledge on hand, even if sales don’t come easy at first, of course, those leads are going to pay off sooner than later as long as there’s some conversion process in place.

This book teaches readers how they can use lead magnets and email marketing campaigns (including social media) to pull in more customers while making sure their competitors don’t do the same.

Russell reveals direct marketing techniques that place you at the front of new trends, see opportunities invisible to almost everyone else, and master emerging tactics before anyone even knows they exist.

4. Network Marketing Secrets: The Secret Marketing Strategy to Getting the RIGHT People Into Your Downline

network marketing secrets book

Network Marketing Secrets is all about building your network; from affiliates to leads who are ready to buy from you.

You’ll learn how to use social media channels effectively, create an automated sales funnel, and reduce friction with a lead magnet (something for free).

You will also learn how to generate more interest through email campaigns-all without spending hours on end generating new content or trying marketing strategies that may not be as effective anymore.

Network Marketing Secrets is the book that will guide you through the hidden strategy to grow your Network Marketing team, so you only have spoken with people who are super interested in what you’re selling.

Software & Services

1. ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels Free Trial

ClickFunnels, a company born in 2014 out of founder Russell Brunson’s desire to help people make money from home without investing any web development skills, has become the fastest-growing software business venture capitalists do not back.

As they approached their fifth anniversary, they had over a million entrepreneurs following the 400,000 copies of his digital marketing copies sold, which popularized sales funnels.

The books also helped entrepreneurs to pass their end message through teaching at conferences worldwide quickly.

ClickFunnels now offers tools for creating high converting landing pages that their competitors like Leadpages or Thrive Leads don’t and automated email follow-up sequences.

As of 2020, Russell’s teaching has reached over a million entrepreneurs around the world.

Russell Brunson Courses

1. One Funnel Away Challenge

One Funnel Away Challenge Bonuses

The One Funnel Away Challenge is a 30-day training course that takes you step by step through the process of building and launching your very own funnel.

There are many ways this challenge can help in achieving success.

Still, one way to start is with The One Funnel Away Membership Area, where you will find videos, content, and bonuses from your purchase of the membership area, as well as some instructional documents for easy access on how to get started.

2. Perfect Webinar Secrets

Perfect Webinar Secrets

The Perfect Webinar Secrets is training that guides entrepreneurs who want to sell more products through presentations.

It offers many helpful tips and tricks that will allow you to get better results from your webinars.

The course focuses on one marketing principle: using online webinars as tools for selling your product or service repeatedly with different messages coming at them from all angles.

3. 5 Day Lead Challenge

russell brunson 5 day lead challenge

5 Day Lead Funnel Challenge is a free 5-day course that will teach you how to generate an endless stream of leads for your business.

The course features two special guest trainers: Rachel Miller and Yara Golden, besides Brunson.

You’ll also get access to two new “List Building” software products.

Russell will also teach you how to turn your skills into a carefully crafted sales message.

Russell Brunson Webinars

1. Funnel Hacking Secrets Webinar

Funnel Hacking secrets webinar

This is a free webinar by Russell Brunson on how to quickly and easily create funnels for your business.

In this webinar, he helps entrepreneurs decide which strategies work best based on the type of product or service they offer, what other entrepreneurs are doing to achieve their goals in sales with these funnel designs, and much more.

2. Funnel Scripts Webinar

funnel scripts webinar

Funnel Scripts Webinar is a short, easy-to-follow web class by Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards that teaches how to get all the sales letters, scripts, and webinar slides written in under 10 minutes.

Russell Brunson Summits & Training

1. 30 Day Summit

30 Days Virtual Summit is for small business owners who want to learn from those who have already taken the leap of faith into sales funnels.

They offer lessons from thirty famous online entrepreneurs who teach what they would do if they had to start over $0 again.

3. Two Comma Club LIVE

what is two comma club live

The Two Comma Club LIVE offers a unique opportunity for those who aspire to achieve success in their online business.

It is an elite group of people, or “Two Comma Clubbers,” that have successfully made over $1,000,000 using ClickFunnels, and everyone can be part of this exclusive club by having one single funnel bring home the bacon.

The conference focuses on uplifting aspiring entrepreneurs with carefully tested strategies to ensure your business’s success.

This event is about how much money was earned from different funnels and finding ways to build strong relationships within the entrepreneur community through knowledge sharing among peers who will inspire and learn together.

Russell Brunson Events

Funnel Hacking Live

funnel hacking live event

The Funnel Hacking Live event is the place to experience marketing and sales techniques that will help you build your business.

This four-day annual conference teaches entrepreneurs how to use sales funnels for their businesses.

This event helps entrepreneurs stay ahead in their field by providing them with great content from experts who have tested everything themselves.

Russell Brunson Podcasts

Marketing Secrets

Russell Brunson Marketing Secrets Podcast

Russell Brunson hosts a podcast in which he tells you about the marketing secrets that have helped him become one of today’s top entrepreneurs.

The show is aptly called “Marketing Secrets Podcast” because it offers listeners tips and tricks for achieving success as well-known millionaire Russell has done himself.

Russell Brunson’s Podcast is highly informative and entertaining, and his story selling techniques have been used as the basis for many successful marketing campaigns.


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