Marius Kiniulis

Marius Kiniulis is the founder of MARKINBLOG.com. A sales funnel enthusiast at heart with the mission to make online sales simple and understandable to the everyday internet user. On this blog, he handles the sales funnel and online sales research process and presents the findings to readers in fun-to-read yet informative articles. You can read more about me here.
How Many eCommerce Sites Are There

Study: How Many eCommerse Sites Are There in 2023?

Our analysis revealed that there are currently over 26.5 million eCommerce sites operating worldwide and this number increasing daily. Between 2019 and 2023, the number...
How to use sales funnel software

How to Use Sales Funnel Software? An In-Depth Guide

To use sales funnel software, you will need to: 1. Choose a software platform. 2. Define your target audience. 3. Map out each stage of your sales process. 4. Design your sales funnel. 5. Test the funnel. 6. Launch the funnel. 7. Analyze it and optimize based on data.
Sales Psychology Tips

Sales Psychology Tips: 7 Proven Tactics to Boost Your Sales

Insanely actionable psychological sales psychology tips that will boost your online sales and get higher revenue (backed by science).
Sales Funnel Myths

The Most Common Myths About Sales Funnels

There are a lot of myths about sales funnels that can prevent you from getting the most out of them. Sales funnels can really help businesses, big or small. They can get you more customers and grow sales.
How to Create a Sales Funnel for FREE

How to Create a Sales Funnel for FREE: An In-Depth Guide

We use affiliate links and may receive a small commission on purchases (at no extra cost to you). Learn more. To create a sales funnel...
WordPress Sales Funnel

WordPress Sales Funnel: How to Build It in 7 Easy Steps?

To create a sales funnel on your WordPress site you will need to have web hosting, a domain name, WordPress CMS, and a sales funnel builder plugin.
Sales Funnel vs Website

Sales Funnel vs. Website: What’s the Difference

Right now, you might confuse a website with a sales funnel. That’s fine – most people do at first. But ideally, by the end of this post, you will have a clearer understanding of it all.
How to Create a Sales Funnel Website

How to Create a Sales Funnel Website in 5 Easy Steps

This is an in-depth guide on how to create a sales funnel website from scratch in just 5 easy steps.
Sales Funnel Website

Sales Funnel Website: What Is It And How to Use It

A sales funnel website is a series of pages linked together to help the user to go through a set of steps leading to a specific goal (usually a conversion).
Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate

Statistical Report: The Average Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate Is 71.28%

Based on a number of different studies, the global average shopping cart abandonment rate is 71.28%.