One Comma Club

The One Comma Club is an award given by ClickFunnels for people, entrepreneurs, or companies that have made more than $1,000 from their online sales funnel or marketing activities.

This achievement is often seen as an early indicator of success and proof that a business idea or project is working, and it’s celebrated among online entrepreneurs.1

Visual Representation:

one comma club visual representation


The primary purpose of recognizing and celebrating membership in the One Comma Club is to acknowledge the achievement of a noteworthy financial milestone.

It serves as a motivational benchmark for individuals and businesses striving to grow their income through online platforms, indicating the potential for scalability and further financial success.2


  • Validation: Reaching this milestone validates a business model or idea, confirming its potential for generating revenue.
  • Motivation: Achieving One Comma Club status can significantly boost motivation and confidence, encouraging further effort and investment in the business.
  • Visibility: Often, communities and networks recognize and celebrate these achievements, providing visibility and networking opportunities.
  • Foundation for Growth: This level of success lays a foundation for scaling the business to achieve subsequent milestones, such as the “2 Comma Club” ($1,000,000 in revenue).


The term “One Comma Club” is widely used by online entrepreneurs, digital marketers, e-commerce store owners, and anyone else making money online.

It marks a milestone within different training programs, courses, and challenges aimed at achieving success in online businesses.3


Imagine an entrepreneur launches an online course about digital marketing.

Through focused ads and a carefully planned sales funnel, they earn $1,500 from the course in the first two months.

This success earns him a spot in the “One Comma Club.”

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