Hero Funnel

A Hero Funnel is a marketing funnel focusing on you, the entrepreneur or influencer, rather than a product or service.1

Think of a Hero Funnel like your website’s “about me” part.

Here, you’ll share or showcase your journey, the obstacles you’ve faced, and the moments that have really shaped who you are.

This way, visitors can connect with you, the entrepreneur, or the people behind your business on a personal level.

It’s a way to build trust and credibility with potential customers by introducing yourself and your story.2

Visual Representation:

Hero Funnel Visual Representation


The main goal of a hero funnel is to collect email addresses to nurture leads and build a following.

This way, you can connect with potential customers and promote your products or services when they’re ready.3

Key Components:

The Hero funnel relies on two key components to achieve its goals:

  1. Hero Page: This is where you make your big introduction, like a personal advertisement. You share an engaging story about who you are, what you know, and the main benefit you offer. It’s like giving a detailed pitch with enough space to explain your background, the issues you tackle, and your successes. The aim is to grab attention, earn trust, and get visitors to move forward.
  2. Thank You Page: This page appears after someone gives you their email. Its dual role is to thank them for signing up and give them something valuable in return. This could be a free resource, a discount, or special access to something you offer. The idea is to give something that matters and make the new subscribers feel glad they joined.

Together, these two elements help the Hero Funnel do its job, whether growing your email list or getting more appointments.2

How Hero Funnel Works?

The Hero Funnel is like a short play in two parts, each aiming for a specific outcome:

Act 1: The Hero’s Introduction (Hero Page)

  • Grab Attention: In a detailed pitch, share your story and why it matters.
  • Show Expertise: Prove you’re an authority in your field with examples.
  • Action Call: Encourage signing up for your email list with a clear incentive.

Act 2: Building the Bond (Thank You Page)

  • Say Thanks: Show gratitude for the email sign-up.
  • Give Value: Offer a freebie or exclusive content as a thank you.
  • Start Relationship: Use this opportunity to begin ongoing engagement.

The journey doesn’t stop at the Thank You page.

The email addresses you’ve gathered are incredibly valuable.

You’ll use email marketing to send your subscribers great content, insights, or special deals.

This keeps you in their thoughts and builds trust, leading them closer to becoming customers or clients.3


The Hero funnel can be a great strategy for many professionals who want to attract an audience and be seen as experts.

Here’s how different people can use it effectively:

  • Consultants and Coaches: Highlight your expertise and client successes to attract new business.
  • Course Creators: Share insights and tips to intrigue potential students.
  • Authors and Speakers: Use book excerpts and free talks to showcase your knowledge.
  • Influencers and Bloggers: Share your journey and passions to grow your audience.


Imagine Sarah is a fitness coach for busy professionals. Here’s a simple breakdown of her Hero funnel:

Act 1: The Hero’s Introduction (Hero Page)

  • Headline: “Struggling to Find Time for Fitness? Get Fit Without Sacrifice!”
  • Hero’s Story: Sarah talks about her journey of staying fit despite a busy work life.
  • Expertise: She shares her credentials and client success stories.
  • Call to Action: Visitors are encouraged to download her “5-Minute Workout Guide for Busy Professionals” by giving their email.

Act 2: Building the Bond (Thank You Page)

  • Thank You: Sarah thanks visitors for signing up.
  • Free Guide: She gives a downloadable guide with quick, effective workouts.
  • Nurture the Relationship: Mention a free upcoming webinar and ask viewers to sign up.

The Journey Continues: Sarah keeps in touch via email, sending weekly health tips, motivational content, and info on her paid programs.

She regularly offers valuable advice and becomes a trusted fitness resource for busy people.

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