Author name: Marius Kiniulis

Marius Kiniulis is a certified sales funnel builder with over 15 years of experience in the industry. Marius Kiniulis is also the Founder of, where he delves deep into Sales Funnels, Online Sales Case Studies, Research, Data Analysis, and Sales Funnel Optimization. Marius began his journey in 2008, initially immersing himself in Web Development, WordPress Website Building, Search Engine Optimization, and Affiliate Marketing before transitioning to the broader sales funnel industry. Dedicated to understanding the nuances of sales funnels, Marius regularly publishes sales funnel case studies, tool comparisons, and market research, all exclusively on Over the years, he has collaborated with 10 esteemed companies, focusing on increasing their conversion rates and boosting revenue. Marius's expertise is not just limited to creating effective sales funnels; he's also committed to sharing his knowledge, ensuring businesses can harness the power of optimized sales processes.

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