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Product: Network Marketing Secrets
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Published: 2019
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Network Marketing SecretsRussell Brunson, the brains behind ClickFunnels, is the author of the Network Marketing Secrets Book. This is his third book, published after DotCom Secrets and Expert Secrets.

If you know a thing or two about internet marketing, then Russell Brunson is no stranger to you. The internet marketing guru has been a leading name in the industry for quite some time now.

In this book, Russell moves away from his comfort zone; sales funnels. Instead, he delves into the strategy that he developed to incorporate sales funnels into multilevel marketing.

In this book, you will get insight into some of the secrets that many sales professionals use to grow their businesses. The tips and techniques included in the book are sure to help you achieve all the goals you set for your business.

You are probably wondering, ‘there are so many similar books. Why should I go for this one?

Well, in this Network Marketing Secrets book review, we highlight the critical points in this book and what you stand to gain from it.

We leave it up to you to decide in the end whether the book is something you would want to invest in.

What is Network Marketing Secrets Book About?

About Network Marketing Secrets BookRussell Brunson is well known for his expertise in sales funnels.

In his new book, he describes his new strategy that involves incorporating sales funnels with networking.

Although the plan may seem a bit strange, it is surprisingly effective, and Russell gets into all the details in the book.

Network marketing, which is also called multilevel marketing, involves aggressive procedures to get people to join your network or company.

Thanks to the increase in the number of internet scams, network marketers are increasingly finding it difficult to recruit more people. The numerous phone calls and recruitment pitches to potential clients don’t make things any easier for them.

Through the Network Marketing Secrets book, Russell provides a solution for network marketers. He combines his experience in successful MLM and his expertise in sales funnels to offer the ultimate solution.

That said, this book is not just a few months’ worth of writing. It is, instead, a combination of Russell’s 20-year experience in marketing.

What You’ll Find Inside the Network Marketing Secrets Book?

Although Multilevel marketing is a useful business model, there are specific challenges that hinder marketers from earning big bucks in the industry.

In this book, Russell focuses on these challenges before offering a solution for them.

The MLM challenges that you are going to face are:


Getting people to join your MLM team has got to be the most difficult task. Most times, people will not even listen to you before turning down your offer.

Similar Products

Your MLM business will have you selling some products at some point.

Now, if your products are unique and effective, then you shouldn’t have much of a problem getting people to buy them.

The challenge lies in convincing potential customers that your products are better than those of a competitor.


Generating the right amount of traffic is another essential part of any online business. If your site is hard to navigate, you are likely to have higher bounce rates than conversion rates.

In the Network Marketing Secrets book, Russell offers a solution to these three significant challenges.

The ‘Three Lost Funnels‘ is the main topic of the book. Through these funnels, Russell shows you how to bring in sales funnels into your multilevel marketing business model.

What Are The Three Lost Funnels?

The Bridge Funnel

You are going to need to communicate with potential customers very often.

With this funnel, you can get rid of cold calls and still be able to share your preferences and messages.

Your potential recruit gets access to webinars, videos, and other media that helps build a personal connection.

The Home Party Funnel

Have you ever heard a home/house party? Then you know how easy networking can be in such a situation.

Having an internet house party is the idea behind this funnel.

You get to showcase all your products and services without placing any pressure on your potential clients.

In return, you can quickly make some sales, increase your leads and traffic, and get to know your potential clients better.

The Hotel Meeting Funnel

The Hotel Meeting Funnel is the last step you will need to solidify your MLM business.

With this funnel, you can easily create a multiplier effect that grows your team and paychecks rapidly.

Network Marketing Secrets Pricing Review

Network Marketing Secrets costs only $0.00 + shipping ($7.95 in US, $16.04 international). That means you have nothing to pay for the book. The only thing you have to do is to cover the shipping costs.

The best part about it is that you can expect to have the book delivered to your doorstep.

Russell’s offer on this book is quite lucrative.

You only have to pay for shipping to get all the insights from a self-made marketing expert.

 Network Marketing Secrets Bulk Discounts

Just like any other online product, you stand to gain huge discounts if you buy the book in bulk.

Why not take advantage of the discount offers and get your entire marketing team a copy?For example, you will part with only $100 for 10 copies, $250 for 25 copies, and $500 for 50 copies.

How to Get Network Marketing Secrets Book?

If you have gone through the review, you may be interested in getting this original book.

So, how do you go about it?

You can easily place an order for the book at the Network Marketing Secrets website.

Buy Network Marketing SecretsYou will need to provide specific details such as your name, email address, and shipping information before placing your order.

Network Marketing Secrets Book Up-Sells And Down-Sells

Russell is the king of funnels, and it comes as no surprise that ordering a copy of this book gets you into a sales funnel that contains an order bump, up-sell, and down-sell offers.


blackboxFor $37 + $9.95 for shipping, you can get the Funnel Hacker Black Box.

With this order bump, you will get access to all of Russell’s books.

You also get access to other goodies from Russell that will help you scale your internet marketing business.

All the items included in the Black Box are physical, and none of the things are digital. You will also get tickets to Russell’s webinars and a funnel consulting ticket.

One Funnel Away Challenge

one funnel away challengeThe first up-sell in the Network Marketing Secrets book funnel is the One Funnel Away challenge that goes for $100.

Over 30 days, Brunson teaches you how to launch your first funnel. You will have the lessons sent to your email every day. Because each training builds on the other, you must go through the lessons in order and without skipping any.

The $100 is a one-time offer for the OFA challenge.

The training is quite resourceful and an excellent resource for anyone who wants to build their online business. Besides, you will receive some additional bonuses too.

You could also opt for the down-sell, which is the digital version of the OFA challenge. This version goes for $47, which is less than half the price of the challenge.

Traffic Secrets Course

Traffic Secrets CourseThe Traffic Secrets Course is the second upsell.

With this course, you will learn all that you need to know about the strategies and methods you should use to increase your traffic.

The one-time offer of $297 may seem expensive but is still reasonable, given that traffic is one of the essential parts of your online business.

Main Takeaways from This Network Marketing Secrets Book Review

  • The Network Marketing Secrets book is Russell Brunson’s third book. In this book, Russell combines his knowledge of internet marketing with sales funnels to come up with a comprehensive guide to help you grow your online business.
  • The Network Marketing Secrets book covers all the challenges that network managers face nowadays. It also offers a solution to these problems.
  • The three lost funnels, the bridge, home party, and hotel meeting funnels are some of the strategies that Russell used to scale his online business. These three funnels are the main focus of the book, and Russell shows you how to use them to grow your business to higher levels.


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Final Word on The Network Marketing Secrets Book Review

If you are looking to grow your online business, then the Network Marketing Secrets book is a must-have.

In this book, the internet marketing expert, Russell Brunson, gives the strategies that he used to grow his marketing business.

Through this book, you ill get to learn the effective plan that combines MLM with sales funnels to scale your business to the next level.

We highly recommend the book to anyone who wants to grow their online business. Try it out today and discover the fantastic bonuses that come with it to help scale your business to the next level.


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