Order Confirmation

Order Confirmation is a message sent to a customer to inform them that their purchase has been received and is being processed by the seller.

This message includes important details about the order and serves as a transaction record.1

Visual Representation

order confirmation visual representation


  1. Confirmation Message: This is typically a webpage or a pop-up that appears immediately after the transaction, indicating that the purchase was successful. It often includes a thank you message, order number, and a brief summary of the order details.
  2. Email Confirmation: Most e-commerce platforms automatically send an order confirmation email. This email is an official receipt and includes detailed information such as the list of items purchased, individual and total prices, taxes, shipping details, estimated delivery dates, and customer service contact information.
  3. Transaction Record: The order confirmation process also involves updating the seller’s database with transaction details. This record is crucial for inventory management, order tracking, and future customer service inquiries.2


The main purpose of an order confirmation is to give the customer a clear summary of their purchase and ensure all the details are correct before the order is processed and shipped.

It also helps build trust and transparency between the seller and the customer by confirming that the order has been received and taken care of.3


An order confirmation is important for several reasons:

  • Verification: Allows the customer to verify the accuracy of the order details and make any necessary corrections before shipping.
  • Record Keeping: Provides the seller and the customer with a documented transaction record for future reference.
  • Customer Assurance: Reassures customers that their order is being processed, reducing anxiety and potential inquiries about order status.
  • Error Prevention: This helps identify and correct any errors in the order early in the process, preventing issues down the line.4


  1. Order Placement: The customer orders through the seller’s website or sales platform.
  2. Order Review: The seller reviews the order to ensure all details are correct and the items are available.
  3. Confirmation Issuance: The seller generates and sends the order confirmation to the customer via email or another preferred communication method.
  4. Customer Review: The customer reviews the order confirmation for accuracy and contacts the seller if any changes are needed.


Imagine a customer purchasing a pair of shoes from an online store.

Once they complete the payment, they are immediately shown a confirmation message on the website with an order number and a purchase summary.

Shortly after, they receive an email with the detailed invoice, estimated delivery date, and links to track their order.5

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