Marketing Automation Statistics

Marketing Automation in Numbers

75% of all companies use marketing automation. This percentage is expected to increase over time.
eCommerce Product Return Rates

What Are E-commerce Product Return Rates?

At least 20% of all products ordered in eCommerce stores are returned. While it's only 8%-10% in Brick-and-Mortar stores.
Retention Statistics

Customer Acquisition vs. Customer Retention: What Data Says?

Here's a full list of 13 mind blowing customer loyalty and retention statistics, facts, and trends that every entrepreneur needs to know.
Sales Funnel Templates

[FREE Download] 126 High-Converting Sales Funnel Templates for Any Online Business

This is the most comprehensive source of FREE sales funnel templates you will love. If you: ...struggle to build an optimized sales funnel on your own. ...don't want to hire an expensive funnel builder. ...want...
eCommerce Sales Funnel

eCommerce Sales Funnel: In-Depth Guide

The ultimate guide to eCommerce sales funnels and how to use them properly in your online business.
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