One Page Funnel

A One-Page Funnel is a type of sales funnel that uses just one webpage to guide a visitor toward a conversion (for example, a sale or signup) on that single page.

Instead of having many pages and steps like traditional funnels, a one-page funnel puts everything necessary—like details about the product, convincing writing, reviews, and a clear call to action (like buy or sign up)—all on one page.

This method makes buying easier, reduces confusion, and helps more people decide to buy by keeping their focus and reducing distractions.1


The primary purpose of a One-Page Funnel is to make the path to buying or taking action simple and direct, helping potential customers decide and act quickly.

With the entire sales process on one page, sellers can present a clear message and offer that directly responds to the visitor’s wants or needs.

This method works well because it keeps the visitor’s focus on just one offer, making the choice easier than on bigger websites. 2

Key Components:

Here are the key components of a one-page funnel:

  1. Headline: Captures attention with the main benefit or value.
  2. Subheadline: Adds more detail to the headline to keep interest.
  3. Introduction: Briefly states the problem your offer solves.
  4. Benefits and Features: Highlights what makes your offer great and how it helps.
  5. Social Proof: Uses customer testimonials or reviews to build trust.
  6. Offer Details: Clearly explains what you’re offering, including price and bonuses.
  7. Call to Action (CTA): A clear prompt for the visitor to take action, like “Buy Now.”
  8. FAQ Section: Answers common questions to ease any doubts.
  9. Contact Information: Shows how to get in touch for more questions.
  10. Urgency or Scarcity: Adds elements like countdowns to encourage quick action. 3


One-page funnels work well for selling just one product, special deals, or any time a clear message can increase sales.

Digital marketers, online stores, and entrepreneurs like them because they’re a straightforward way to boost sales or get more leads.1


Imagine a company launching a new fitness app.

They create a one-page funnel dedicated to this app, featuring a catchy headline like “Transform Your Fitness Journey Today.”

The page includes testimonials, a demo video of the app, bullet points highlighting key features, and a prominent “Download Now” button.

As visitors scroll, they encounter concise sections that address potential questions and concerns, each leading them closer to the download CTA.

This focused approach helps capture the interest of fitness enthusiasts, leading to higher download rates than a more generic, multi-page website.

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