Low Ticket Funnel

A Low-Ticket Funnel is a specific sales funnel designed to sell products or services at a relatively low price point.

This “low ticket” item reduces customers’ entry barrier, helping build trust and lead to more expensive purchases later.1

Visual Representation:

low ticket funnel visual representation

Key Components

  1. Low-Priced Offer: This offer begins with a product or service priced between $1 and $50 to encourage quick purchase decisions.
  2. Landing Page: A dedicated web page to present the low-priced offer and capture customer information.
  3. Thank You Page: This is a follow-up page shown after the purchase, often used to offer additional products or services.
  4. Upsells and Cross-Sells: Additional related products or services are offered at higher prices after the initial purchase.
  5. Value Ladder: Each subsequent offer provides more value at a higher price, moving customers from low to higher-priced purchases.2


  • Lower Risk for Customers: The low initial cost makes purchasing easier for potential customers.
  • Increased Customer Base: Attracts more customers quickly with a low-priced offer.
  • Higher Lifetime Value: Maximizes the value of each customer by introducing higher-priced products and services over time.
  • Enhanced Brand Loyalty: Provides consistent value and positive experiences, encouraging customer loyalty.


Low-ticket funnels are used in various industries and can be particularly effective in digital marketing, e-commerce, and online education.

They are often implemented through:

  • Digital Products: Such as e-books, mini-courses, or downloadable guides.
  • Physical Products: Low-cost items that can be easily purchased online.
  • Membership Sites: Offering initial low-cost memberships with options to upgrade.
  • Service-Based Businesses: Providing introductory services at a lower rate to attract new clients.3


Consider a low-ticket funnel for a digital photography course.

The funnel starts with a promotional offer for a $10 mini-course on basic photography techniques.

Once purchased, the customer is presented with an opportunity to upgrade to a more comprehensive course at $100, which includes advanced techniques and personal feedback.

Additionally, they might be offered complementary products like editing software or exclusive community access for an additional cost.

This funnel effectively introduces customers to the brand with a low-cost initial offering and then strategically guides them towards higher-priced, more comprehensive products, increasing the overall customer value.

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