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The Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook Overview

Name: Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook
Author: Russell Brunson
Price: $0.00 
Shipping $19.95
Published: 2017
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The Funnel Hacker Cookbook is a book where you will learn how to create a high converting funnel or how to hack your competitor’s high converting funnel and implement everything into your online business.

What You’ll Find Inside?


Funnel Hacker CookBook Elements

These are the building blocks of a funnel. It could be videos, headlines, images, countdown clocks, etc. Inside the Funnel Hackers Cookbook there are over 50 different types of elements covered.


Funnel Hacker Cookbook Page Recipes

Then you’ll learn that all of the elements go onto a page. Where a page is a bunch of elements put together in a special order to try to get people to take a certain action.

You’ll be introduced into 37 types of pages broken into 10 categories:

  • Presell Pages: Survey Page, Article Page, Presell Page, Clickpop Page
  • Optin Pages: Squeeze Page, Reverse Squeeze Page, Lead Magnet, Coupon
  • Thank You Pages: Thank You Page, Offer Wall, Bridge Page, Share Page
  • Sales Pages: Video Sales Page, Sales Letter Page, Product Launch Page
  • OTO Pages: Upsell Page, Downsell Page
  • Order Forms: Two Step Order Page, Traditional Order Page, Video Sales Letter Order Page, Sales Letter Order Page, Product Launch Order Page
  • Webinar Pages: Webinar Registration Page, Webinar Confirmation Page, Webinar Broadcast Room, Webinar Replay Room
  • Membership Pages: Access Page, Member’s Area
  • Affiliate Pages: Access Page, Affiliate Area
  • Other Pages: Application Page, Ask Page, Store Front, Home Page, Hero Page, Hangout Page, Live Demo Page


ClickFunnels Funnel Hacker Cookbook Funnels

Finally, you’re given by 22 types of sales funnels covering just about any business model:

Lead Funnels: These funnels are specifically for generating leads, applications, and contact information from your future customers.
– Buyer Funnels: These funnels are structured in a way to get someone to actually pay you inside of the funnel. They have integrated shopping carts, one click upsells, downsales and more.
– Event Funnels: These funnels are for hosting events like webinars, automated webinars, etc.
– Other Funnels: There are other funnels that are useful that don’t really fit into any of the situations above.


How Much Does Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook Cost?

Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook is FREE! + $19.95 for shipping.


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