Bridge Page Funnel

A Bridge Page Funnel is a specific type of sales funnel that uses a particular web page, called a bridge page, to connect potential customers with a product or service.

The bridge page prepares visitors by providing more information and pique their interest before they move on to the primary goal.

This way, when visitors get to the final page, they know more, are more interested, and are more likely to take action.1

Visual Representation:

bridge page funnel visual representation


The main goal of a bridge funnel is to increase conversions by pre-qualifying and warming up leads before sending them to the final sales page.

It’s designed to teach and inform people about the product or service, clarifying any questions or concerns.

This kind of funnel creates trust and a good connection with the audience, which is crucial for getting them to purchase.2

Key Components:

Here are the critical components of a bridge funnel:

  1. Lead Capture Page: The first step is collecting emails in exchange for a free item or information.
  2. Bridge Page: A page that introduces the product or offers more personally, often with a story or video, preparing visitors for the sale.
  3. Call-to-Action (CTA): A clear button or link on the bridge page that directs visitors to the sales page.
  4. Sales Page: The page where the product is fully presented, and visitors can make a purchase.
  5. Thank You Page: A page confirming the visitor’s action, like signing up or buying, and possibly providing the next steps.
  6. Follow-up Emails: A series of emails sent to those who haven’t bought yet, offering more information and encouraging them to visit the sales page.3


Bridge page funnels are widely used in digital marketing, particularly in affiliate marketing, direct sales, and lead generation campaigns.

They’re a great tool for marketers who want to improve their ads and enhance customers’ path from first becoming interested in purchasing.1


Imagine an affiliate marketer who promotes online courses for aspiring entrepreneurs.

They’re advertising a course on starting a successful online business.

On their bridge page, the marketer tells a powerful story about moving from a regular 9-to-5 job to becoming a successful online entrepreneur, all thanks to the strategies from the course.

They share success stories from other students, point out the most impactful lessons from the course, and address common concerns like how much time it takes and if it’s worth the money.

At the end of the bridge page, there’s a solid call to action saying, “Join the Course and Transform Your Career Today,” with a link to the course’s sales page.

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