Frontend Funnel

A Frontend Funnel is a sales strategy designed to attract and engage potential customers by offering initial products or services at low cost or even for free.

The primary purpose of the frontend funnel is to introduce customers to a brand, build trust, and encourage them to make a first purchase.1

Visual Representation:

frontend funnel visual representation

Key Components of a Frontend Funnel

  1. Lead Magnet: A free or low-cost offer designed to capture the interest of potential customers and collect their contact information. This could be an eBook, webinar, free trial, or discount coupon.
    • Example: A free eBook on digital marketing strategies.
  2. Tripwire Offer: A low-cost, high-value product or service offered immediately after the lead magnet to convert prospects into paying customers. The tripwire is priced attractively to encourage a quick purchase decision.
    • Example: A $7 mini-course on social media marketing.
  3. Core Offer: After the initial purchase, the frontend funnel introduces the core offer, a higher-value product or service designed to provide more comprehensive solutions and greater value to the customer.
    • Example: A $97 comprehensive online marketing course.
  4. Upsells and Cross-sells: Additional offers presented to the customer after the core offer to maximize the transaction value. These can include more advanced products, complementary services, or premium options.
    • Example: A $197 personalized coaching package.
  5. Follow-up Sequence: Automated email sequences or retargeting ads are used to nurture the customer’s relationship, provide additional value, and guide them towards further purchases.
    • Example: A series of emails offering tips and insights on marketing and exclusive offers.2


  • Easier Customer Acquisition: Low-cost entry offers make attracting and converting new customers easier, helping to grow your customer base.
  • Revenue Generation: While the frontend offers are low-cost, they help to cover marketing expenses and can be profitable independently.
  • Increased Lifetime Value: By nurturing new customers through the frontend funnel and guiding them towards higher-value backend offers, businesses can increase the lifetime value of each customer.
  • Data Collection: Capturing contact information and understanding customer behavior in the front-end funnel provides valuable insights for future marketing efforts.3

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