5 Day Lead Challenge

FREE 5-Day Training by Russell Brunson

Name: 5 Day Lead Challenge
Price: FREE
Duration: 5 Days Training
Bonus: 2 FREE List Building Products

What Is 5 Day Lead Funnel Challenge?

5 day lead funnel challenge5 Day Lead Funnel Challenge is a free 5-day training that will teach you how to generate an endless stream of leads for your business.

The training is hosted by Russell Brunson, but it also features two special guest trainers – Rachel Miller and Yara Golden.

By joining this training you’ll also get free access to two new “List Building” software products.

What You’ll Find Inside the 5 Day Lead Challenge?

Here’s what the 5 day lead challenge will teach you:

Day 1: Unlimited Leads

Monday, January 4th @ 12:00 Noon Eastern (9:00 AM PT)

5 Day Challenge During the first day, you’re going to learn the high-level strategy that will show you how the ClickFunnels team has been able to generate leads on demand from the internet.

This day is the only “lecture” day, everything else is workshops actually implementing what you learn each day!

Day 2: Creating Your “Onepager”

Tuesday, January 5th @ 12:00 Noon Eastern (9:00 AM PT)

Onepager - 5 day lead funnel challengeOn the second day, you’re going to learn how to build your first lead magnet.

You will be shown a simple process of taking your own framework, and then quickly building a “Onepager” that will act as a magnet to get people to come to you!

NOTE: On this day you will get access to a new software platform (for FREE) that will help you to build your “Onepager” fast!

DAY 3: Your Lead Funnel

Wednesday, January 5th @ 12:00 Noon Eastern (9:00 AM PT)

Lead Funnel - 5 day lead challengeOn the third day, you will learn how to place your “Onepager” inside of a very simple funnel called “Lead Squeeze Funnel” that will help you to convert your dream customers into actual leads.

NOTE: You will be receiving dozens of amazing pre-built ClickFunnels funnels (FOR FREE) that you can quickly replace with your graphics, copy, and “Onepager.”

DAY 4: Follow-Up Funnels (emails)

Thursday, January 6th @ 12:00 Noon Eastern (9:00 AM PT)

Yara golden - 5 day lead funnel challengeOn the 4th day, you’re going to learn quickly to build a relationship with those leads.

A special guest trainer – Yara Golden will show you

6 email follow-up funnel that will build a relationship with your leads so they will be excited to buy from you in the future!

NOTE: You will also be given new software that will actually write these emails for you!

DAY 5: Launch Your Funnel

launch your funnel - 5 day challengeThis is the last day.

And this time, another special guest Rachel Miller will show you how to launch your funnel without paid ads!

You’ll learn stupid simple tactics that you can use to start building your list without ads.