ThriveCart Pricing:
A Detailed Overview

By Marius Kiniulis – July 14, 2023
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ThriveCart PricingThriveCart offers two pricing plans: the Standard plan, which costs $495 for lifetime access with a one-time payment, and the Pro plan, which costs $690 for lifetime access with a one-time payment.

Both plans include lifetime access with a one-time payment, meaning there are no monthly or recurring fees.

Once you purchase a plan, you gain access to all current and future standard features of the platform.

The Standard Plan includes all of the essential features you need to sell products online, such as:

  • Drag-and-drop checkout page builder
  • Conversion-tested checkout templates
  • A/B testing
  • Upsells and downsells
  • One-click upsells
  • Coupons and discounts
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Customer support

The Pro Plan includes all of the features in the Standard Plan, plus:

  • Sales tax calculation
  • JV contracts
  • Advanced reporting
  • White labeling
💲 Price: $495 to $690 one-time payment
✂️ Discount: 70% OFF
⏰ Duration: Lifetime access
📅 Free Trial: Not Available
🔙 Money-Back Guarantee: 30 days
💳 Payment Method: Credit card, PayPal

An Overview of ThriveCart Pricing Plans: How Much Does It Cost to Use?

Plan Price What You Get:
Standard $495.00 unlimited checkout pages, unlimited bump offers, and unlimited upsells, A/B testing feature.
PRO $690.00 unlimited checkout pages, unlimited bump offers, and unlimited upsells, A/B testing feature + integrated affiliate center, sales tax calculation tool, advanced user management, and custom domain functionality.

ThriveCart offers a straightforward pricing structure.

It’s well-known for its one-time payment model which allows unlimited access to the platform.

However, potential users should be aware that there might be other costs, like the charges associated with using certain payment gateways or third-party integrations.

Detailed Breakdown of ThriveCart Pricing

ThriveCart Lifetime Deal

  1. The Standard package includes all the essential features required to improve your checkout process and manage your online sales.
  2. The Pro package provides additional features such as powerful affiliate management and advanced user behavior predictions.

ThriveCart’s pricing is often appreciated for its one-time payment plan, a departure from the recurring subscription model seen in most similar platforms.

1. Cost of the Standard Plan 

thrivecart priceThe cost of the Standard ThriveCart pricing plan is $495.

This is a one-time payment, and there are no recurring monthly or yearly fees.

The Standard plan includes all the basic features of ThriveCart, such as:

  • Secure checkout pages
  • Upsells and downsells
  • One-click upsells
  • Affiliate management
  • Customizable checkout pages
  • Abandoned cart recovery

The Standard plan is an excellent value for the price, and it includes all the features you need to create high-converting checkout pages.

What You Get With This Plan?
Feature Description
Unlimited Checkout Pages Create as many high-converting checkout pages as your business requires.
Unlimited Bump Offers and Upsells
Implement strategic marketing tactics like bump offers and upsells to increase your average order value.
A/B Testing
Experiment with different page designs, product offerings, and pricing structures to see what resonates most with your customers and drives the highest conversions.
High-Converting Templates
Access to a variety of pre-designed templates that follow proven conversion principles.
1-Click Upsell
Facilitate additional purchases from your customers without requiring them to enter their payment details again.
Integration with Multiple Payment Gateways
Connect with popular payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and more.
Digital Sales Tax Support
Automatically calculate and charge the correct sales tax for digital products based on your customers’ locations.
Drag-and-drop checkout page builder
The ThriveCart checkout page builder is easy to use and allows you to create beautiful and high-converting checkout pages.
Automatic cart abandonment follow-up
ThriveCart will automatically send follow-up emails to customers who abandon their carts.
Metric reporting and analytics
ThriveCart provides detailed reporting and analytics so you can track your sales and performance.
Pros and Cons of the ThriveCart Standard Plan

The ThriveCart Standard Plan offers a range of benefits, but like any tool, it also has certain limitations. Here are some of the pros and cons of the ThriveCart Standard Plan:

  • One-time payment: This means that you won’t have to worry about recurring monthly or yearly fees.
  • All the basic features: The Standard Plan includes all the basic features you need to create high-converting checkout pages, such as secure checkout pages, upsells and downsells, one-click upsells, affiliate management, customizable checkout pages, and abandoned cart recovery.
  • Easy to use: ThriveCart is easy to use, even if you’re not tech-savvy. The interface is intuitive and there are plenty of resources available to help you get started.
  • Support: ThriveCart offers excellent support. If you have any questions or problems, you can contact their support team via email or live chat.
  • Limited reporting: The Standard Plan also has limited reporting capabilities. This can make it difficult to track the performance of your checkout pages and make necessary adjustments.
  • No white labeling: The Standard Plan does not offer white labeling, meaning your checkout pages will have the ThriveCart branding.

1. Cost of the Pro Plan 

ThriveCart PRO The ThriveCart Pro plan costs $690 for lifetime access.

This means that you will never have to pay a monthly or annual fee for the plan.

Once you purchase the plan, you will have access to all of the features and updates for life.

The ThriveCart Pro plan includes all of the features of the Standard plan, plus the following:

  • Advanced reporting
  • The ability to sell physical products
  • The ability to create membership sites
  • Custom domain functionality
  • Powerful affiliate & JV functionality
  • Automatic sales tax calculation
  • Intelligent business projections
What You Get With This Plan?

The ThriveCart Pro plan includes all the features of the Standard plan, with several additional advanced features designed for more complex eCommerce operations or for businesses aiming for rapid growth.

Here are the additional features you receive with the Pro plan:

Feature Description
Integrated Affiliate Center This feature allows you to set up and manage your own affiliate program. You can recruit affiliates, track their referrals, and automate their commissions, all within the ThriveCart platform.
Advanced User Management
With the Pro plan, you can assign specific roles and permissions to different team members, making it easier to manage larger teams and complex business operations.
Custom Domain Functionality
The Pro plan allows you to use your own custom domain for your checkout pages, which can help to enhance your brand’s consistency and professionalism.
Sales Tax Calculation Tool
This tool can automatically calculate the appropriate sales tax for each transaction, based on the customer’s location.
JV contracts The JV contracts feature allows you to create and manage joint venture (JV) agreements with other businesses. This can help you to grow your business by partnering with other businesses to sell your products.
Pros and Cons of the ThriveCart Pro Plan

Here are some of the pros and cons of the ThriveCart Pro plan:

  • Advanced features: In addition to everything offered in the Standard Plan, the Pro Plan includes features such as powerful affiliate and joint venture management tools, automatic sales tax calculations, intelligent business projections, and custom domain functionality.
  • Lifetime access:  Just like the Standard Plan, the Pro Plan is also offered as a one-time payment. This gives you lifetime access to the tool without worrying about monthly or annual subscription fees.
  • Competitive edge: The advanced features of the Pro Plan can provide your business with a competitive edge, enabling more efficient management and growth of your online sales.
  • High upfront cost:  The Pro Plan comes with a higher one-time cost than the Standard Plan, which might be prohibitive for some small businesses or startups.
  • Potentially unnecessary features: For businesses that do not require the advanced features offered by the Pro Plan, such as powerful affiliate management and advanced user behavior predictions, these features might be more than what’s needed. In this case, the Standard Plan might be more cost-effective.

Standard vs Pro: Comparison of the Different ThriveCart Plans

ThriveCart’s Standard and Pro plans both provide a robust set of features designed to enhance your online sales and marketing efforts.

However, there are some key differences between the two that might influence your choice depending on your business’s unique needs.

Standard Plan Pro Plan
Price $495 (one-time payment) $690 (one-time payment)
Lifetime Access Yes Yes
Monthly Fees No No
Checkout Builder Yes Yes
Checkout Templates Yes Yes
A/B Testing Yes Yes
Upsells/Downsells Yes Yes
One-Click Upsells Yes Yes
Coupons/Discounts Yes Yes
Affiliate Marketing Yes Yes
Customer Support Yes Yes
Sales Tax Calculation No Yes
JV Contracts No Yes
Advanced Reporting No Yes
White Labeling No Yes

When comparing both ThriveCart plans, the key difference lies in the advanced features offered by the Pro Plan.

The main difference between the two plans is that the Pro plan includes sales tax calculation, automated dunning, affiliate tracking, custom domains for checkout pages, and advanced user management. These features are not available in the Standard plan.

If your business requires comprehensive affiliate management tools, automatic sales tax calculations, advanced user management, or custom domain functionality, the Pro Plan is worth considering.

However, if you only need the core features to manage your online sales effectively, the Standard Plan offers excellent value with a lower one-time payment.

Remember, your choice should depend on your specific business needs, goals, and budget. Always ensure you evaluate all these factors before making a decision.

For a more detailed comparison of ThriveCart Standard vs Pro plans, see this article.

How Much Does ThriveCart Really Cost?

To understand the real cost of ThriveCart, we need to consider not only the initial cost but also potential ongoing and additional costs.

These can include any fees associated with your chosen payment gateway, any additional third-party tools you might use, and the time cost of setup and management.

Additionally, considering the return on investment (ROI) can offer a more holistic view of ThriveCart’s cost.

A significant increase in conversion rates, for example, could quickly offset the initial investment.

What Additional Costs Can You Face When Using ThriveCart?

Initial Costs:

The initial cost of ThriveCart depends on the plan you choose.

$495 if you choose the Standard plan and $690 if you choose the Pro plan.

Ongoing Costs:

ThriveCart does not have ongoing subscription fees.

Once you’ve made the initial one-time payment, you have lifetime access to the platform without any additional recurring costs.

Potential Additional Costs:

There are potential additional costs that you might encounter when using ThriveCart, although these are not charged by ThriveCart itself:

  • Payment processing fees: ThriveCart does not charge any transaction fees, but your payment processor may charge a percentage-based fee for each sale. The exact fee will vary depending on your payment processor and the type of card that your customers use.
  • Integration fees: If you want to integrate ThriveCart with other software, such as your email marketing platform or CRM, you may need to pay for the integration. The cost of integration will vary depending on the software that you want to integrate with.
  • Custom Domain Costs: If you’re using the custom domain functionality (available in the Pro Plan), you’ll need to bear the cost of purchasing and maintaining that domain.

It’s important to remember that while these potential additional costs exist, they are common with most eCommerce and checkout solutions.

Always ensure to factor them into your total cost of ownership when assessing the value of using ThriveCart for your business.

What Are the Considerations for Return on Investment (ROI) When Using ThriveCart?

The return on investment (ROI) of ThriveCart will vary depending on several factors, including:

  • The price of your products or services
  • The number of products or services you sell
  • Your conversion rate
  • Your average order value
  • Your transaction fees
  • Your credit card processing fees

However, in general, ThriveCart can help you increase your ROI by:

  • Improving your checkout process
  • Increasing your conversion rate
  • Offering upsells and downsells
  • Tracking your sales data
  • A/B testing your checkout pages

If you’re able to increase your conversion rate by even a small percentage, you can see a significant increase in your ROI.

For example, if you have a conversion rate of 10% and you increase it by 1%, you’ll see a 10% increase in your sales.

ThriveCart also offers several features that can help you increase your average order value.

For example, you can offer upsells and downsells, which can increase the amount of money each customer spends.

Finally, ThriveCart makes it easy to track your sales data.

This data can help you identify which products or services are performing well and which ones need improvement.

You can also use this data to A/B test your checkout pages and see what changes lead to the best results.

Some additional ROI considerations for ThriveCart users:

  • The type of products or services you sell: Some products or services are more likely to convert than others. For example, high-ticket items or products with a strong emotional appeal are more likely to convert than low-ticket items or products that are not as desirable.
  • Your target audience: The demographics and interests of your target audience will also affect your ROI. For example, if you’re targeting a younger audience, you’ll need to make sure that your checkout process is easy to use and mobile-friendly.
  • Your marketing efforts: The amount of traffic you drive to your checkout pages will also affect your ROI. If you’re not driving enough traffic, you won’t be able to generate enough sales to make a profit.

Remember, the ROI will vary between different businesses, as it depends on how effectively you utilize ThriveCart’s features and your business’s specific circumstances.

It’s always a good idea to review these considerations in the context of your own business to assess ThriveCart’s potential ROI.

ThriveCart Pricing Comparison With Other Shopping Cart Solutions

There are also several alternatives to the ThriveCart shopping cart that offer different features, pricing plans, and integrations.

So, when considering the pricing of ThriveCart, it might be helpful to compare it to other popular shopping cart solutions in the market.

Here is a ThriveCart pricing comparison with other shopping cart solutions:

Shopping Cart Pricing Features
ThriveCart Lifetime plan:
$495 or $690
Drag-and-drop checkout page builder, conversion-tested templates, upsells and downsells, one-click upsells, A/B testing, affiliate management, sales tax calculation, JV contracts, advanced reporting, and more.
SamCart Monthly plans:
$59, $119, or $299
Drag-and-drop checkout page builder, conversion-tested templates, upsells and downsells, one-click upsells, A/B testing, affiliate management, sales tax calculation, and more.
Voma Starts at $119/month Drag-and-drop checkout page builder, conversion-tested templates, upsells and downsells, A/B testing, affiliate management, sales tax calculation, and more.

As you can see, ThriveCart is the most affordable option, with a lifetime plan that costs just $495.

Voma is the most expensive option, with monthly plans that start at $119.

SamCart is priced in between, with monthly plans that start at $59.

In terms of features, ThriveCart is the most feature-rich option.

It offers a wide range of features, including upsells and downsells, A/B testing, affiliate management, sales tax calculation, JV contracts, and advanced reporting.

SamCart and Voma also offer several features, but they do not offer as many features as ThriveCart.

Ultimately, the best shopping cart solution for you will depend on your specific needs and budget.

If you’re looking for the most affordable option with a wide range of features, ThriveCart is a good option.

If you’re looking for a more feature-rich solution, you may want to consider SamCart or Voma.

Is ThriveCart Worth the Price?

Whether or not ThriveCart is worth the price depends largely on your specific business needs and how effectively you can utilize the platform’s features.

Here are a few key considerations:

  1. One-Time Payment: ThriveCart’s unique one-time payment model sets it apart from many other shopping cart solutions that typically charge monthly or annual fees. This can lead to substantial savings over time, which increases the value for money.
  2. Feature Set: ThriveCart provides a robust set of features, including high-converting checkout templates, 1-click bump offers and upsells, and behavior-driven rules, all of which can help to boost your sales. The Pro plan also offers advanced features such as affiliate management and business projections. If these features align with your business needs, the platform may be worth the investment.
  3. Ease of Use: ThriveCart is known for its user-friendly interface and ease of use. This can save significant time and effort, and reduce the need for extensive training or technical knowledge.
  4. Integration Capabilities: ThriveCart integrates seamlessly with numerous third-party applications like email marketing tools, payment processors, and membership platforms. This flexibility can enhance your overall eCommerce ecosystem, making the platform more valuable.
  5. Customer Support: ThriveCart has a reputation for excellent customer support, which can be a significant factor in assessing its value. Having prompt and effective support can save you time, effort, and potential lost sales.
  6. User Reviews and Testimonials: Many users praise ThriveCart for its impact on their sales and the value it has provided. Reviews and testimonials can provide real-world insights into the platform’s value.

If you’re looking for a powerful and easy-to-use checkout solution with a wide range of features, ThriveCart is a good option.

However, if you need a more feature-rich solution, you may want to consider other platforms.

it’s always a good idea to assess your specific business requirements, budget, and ROI expectations before making a decision.

A Few Recommendations for Choosing the Right ThriveCart Plan

If you’re considering using ThriveCart for your business, you’re probably wondering which pricing plan is the best fit.

So here are a few factors to consider.

  1. Evaluate Your Needs: Take a careful look at your business and what you need from a shopping cart solution. For example, if you have a simple business model selling a few products or services, the Standard plan may be enough. However, if you have more complex needs, like affiliate management or custom domains, you might require the Pro plan.
  2. Consider Your Budget: While the Pro plan offers more features, it’s also more expensive. Determine whether your budget can accommodate the higher cost and whether the added features are worth it for your business. Remember that ThriveCart’s one-time payment structure could lead to significant savings in the long run compared to platforms with recurring fees.
  3. Compare the features: Look at the features offered by each plan. The Standard plan includes essential tools like unlimited checkout pages, A/B testing, and bump offers. In contrast, the Pro plan offers advanced features such as an integrated affiliate center, sales tax calculation tool, and custom domain functionality. Determine which features are critical for your operations.
  4. Think About Scalability: As your business grows, your needs may change. Even if you don’t need certain features now, you might in the future. The Pro plan offers more advanced features and flexibility, which could make scaling easier as your business grows.
  5. Check Third-party Integrations: Both ThriveCart plans offer a range of third-party integrations, but you need to ensure that the plan you choose supports all the integrations you require for your business.

Remember, the most expensive plan isn’t always the best for every business. The right plan for you is the one that fits your business needs and budget.

Which Pricing Plan Should You Choose?

The best pricing plan for you will depend on your specific needs and budget. If you’re not sure which plan to choose, I recommend contacting ThriveCart support for help.

Here are some additional things to consider when choosing a ThriveCart pricing plan:

  • How many products do you plan to sell? If you only plan to sell a few products, the Standard plan may be sufficient. However, if you plan to sell a large number of products, the Pro plan may be a better option.
  • Do you need advanced affiliate marketing features? If you plan to have a large affiliate program, the Pro plan’s advanced affiliate marketing features may be a good investment.
  • Do you need to sell in multiple countries? If you plan to sell in multiple countries, the Pro plan’s free sales tax calculation for multiple countries feature may be a valuable benefit.
  • Do you need advanced analytics? If you want to track the performance of your checkout pages and affiliate program in detail, the Pro plan’s advanced analytics features may be helpful.
  • Do you want white label checkout pages? If you want to brand your checkout pages with your own logo and colors, the Pro plan’s whitelabel checkout pages feature may be a good option.

Choose the Standard Plan if:

  1. You’re just starting out and have a simpler business model.
  2. You don’t have complex needs like an affiliate program or custom domains.
  3. You’re on a tighter budget and want to minimize upfront costs.

Choose the Pro Plan if:

  1. You have a more complex business or sell a larger range of products.
  2. You need advanced features like an affiliate program, custom domains, or advanced user management.
  3. You’re prepared to invest more upfront for a greater range of capabilities and plan on leveraging these features to grow your business.

How to Buy ThriveCart?

To buy ThriveCart, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the ThriveCart website:
  2. Click the “GET MY LIFETIME ACCOUNT NOW” button.
    ThriveCart Signup Button
  3. Select the pricing plan you want to purchase and click the “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT” button.
    ThriveCart Select the Pricing Plan
  4. Enter your billing information.
    ThriveCart Enter Billing Information
  5. Click the “Activate My Account” button.
    ThriveCart Activate My Account
  6. Set Up Your Account: Follow the instructions in the email to create your account and start setting up your ThriveCart to align with your business needs.

If you need a detailed guide on how to buy ThriveCart, you can visit this ThriveCart buying guide for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Does ThriveCart Have a Transaction Fee?

No, ThriveCart does not charge any transaction fees.

The only fees you will incur are the payment processing fees charged by your payment processor, such as Stripe or PayPal.

These fees are typically around 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.

2. Does ThriveCart Have Monthly Payment Plans?

ThriveCart does not currently offer monthly payment plans.

However, they have indicated that they may start offering them in the future. For now, the only way to get ThriveCart is to pay a one-time fee.

You can find more information about ThriveCart monthly fees in this article:

3. Does ThriveCart have a Free Trial?

No, ThriveCart does not offer a free trial for its services.

They do, however, provide a 30-day money-back guarantee.

This means you can purchase the product and use it for up to 30 days.

If you find that it’s not the right fit for your business needs within this period, you can request a full refund.

You can find more information about ThriveCart free trial in this article:

4. What Are the ThriveCart Refunds and Money Back Guarantee Policies?

ThriveCart offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of their plans. This means that you can get a full refund within 30 days of purchase if you are not satisfied with the platform.

To request a refund, you will need to contact ThriveCart customer support. They will ask you a few questions to determine if you are eligible for a refund. If you are eligible, they will process your refund within 24 hours.

Here are the eligibility requirements for ThriveCart’s money-back guarantee:

  • You must have purchased ThriveCart within the past 30 days.
  • You must have not made any sales using ThriveCart.
  • You must not have used any of ThriveCart’s features that are not included in the free trial.

If you are eligible for a refund, you will receive a full refund of the purchase price. This includes any applicable taxes or fees.

5. What Payment Methods Does ThriveCart Accept?

ThriveCart accepts a variety of payment methods.

These typically include major credit and debit cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. ThriveCart also supports digital payment platforms like PayPal.


In conclusion, ThriveCart’s pricing structure offers significant value, positioning it as a smart choice for anyone looking to streamline their online sales process.

Both the Standard and Pro plans are priced as one-time payments, eliminating any recurring monthly fees, and providing lifetime access.

ThriveCart’s Standard plan, at $495, presents a host of essential features including a checkout builder, A/B testing, upsells and downsells, one-click upsells, coupons and discounts functionality, and an affiliate marketing feature. These tools provide an excellent foundation for selling products online efficiently and effectively.

The Pro plan, priced at $690, further enhances your capabilities with advanced features such as sales tax calculation, JV contracts, advanced reporting, and white labeling.

The impressive range of features offered in both plans ensures you have the tools needed to elevate your sales performance, increase conversion rates, and maximize profit margins.

I encourage you to consider signing up for a ThriveCart plan today. It’s an investment in your business’s future growth and success.

As always, make sure to visit ThriveCart’s official website to get the most current and detailed information about their pricing and features.

Additional Resources for Learning More About ThriveCart Pricing

Here are some resources for finding additional information about ThriveCart pricing:

  • The ThriveCart Support Center:
    This is the official support site for ThriveCart, which provides documentation, tutorials, and FAQs to help users resolve common issues.
  • ThriveCart Official Facebook Group:
    This is a group of users and experts that you can use to connect with other ThriverCart users and get help from experienced professionals.
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