Kartra Affiliate Program
Get 40% Lifetime Commissions

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Program: Kartra Affiliate
Commissions: 40% lifetime
Cookie duration 30 days
Registration: Affiliate signup page
How would you like to earn 40% on recurring revenue with Kartra Affiliate Program?


…sit back and let me tell you everything you need to know.

Kartra Affiliate is a partnership program that lets all Kartra product users promote their software and get a share of the commission from their product sales.

Their program pays 40% recurring commissions for life from every purchase that is made through your affiliate link.

Additionally, Kartra enables you to manage your affiliates and track their sales, returns, and so on.

What Are Kartra Affiliate Commissions?

For every paid user that you bring into the platform, the Kartra affiliate program will pay you a 40% commission.

This is a recurring income, and you will enjoy it as long as the user still uses his subscription.

You earn your commissions either monthly or yearly, depending on the subscription and payment plan that the user will choose.

Kartra has a 14 days trial period for every subscription that goes for $1.

Note that if a user joins the trial account through your unique referral link, then you do not earn anything.

On the other hand, if a paid user who joins Kartra through your referral link decides to upgrade their subscription to a higher Kartra subscription plan, your commission also automatically upgrades.

Additionally, you can earn the Kartra affiliate commissions through the JV recruitment program.

The program that is also known as the 2nd tier enables you to earn an extra 10% commission for income that affiliates generate. The 10% income is also recurrent.

Also, you can join the Kartra marketplace, where you can search for other affiliates that are listed on the marketplace.

The Kartra marketplace is restricted to only the paid users, including those in the 14-day trial.

kartra affiliate sign-up

How Much Can You Earn With The Kartra Affiliate Program?

The Kartra affiliate program gives a 40% lifetime commission for every paid user who joins Kartra through your unique affiliate program and 10% lifetime commission generated by 2nd tier affiliates.

So how much is 40% in terms of real money?

Karta offers a variety of payment plans that will cost differently, whether you are paying monthly or yearly.

Let us have a look at each plan and how much you get.

Package Price/mo Commission (40%) Price/year Commission (40%)
Starter $99 $39.6 $948 $379.2
Silver $199 $79.6 $1,788 $715.2
Gold $299 $119.6 $2,788 $1,099.2
Platinum $499 $199.6 $4,548 $1,819.2

1. Kartra Starter Plan

The Kartra starter plan goes for $99 a month or $948 annually.

If a user joins the Kartra starter plan using your affiliate link and you get a 40% commission, it means you will get a $39.60 monthly recurring commission. For the yearly subscription, your recurring commission will be $379.2.

2. Kartra Silver Plan

For the Kartra silver plan, a user can go for a monthly subscription that will cost $199 a month. Alternatively, they can opt for a yearly subscription that goes for $1,788 annually.

As such, if you are a Kartra affiliate and a user subscribes to this plan, you will earn $79.6 monthly and $715.2 on the yearly subscription.

3. Kartra Gold Plan

The Kartra gold plan subscription costs a user $299 a month and $2,748 if they take the annual subscription.

Therefore, as a Kartra affiliate, you will earn $119.6 for the monthly subscription and $1,099.2 for the yearly subscription.

4. Kartra Platinum Plan 

The Kartra platinum plan will cost a user $499 a month or $4,548 per month when paid yearly.

As such, if a user uses your affiliate link to join the Kartra platinum plan, you will have a recurring commission of $199.6 on the monthly subscription. On the other hand, you will get a $1,819.2 commission for the annual subscription plan.

Note that there is a 25% discount on the yearly subscription for all the Kartra plans.

Evidently, becoming a Kartra affiliate has immense potential to earn a high income.

It becomes even sweeter as it is a passive way of earning. The moment a paid user subscribes for life, then you will also have your passive income for life.

Kartra business platform makes it even easier for you by providing you with promotional materials such as:

  • List builder templates (emails)
  • The book funnel templates (emails)
  • Social media headlines that will grab attention
  • Email campaigns that help to promote your affiliate link
  • Creative displays for your ad, social media or pages

kartra affiliate templates

How Does The Kartra Affiliate Program Work?

Kartra affiliate program pays you for every user that you refer to the Kartra business platform. What’s more, it’s free to sign up for the program.

Kartra makes your affiliate marketing a straightforward process. This is because they provide you with your unique affiliate link.

It also provides you with an email copy and a range of other promotional materials that help you to promote your links.

If you choose to become an affiliate, you can go to your screen and click on “My Affiliate Promos.”

You will get to a screen with four options, which include Analytics, Payments, Promotions, and Marketplace.

  • The marketplace option is the one you can browse to find your niche on what products you can promote. You can also compare the conversion rates for different products, the possible commissions, and earnings that you can get.
  • In the promotions option, you can see the products that you chose to promote, the sales you have made, and the commissions you have from the sales.
  • In the analytics tab, you can monitor your sales and also get information concerning your buyers.

When you become an affiliate, Kartra provides you with a link that will direct users to the product that you are promoting.

When a user purchases through the link, then you get a commission.

The link uses cookies for 30 days. As such, even if a user leaves and returns later to purchase through another link, you will still get credit for the sale.

Then you have the payment option where you can set up your payment method.

The payment option can also help you track your payments through the month-by-month reports.

kartra affiliate

Who Should Join The Kartra Affiliate Program?

Kartra affiliate program can join anyone who has any size audience and believes that this program is the best fit for their users.

In return, you’ll earn a percentage of the cost as commission.

How To Become A Kartra Affiliate? 

Signing up for the Kartra affiliate program is an intuitive and straightforward process. For you to sign up for the affiliate program, you will need to:

  • Visit the official link at kartra.com/partners.
  • Click on the “Affiliate Sign Up” button.
  • Next, accept terms and conditions.
  • Then you will get a page where you will be prompted to sign as a Kartra user or sign up for a free account.

Note that as an affiliate, you are required to uphold the highest possible standards regarding your ethical and legal conduct.


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