Shopping Cart Abandonment RateThis is an in-depth study about the average shopping cart abandonment rates.

In this study, you’re going to find:

  • What is the average shopping cart abandonment rate worldwide?
  • What are shopping cart abandonment rates by industry?
  • What are the average shopping cart abandonment rates by country?
  • What are the average shopping cart abandonment rates by device?
  • What are the main shopping cart abandonment reasons?
  • And much more…

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What Is the Average Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate?

Based on a number of different studies, the global average shopping cart abandonment rate is 71.28%.

Abandonment Rate Source Year
68.70% Fresh Relevance 2022
76.00% Sales Cycle 2022
71.01% Dynamic Yield 2022
59.22% Fresh Relevance 2021
81.08% Sales Cycle 2021
57.60% Fresh Relevance 2020
84.57% Sales Cycle 2020
68.80% Barilliance 2016
74.52% Sales Cycle 2016
AVERAGE: 71.28%

While I was looking for the right sources, I had to go through hundreds of articles and various sources.

Until I found the most suitable and still working sources.

Based on the data I’ve compiled from 9 different studies, I’ve calculated that the average cart abandonment rate is 71.28%. This means that roughly less than seven out of every ten shoppers will not complete their transaction, a number many e-commerce store owners find troubling.

This high percentage is caused by various reasons such as complicated checkout processes, shipping costs, sign-up requirements, or limited payment options.

What Are The Shopping Cart Abandonment Rates by Country?

A country’s shopping cart abandonment rate is an indicator of how well its eCommerce industry operates. In general, lower rates indicate more successful enterprises in that particular region.

Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate by Country

For example, Spain has the highest average of all countries surveyed, with a measly 86.14%, while the Netherlands sits at 65.49%.

In addition to looking at the global average, segmenting this data by country shows significant differences among all of them.

The United States was also examined and compared against other countries. With 71.86% shopping cart abandonment rates, it is ranked second-lowest when comparing the country against others in this data set.

Shopping cart abandonment rates by country: Spain 86.14%, France 76.81%, the United Kingdom 76.01%, Australia 74.64%, Canada 72.44%,  United States 71.86%, Netherlands 65.49%.

What Are the Shopping Cart Abandonment Rates by Industry?

Shopping Cart Abandonment Rates by Industry

Abandonment rates vary drastically from industry to industry.

In the graph above, you can see that Automotive was found to have the highest abandonment rates among all categories, with an average of 96.88%. Meanwhile, Groceries has the lowest rate – 61.13%.

Abandonment rates can vary drastically from industry to industry, and it’s important for your store to understand how they compare with others within their field of expertise.

What Are the Cart Abandonment Rates by Device?

Shopping Cart Abandonment Rates by Device

The cart abandonment rate data can also be segmented by device. Narrowing down to the fine details of this large dataset, it is clear that on phone devices, customers are abandoning carts at a much higher level than desktop users.

The data shows that 80% of people who abandoned their carts were using phone devices.

Meanwhile, on desktops, only 73% left without buying anything.

This is a massive improvement for desktop shoppers and goes against what you might expect from such a heavy internet generation like millennials.

Cart Abandonment Rates by Device: Phone, 80.79%, Tablet, 77.34%, Computer, 73.93%.

What Are the Main Shopping Cart Abandonment Reasons?

What Are the Main Shopping Cart Abandonment Reasons

A survey on the main shopping cart abandonment reasons revealed that 22% of respondents said they abandoned their carts because they were asked to create a new user account. That’s more than double the 9% abandonment rate caused by long and confusing checkout.

25% of people abandon their carts because they faced unexpected shipping costs.

The main shopping cart abandonment reasons: Unexpected shipping cost: 25%, Having to create a new user account: 22%, Was conducting research to buy later: 17%,  Concerns about payment security: 15%, Long and confusing checkout: 9%, Couldn’t find a coupon code: 8%, No express shipping available: 4%.

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