Squeeze Page

A Squeeze Page is a landing page created to collect visitors’ email addresses or contact information.

This type of page typically offers something valuable, like a free ebook, discount code, or exclusive content, to obtain visitors’ contact information.

The collected information is then used to build an email list for future marketing campaigns.1

Visual Representation:

Squeeze Page Funnel Stages

Key Characteristics:

  1. Minimal Distractions: A squeeze page is typically straightforward and focused, with minimal navigation options and distractions. This design helps keep the visitor’s attention on the main goal of capturing their contact information.
  2. Compelling Headline: The headline on a squeeze page is crucial. It needs to immediately grab the visitor’s attention and clearly communicate the benefit of providing their contact details.
  3. Value Proposition: The page must offer highly perceived value in exchange for the visitor’s contact information. This could be a free download, access to exclusive content, a discount, or any other incentive.
  4. Clear Call-to-Action (CTA): The CTA on a squeeze page should be prominently displayed and easy to understand. It should clearly instruct the visitor on what to do next, such as “Download Now,” “Get Your Free Guide,” or “Sign Up Today.”
  5. Opt-In Form: The form where visitors input their information should be simple and straightforward. It usually requires only an email address and possibly a name. The fewer fields, the better, as this reduces friction.2


The primary purpose of a squeeze page is to build an email list for marketing and communication purposes.

The squeeze page aims to convert visitors into leads by offering something valuable in exchange.3

Benefits of a Squeeze Page:

  1. Lead Generation: Efficiently captures leads by collecting email addresses.
  2. Cost-Effective: One of the most cost-effective ways to build a customer database.
  3. Targeted Marketing: Facilitates targeted marketing campaigns based on collected data.
  4. High Conversion Potential: Due to its focused nature, it typically has a higher conversion rate than other types of web pages.4


Squeeze pages are used:

  • Lead Generation: Collect contact information from potential customers, turning website visitors into leads.
  • Email List Building: Offer incentives like free eBooks, webinars, or discounts to encourage visitors to subscribe, growing the email list.
  • Product Launches: Gather a list of interested prospects before launching a new product, ensuring a ready audience.
  • Event Registrations: Capture attendee information for webinars, workshops, or other events, making it easier to manage and communicate with participants.
  • Content Marketing: Offer exclusive content, like guides or reports, in exchange for email addresses, building a loyal audience.
  • Market Research: Segment the audience based on their interests and gather insights to inform future marketing strategies.
  • Promotional Campaigns: Drive traffic from ads, social media, or other channels to capture leads effectively as part of more extensive campaigns.
  • Sales Funnels: The entry point in a sales funnel captures leads that can be nurtured through follow-up emails and converted into paying customers.5


An example of a squeeze page might be a webpage offering a free downloadable e-book on digital marketing strategies.

The page would feature a headline like “Exclusive Free E-Book: Master Digital Marketing in 5 Easy Steps,” followed by a brief description of the e-book’s contents, testimonials from satisfied readers, and a prominent form where visitors can enter their email address to receive the download link.

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