Core Offer

A Core Offer is the primary product or service that a business promotes and sells to its target audience.

It’s the main reason people choose that company because it offers something valuable that meets their needs or fixes their problems.

This core offer is how the business makes most of its money and is what it’s best known for.

Usually, there are other extra products or services around this main offer, like special upgrades (upsells), related products (cross-sells), or cheaper options (downsells), that make the main offer even better.1

Visual Representation:

Core Offer Visual Representation


The purpose of the core offer is to serve as the primary solution or offering that a business provides to its audience.

It aims to fulfill the main needs or desires of the target audience, bridging the gap between the initial interest (sparked by the lead magnet or tripwire) and the ultimate goal of converting a potential customer into a paying one.2


  1. Clear Focus: The core offer clearly orients the business and the potential customer, highlighting the main value proposition.
  2. Increased Conversions: A well-defined and valuable core offer can significantly boost conversion rates within a sales funnel.
  3. Revenue Generation: As the primary product or service, the core offer is a primary revenue source for many businesses.
  4. Builds Trust: The core offer can further establish trust and credibility with the audience by delivering on its promises and providing genuine value.


In a sales funnel, the core offer is strategically placed after the initial engagement tools, such as lead magnets or tripwires.

Its presentation is crucial, often accompanied by testimonials, case studies, and detailed descriptions to ensure the potential customer understands its value and benefits.

Businesses of all sizes develop a core offer as the foundation of their product or service lineup, which is also where their marketing, sales, and growth strategies are built.


Imagine a fitness coach offering a free e-book on “10 Quick Workouts for Busy People” as a lead magnet.

Once users download the e-book, they are introduced to the core offer: a comprehensive 3-month fitness program tailored for busy individuals.

This program, complete with workout plans, nutrition guides, and progress tracking, is the coach’s primary offering and represents the main solution for those looking to achieve fitness goals despite a hectic schedule.

Key Points to Remember:

  1. Positioning: The core offer is typically positioned after the initial engagement before any additional upsells. Its strategic placement ensures that the potential customer is warmed up but not overwhelmed.
  2. Value Proposition: It should clearly communicate the benefits and value it provides, addressing the primary needs or desires of the target audience.
  3. Pricing: The core offer is usually higher than the lead magnet or tripwire but lower than any premium upsell. Its price should reflect its value while remaining accessible to most target audiences.
  4. Conversion: The effectiveness of a sales funnel can often be gauged by the conversion rate of the core offer. If people are not purchasing the core offer, it might indicate a disconnect in perceived value or misalignment with the audience’s needs.3

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