Two Comma Club

The Two Comma Club is an award given by ClickFunnels for people, entrepreneurs, or companies that have made more than $1 million from their online sales funnel or marketing activities.

Two Comma” refers to the comma separating millions in numbers (e.g., 1,000,000).

The Club acknowledges and celebrates entrepreneurs who’ve built successful businesses with ClickFunnels.1

Visual Representation:

two comma club visual representation


The Two Comma Club aims to acknowledge and celebrate the milestone of hitting or exceeding a million dollars in sales.

It is a motivational goal for entrepreneurs, marketers, and business owners, showing the big success that can come from smart online marketing strategies and sales funnels.

Being in this club is often viewed as a badge of success and trustworthiness.


  1. Recognition: Achievers gain recognition within the digital marketing community, enhancing their credibility and reputation.
  2. Motivation: It serves as an inspirational goal, motivating entrepreneurs to innovate and push the boundaries of digital marketing.
  3. Knowledge Sharing: Those who achieve this status often share their successful strategies, offering valuable insights to others in the community.
  4. Network Building: Being part of this club facilitates networking with other successful marketers, opening doors to collaboration and learning.3


ClickFunnels explicitly uses the Two Comma Club to showcase its most successful members.

It helps to:

  • Recognize successful users: It acknowledges entrepreneurs who’ve achieved significant sales using ClickFunnels.
  • Showcase effectiveness: The Club is social proof, demonstrating ClickFunnels’ potential to help users build profitable businesses.
  • Motivate others: By highlighting the achievements of top earners, ClickFunnels aims to inspire others to strive for similar success.


Imagine Emily, a fitness instructor who wants to sell her online yoga program.

She creates a sales funnel using ClickFunnels.

After a year of using ClickFunnels, Sarah surpasses $1 million in sales from her online yoga program.

She can then apply to join the Two Comma Club.

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