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Product: FunnelFlix
Price: FREE for ClickFunnels Paid Subscribtions
Free Trial: 14 Days
Deal: Funnel Builder Secrets

FunnelFlix ProgramWhat if there was a Netflix for courses and all the information on sales and marketing?

What if the top minds in the sales world came together and gave you secrets to marketing, closing, copywriting, building sales funnels, and anything else you needed to scale your business?

Heck! That would be awesome, right?

But too expensive for us mere mortals to afford, right?

Well, ClickFunnels did the impossible. They brought together some of the most successful personal development experts, sales gurus, funnel building experts, and so on to give you FunnelFlix.

FunnelFlix is the Netflix of sales and Sales Funnel.

“How is that even possible?”

Read on, and you’ll find out.

What is ClickFunnels FunnelFlix?

FunnelFlixFunnelFlix is a recent upgrade by ClickFunnels aimed at empowering ClickFunnel users at getting all the tools they need to increase their sales using ClickFunnels.

FunnelFlix is a collection of courses, training and resources about funnel building, sales, mindset, personal development, lifestyle and much more. All these are aspects Russel Brunson and the ClickFunnels team feel are essential to every entrepreneur to build not only a profitable business but also a successful all-rounded lifestyle.

What You’ll Find Inside the ClickFunnels FunnelFlix?

FunnelFlix presents a collection of resources divided into the following categories:

  • Quickstarts
  • Funnel building
  • Copywriting/Sales
  • Traffic
  • Product development
  • Business Strategy
  • Personal development


In the quickstart category, there are a few courses on how to start and build a business. These include:

  • Get Started: This is a collection of interviews from some 2 comma clubs on how they would rebuild their business from scratch in 30 days. To create this package, Russell Brunson asked the members: “What would you do in 30 days if you lost all your money, brand, reputation, email list and everything you hold dear in your business?”
  • Affiliate Bootcamp: This is a MUST watch for anyone in the affiliate marketing industry. This package has interviews from the top affiliate marketers in ClickFunnels. To create this package, Russel Brunson asked the affiliate marketers: “ What would you do if you had to feed your family with nothing but affiliate marketing commissions, but you only had 100 days to build the hobby into a career?”
  • Brick and Mortar: This training is designed for entrepreneurs who own brick and mortar businesses. It is intended to empower brick and mortar entrepreneurs master sales and marketing techniques to outperform other local competitors.
  • Ecommerce: This live training is best suited for anyone in the eCommerce industry. It features some of the giants in the eCommerce world.

Funnel Building

FunnelFlix Funnel BuildingThis category is packed with courses, live training and other resources on how to build sales funnels. Here are a few:

  • One Funnel Away: ‘You’re One Funnel Away’, You’ve heard this slogan, right? It could be the second most famous slogan in the ClickFunnels world after sales funnel. This gives you access to all the resources in the One Funnel Away challenge by Russell Brunson, Julie Stoian and Stephen Larsen.
  • Funnel Builder Secrets: Here is another incredible resource on how to build your sales funnel from zero to launching in no time. This training has everything you need to build any funnel you need in your ClickFunnels account.

Other courses and pieces of training include:

  • Funnel University
  • Funnel agency secrets
  • Unlock the secrets

Copywriting / Sales

FunnelFlix Copywriting SalesNo funnel is complete without having a copy that is optimized to convert. And, the strategies of writing compelling copy needs continuous learning. It also requires one to be in touch with the best sales strategies. Here are some of the sales and copywriting courses available in Funnel Flix:

  • Agora Copywriting: This course will help you to learn from some of the top copywriters in Agora. These are some of the top paid copywriters in the world.
  • Agora Media Buying: This course, also from Agora, is one of the best collections of sales and marketing materials in the world. It is a collection of some of the best secrets on high converting ads, research, execution, and so on.
  • Funnel Hackaton: This is live training with Russel Brunson as he goes through how to build an audience of people who are willing and eager to buy from them and how to deliver your message.
  • 10X Secrets: Did you hear of Russel Brunson 10X presentation which generated over $3.2 Million? Well, the 10X Masterclass will take you through all the details on how to create an incredibly irresistible offer, sell like a pro and make a killing in sales through the presentation.

Others include:

  • High ticket Secrets


FunnelFlix TrafficTraffic is the lifeline of any business. Therefore, it’s imperative that as an entrepreneur, you learn on the various ways to get more eyeballs on your offers and products. These live training and courses are geared towards exactly that:

  • Youtube Traffic Secrets: Youtube is the King of video. As such, there is an ocean of eyeballs waiting to be tapped. Joe, a superstar Youtube marketer, goes into the details on how you can leverage some simple strategies to get more traffic to your affiliate products. These strategies can be used by anyone to get more eyeballs from Youtube and increase their sales.
  • Ad Skills: This course is best suited for Ad experts and Ad agencies. It will teach you how to brand and switch from working with low paying clients who operate from scarcity to working with high-paying clients who have big budgets.
  • Traffic Secrets is one of the best courses an all the information on traffic. John Reese created this course. It is packed with golden information on how to get more traffic that you can easily convert to clients.

Product Development

FunnelFlix Personal and Business Development

  • Product Secrets: The most significant barrier towards execution is the fact that most people get stuck in their heads. Most of their best idea go unimplemented. This course will teach you to go from an idea to execution. It will show you how to PRESELL the product, coaching program or offer even before it’s complete to ensure that you have people ready to buy from you.
  • Course Secrets: What would you like to know about creating a valuable course that your audience will be eager to buy? Course Secrets is precisely what you need to go through before you start creating any course.
  • Outsource Force: If you’re running your business as a solopreneur, you can only grow to a certain point. But, once you start to outsource, you can grow the business to your wildest dreams. This course will teach you all you need to learn how to grow through outsourcing.
  • Offermind: This training will help you get into the perfect mindset before you get down to creating your offer. It will set you up for success even before you begin conceptualizing your offer.

Business Strategy

  • Money Mindset: Money making is mainly about your approach towards making money, spending money and getting the money to work for you. Having the wrong money mindset can and will make your life a constant rush for money. This course will teach you exactly how to build a mindset that will increase your earning ability and your abundance mindset.
  • The Anthology by Jay Abraham: Jay Abraham is one of the leading brains in business strategy, performance, and management. He designed this course to teach entrepreneurs and managers how to find hidden opportunities and assets within their businesses so that they can leverage them to scale.

Personal Development

  • Tony Robbins Private Collection: Tony Robbins is an internationally recognized coach with a client list of people like Conor McGregor, Bill Clinton, Serena Williams and the like. This is a private collection of some of his presentations and events: events that other people paid hundreds of dollars to attend.
  • The Warriors Way: This training by Garret J. will take you through the 4 pillars of success. These pillars will help you move from a scarcity mindset to abundance in your health, wealth and relationships.


FunnelFlix DocumentariesFunnelFlix has many documentaries on many topics such as sales & marketing, and social issues. Here are some of them:

  • 10x ClickFunnels Story
  • Funnelhacker TV
  • Operation Toussaint
  • Funnel Hacking Live

ClickFunnels FunnelFlix Pricing Review

ClickFunnels FunnelFlix program doesn’t have any pricing options. It only comes as an additional benefit for those who purchase a paid ClickFunnels subscription (which starts from the basic $97 plan to the Platinum account going for $297.

Note, if you have the Basic ClickFunnels plan, you will still get access to FunnelFlix. However, courses and training are limited.

So, for $297, you get to access ALL the ClickFunnels features together with ALL FunnelFlix has to offer.

No extra cost.

Again, there is no extra cost. You only need to have a PLATINUM account to get full access.

If you already have the previous Etison plan that went for the same $297, you automatically get the FunnelFlix feature.

You can start diving into the training and courses immediately.

FunnelFlix Free Trial

When you get 14 days free trial for any of the ClickFunnels pricing plan you will also get full access to the ClickFunnels Funnel Flix program.

To claim the ClickFunnels (and FunnelFlix) 14 days free trial you can by clicking on the button bellow:

How Do You Get ClickFunnels FunnelFlix?


1. Just sign up for the Basic plan, and you will get access to some of the resources in the FunnelFlix.


2. Upgrade from the basic $97 plan to the Platinum $297 plan and get full access.


3. If you had the Etison plan, you automatically get access to ClickFunnels FunnelFlix.

FunnelFlix Pros & Cons


  • The courses available would cost a fortune if bought separately. So, FunnelFlix makes them available for just $297.
  • The courses will be added with time, so there will be more content to fit your specific needs and help you solve the barriers that have been blocking you in business.
  • It is free. Yup, you only need to have a ClickFunnels account, and you can access FunnelFlix at no extra cost.
  • The courses available aren’t made by people seeking to make money out of courses only. These are not by teachers. Instead, they are from other top marketers, renowned coaches, and so on. So, you trust that the concepts taught aren’t from a classroom but real-life experiences.


  • The courses might take you months to complete. And, one might not have as much time to go through them.
  • Most of the FunnelFlix training is only available to the Platinum members. So, unfortunately, you can not benefit from it too much if you’re using the Standard plan.

Main Takeaways From This FunnelFlix Review

  • FunnelFlix is the Netflix of sales, marketing, and success in business.
  • To get access to FunnelFlix, sign up for the 14-days ClickFunnels trial period.
  • You can access FunnelFlix on both Basic and Platinum plans. But, you only get full access if you upgrade to the Platinum plan.
  • Even if the material available on FunnelFlix might seem overwhelming, you can give access to people in your team so that each person can learn from the courses that are particular to their departments.
  • FunnelFlix presents material that is worth incredible value for just $297 on the Platinum plan.

ClickFunnels FunnelFlix Special Offer

Secrets Workshop Bundle

Probably the best ClickFunnels Platinum deal that you can find is their Secrets Masterclass Workshop Bundle offer

Secrets Workshop Bundle is a special offer from ClickFunnels which offers 6 months of ClickFunnels Platinum plus other great bonuses.

If you’ll subscribe to the Secrets Workshop Bundle you’ll also get:

  • ClickFunnels: 6 Months Platinum Account
  • FREE One Funnel Away (30 Day Challenge)
  • FREE Virtual DAILY Funnel Hack-A-Thon’s
  • FREE 10X Secrets Mastery Program
  • FREE Traffic Secrets / Ad Skills
  • FREE Access to FunnelFlix

Secrets Workshop Bundle costs only $997 for 6 months. For this price, you will not only get 6 months of ClickFunnels Platinum account but also lots of other amazing bonuses, where there real value of this package is at least $15,770.


Don’t forget to get this free sales funnel training with the top sales funnel secrets revealed:

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