ClickFunnels for Real Estate

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ClickFunnels for Real EstateWelcome to an in-depth guide about ClickFunnels for real estate.

In this guide you’re going to find out:

  • What is a real estate funnel?
  • What are the benefits of using ClickFunnels for real estate sites?
  • How to create a high-converting real estate funnel with ClickFunnels
  • What are the best practices of using ClickFunnels for real estate?
  • What are ClickFunnels real estate sales funnel examples
  • And so much more.

So, let’s get right into it.

What Is a Real Estate Sales Funnel?

A real estate funnel is a system that guides people to your site and turns them into leads.

Once they are leads, you can help them turn into prospects.

Real estate agents are always looking for new leads and trying to keep a list of properties up-to-date.

It’s an overwhelming process, but it can be easier with the right real estate funnel system in place.

Your real estate sales should help transform your lead into clients by attracting them from their first visit to your website all the way through the closing day, no matter what they’re interested in buying or selling.

How Does a Real Estate Funnel Work?

The sales funnel for a real estate business is a diagram that illustrates your customers’ route to discover and purchase products from you.

Real Estate Funnel

It starts from becoming aware of your product through converting into an existing client with repeat purchases on their account.

The goal is to make sure you’re carrying as many potential customers to the next level to increase your revenue and broaden your brand exposure and reach new markets interested in what you have on offer.

A real estate sales funnel consists of four distinct stages, each corresponding to a particular phase in the customer journey:

  1. Awareness
  2. Interest
  3. Decision
  4. Action

How to Use Sales Funnels for Your Real Estate Business?

The new marketing trend for real estate products is to send your ads directly into a dynamic sales funnel.

As a real estate agent, you don’t have to worry about lead generation.

ClickFunnels has the tools and knowledge to help with all aspects of your marketing activities, from generating leads to nurturing them until they convert into potential clients for your business.

Instead of doing all that hard work building sales funnels to convert your website visitors, you can now use ClickFunnels as an integral part of scaling and maximizing conversions on your site.

  • You get to collect your visitors’ emails with a discounted or free offer, usually known as bait. This will help them feel like they’re getting something for nothing and encourage them to purchase other offers on your site later.
  • You can also sell to those who enter the funnel on low-cost offers.
  • You can engage them with a down-sell, middle offer, or an upsell offer that will improve their average order value while also keeping them coming back for more.
  • You get to chat one on one with those who didn’t convert in your funnel and nurture relationships, so they’ll buy from you again later, as well as follow up when it’s the right time.

What Are Real Estate Funnel Types?

The three different types of real estate funnels are great for any style or level of investor.

1. Real Estate Agent (Realtor) Funnel

The first one is the Real Estate Agent Funnel, which helps you find a home that’s perfect for your needs and budget.

They also help you through every step in the buying process until it closes!

2. Real Estate Investor Funnel

Next is the investor funnel, where investors who have their own properties let new buyers rent them out to generate passive income while building equity as an owner-occupant themselves.

3. Real Estate Business Funnel

Finally, there is the real estate business funnel with commercial property typically used by business owners looking to expand into other regions without having heavy upfront costs associated with such transactions like price per square foot changes from region to region, occupancy rates based on location, etc., but still giving accessible rental prices.

What Are the Benefits of Using ClickFunnels for Real Estate?

1. ClickFunnels Is Optimized for Real Estate Lead Conversion

ClickFunnels is more than just a website.

It’s an optimization that keeps prospects on the conversion journey, one step at a time.

A traditional site can be distracting with all of its different pages and options, but ClickFunnels focuses only on the sales funnel.

It converts leads into clients in fewer steps: “clicks” to take them down your conversion process instead of trying to get their attention elsewhere while they’re browsing around for information about what you do or how much it costs.

clickfunnels for real estate example 2

2. ClickFunnels Can Help You Build Beautiful Real Estate Landing Pages

ClickFunnels has a fantastic drag-and-drop landing page builder which lets you build real estate-orientated pages.

You can also use their templates or start from scratch because you have the liberty to choose your layout style.

ClickFunnels Real Estate Landing Pages

You can create attractive landing pages for your next listing or market reports with the help of this tool.

There is also no learning curve when it comes time to build out your landing page.

Businesses that utilize this tool see an increase in conversions as they do not need specialized knowledge on designing these pages.

3. ClickFunnels Can Help You Nurture Your Real Estate Leads To Clients

ClickFunnels for real estate helps you to keep your leads engaged and on the right track.

You can send email drip campaigns with automated messages that have been tailored specifically for each lead individually based on their interests or intent specified during registration.

With ClickFunnels’s powerful automation features like:

  • Auto-responders
  • One-time offers after purchase are made
  • Social media follow-up emails

And much more!

You will be able to close more sales while building deeper relationships at the same time.

How to Create a High-Converting Real Estate Funnel With ClickFunnels

1. Get a ClickFunnels Account

ClickFunnels free Trial

The first step is to create a high-converting real estate funnel with ClickFunnels.

Well, you can create a ClickFunnels account in 7 easy steps:

  • Step #1: Go to
  • Step #2: Click on the blue button that says ‘Start Free 14-day trial now’. Look for the first button located at the top right corner of your screen next to the video.
  • Step #3: After clicking the ‘Start Free 14-day trial now’ button, you’ll be redirected to a new page where you must fill in your email address and other details.
  • Step #4: Next, enter billing information. Note that providing ClickFunnels with your credit card details doesn’t mean you’ll incur any costs.
  • Step #5: The next step is to agree to ClickFunnels Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Affiliate agreement.
  • Step #6: After everything is reviewed and confirmed by ClickFunnels, click on the blue ‘Process My Payment & Information’ button.
  • Step #7: You’ll be offered to watch a brief onboarding video and get a ClickFunnels funnel hacker-free t-shirt, the Funnel Builder Secrets Lite Course, and over 100+ free templates.

2. Download FREE ClickFunnels Real Estate Templates

The next step is to download the free ClickFunnels real estate templates.

Below, you can find a free directory of 138 free ClickFunnels templates that you can download and use on your own website.

ClickFunnels Free Templates

The ClickFunnels real estate templates are an excellent resource for those looking to build an online store and start selling their products quickly.

They offer tons of customizable features, no matter what level you’re at in your business experience.

3. Map Out & Set up Your Real Estate Sales Funnel

Mapping out your sales funnel before you create it will make the process more straightforward and less confusing.

It’s better to take some time up front to think through all of the different steps in a successful conversion than jumping into the building without any plan at all.

4. Start Driving Traffic And Generate Real Estate Leads

Create a lead-gen sales funnel to generate traffic and convert customers

Once you’ve finished creating your lead-gen sales funnel, it’s time to drive traffic.

You have many options to choose from: Facebook Ads, Google ads, or SEO.

You might also want to invest some energy into social media content as well – these tactics will take time before they pay off.

How to Generate Real Estate Leads Using ClickFunnels?

1. Create a Real Estate Quiz Funnel

A quiz funnel is the newest trend in marketing.

You create an interesting, engaging, and relevant quiz that your target audience will want to participate in.

They get the opportunity to answer some multiple-choice questions before signing up for your email list so you can continue sending them content they care about.

The most outstanding aspect of this tactic is what people are really looking for from you.

With this data, we can clear out any confusion by segmenting users into different groups based on their answers.

2. Create an Automated Webinar

An auto webinar funnel is a convenient way to host webinars without your direct participation as the presenter.

After Creating the automated webinar for your real estate business, the system will automatically select which page type you need by default.

All you have to do is pick out a template that suits your needs.

3. Create a Real Estate Social Media Funnel

There are four phases in a social media marketing funnel, from discovery to loyalty.

The first phase is discovering your company and getting the user interested, which would be achieved through an engaging profile or posts that pop up on their feed, for instance.

A real estate funnel will help drive customers into your conversion stage by highlighting properties you have available with links back to listings pages where they can click “get more info.”

ClickFunnels media funnel

ClickFunnels For Real Estate: Best Practices

1.  Split-Test Your Landing Pages

Split Test Real Estate FunnelsBy testing different headlines, copies, and colors of text on your splash pages with a call to action strategically placed in various places across the screen, one will eventually become a winner that converts more visitors into leads or customers than any other variation tested.

Remember not to invest in traffic generation before testing out different headlines because this will save you time and money down the road.

2. Use Urgency And Scarcity

Some of the best practices for real estate businesses are utilizing urgency and scarcity on your landing page.

To do so, you’ll want to set a deadline for signing up, and use urgent colors like red or yellow to create an “instant” effect when viewers scroll through your site’s content (ex: if they see certain words with that color), using phrases such as ‘hurry’ or ‘now,’ etc.

3. Follow Up With Your Leads As Soon As You Get Their Contact Information

You should follow up with your lead within the hour of receiving their contact information.

The sooner you reach out, the more likely they’ll be to convert them into an actual customer.

This Harvard Business Report states that if you wait too long before reaching out, it will become increasingly difficult to earn a spot in this potential client’s life and schedule something as soon as possible.

Harvard study Clickfunnels

Contacting people right away is crucial because they have time to think about other options or shop around.

It becomes harder for us real estate agents who are already competing against dozens of others just on sheer face value alone.

4. Offer Upsells for Your Leads

Effective marketing for real estate involves creating upsells for your leads.

If someone downloads a seller guide from you, for example, you can add an upsell step to your funnel.

With ClickFunnels adding this option, it couldn’t be simpler. Get ahead of the game by offering something new in addition to what your leads already bought without any extra work on their part.

The goal is to make them feel special enough to see themselves as valuable clients instead of just another lead.

They can result in greater conversion rates for you.

This makes up-sells an important part of your real estate marketing strategy.

For example, you can add an up-sell to your sales funnel to capitalize on any downloads of seller guides from your site.

Useful ClickFunnels Integrations for Real Estate Business

ClickFunnels is a powerful tool for real estate agents, especially because it’s an all-in-one platform.

There are still some great third-party integrations that you may need to provide more substantial metrics on client behavior and success at scale.

Getting Real Estate Leads

Social media is a great way to get real estate leads.

Some of the most excellent advertising platforms that can be used with the right marketing strategy for generating traffic, conversions, sales, or even just increased brand awareness include:

  • Facebook for running Facebook Ads
  • Google for running Google Ads

Email Marketing Integrations

The Startup plan does not offer Follow-up Funnels, so you will have to integrate your email marketing platform with other available platforms.

Integrations are easy and can be done quickly as long as they’re compatible.

These integrations include:

  • Active Campaign
  • MailChimp
  • Constant Contact
  • Aweber
  • ConvertKit
  • Drip
  • GetResponse
  • Hubspot
  • MadMimi
  • Sendlane
  • Ontraport
  • Market Hero
  • Keep

Appointment Scheduling Integrations

Sometimes people are so busy with their day-to-day responsibilities that they forget to schedule an appointment.

Luckily, ClickFunnels offers a way for your funnel visitors to book time slots as well!

You can provide them the opportunity while still on your sales page by clicking “schedule now” and then fill out all of the necessary information about yourself or your business.

Some of the favorite scheduling platforms include:

  • Acuity Scheduling
  • Calendar
  • Google Calendar

CRM Integrations

You’ll have more success when it comes to customer service for your real estate business with these CRM integrations.

They can help you send emails and text messages according to leads’ specific needs, helping them find their dream home.

Some great options include:

  • HubSpot
  • SalesForce

Time to Build Your Real Estate Funnel

ClickFunnels for real estate is an amazing tool that can help you market your business and generate leads.

ClickFunnels provides various templates, so if you’re looking to acquire new clients as quickly as possible, this product will do wonders.

You’ll be able to use email automation and CRM integration with other tools like LeadBridge to increase efficiency throughout the sales process by seamlessly connecting all aspects of your marketing operations.

Once ClickFunnels and your favorite tools are bridged, you will be getting the most out of your marketing efforts by using this tool to its full potential.

Use ClickFunnels to find the next real estate property that meets your criteria in no time at all.

Integrating these two tools will make it easy for you to use this data and get more out of every marketing strategy.

So, it’s time to start building your first ClickFunnels real estate funnel.

And if you don’t already have ClickFunnels, I suggest you take a look at the table below with the top ClickFunnels offers.

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