Sales Funnel Website: What Is It And How to Use It

Sales Funnel WebsiteThis is an in-depth guide to sales funnel websites.

In this guide you’re going to find out:

  • What is a sales funnel website?
  • What is a sales funnel page?
  • What is the purpose of a sales funnel website?
  • What is a sales funnel website used for?
  • And so much more.

So, let’s get right into it.

What Is a Sales Funnel Website?

A sales funnel website is a series of pages linked together to help the user to go through a set of steps linearly leading to a specific goal (usually a conversion).

The main goal of the sales funnel is simply meant to walk prospects through the entire buyer’s journey without you having to do any of the work.

Breaking the buyer’s journey down into smaller steps (stages) allows you to be more precise about how and when you present offers.

Email follow-up systems usually also work very closely to help convert users and help sellers earn more.

It can be said that the sales funnel website consists of a whole system of various pages and automated processes that help the user not only to stay in the shopping process but also encourage him to purchase additional products and services.

What Is a Sales Funnel Page?

A sales funnel page is just a single web page that is designed to help a customer take a specific action and lead them to the next step in a follow-up action.

The sales funnel page is only one part of the entire sales funnel website.

A sales funnel website consists of a few such pages linked together linearly from one point of entry to another.

The most basic sales funnel usually has only two main pages – the landing page and a thank you page.

However, in reality, a modern sales funnel website can consist of a much larger number of pages such as checkout pages, upsell pages, downsell pages, bridge pages, etc.

What Is the Purpose of a Sales Funnel Website?

The main goal of the sales funnel website is to help the user go from one step to the next and achieve specific goals without any additional distractions.

Such a path allows the user to focus more on the purchase process itself, which helps increase revenue for the seller.

This type of site allows you to tie all of your email marketing and sales efforts to the buyer’s journey.

Sales Funnel vs Website

Characteristic Sales Funnel Website
Definition A few connected pages that work together to move the customer through the sales process on a website. It refers to a collection of related web pages hosted on a single domain name.
Target Target a specific goal They are general
Conversion Conversion rates are high Conversion rates are standard


A website is just a collection of related pages hosted on the same domain where the traffic coming to it is erratic and chaotic. Meanwhile, a sales funnel website consists of a few pages linked together linearly from one point of entry to another leading the user to a specific goal.

Here’s a visual to help explain.

Sales Funnel vs Website
The differences between a sales funnel website and a website.

Today, websites and funnels are an excellent match.

Websites can cater to a wide range of audiences, but funnels focus on a smaller, more targeted group.

In reality, usually, websites have many funnels.

We can say funnels are just a part of the whole website. The main goal of the funnel is to help the user achieve specific action and increase revenue.

Meanwhile, websites are usually built to attract visitors but their main goal is not necessarily to convert the user into a lead or paying customer. Sometimes websites can simply perform a representational function.

You can, for example, use your blog or landing pages to direct visitors to various funnels tailored to your users’ interests.

It’s about finding the ideal way to integrate the sales funnel into your website.

What Is the Difference Between Sales Funnel and Website?

The main difference between a website and a sales funnel is that an effective websites focus on conversion and existing customers’ needs, but the sales funnel works by defining its objectives and audience more precisely.

For example, a website meets the needs of a specific set of target customers and accomplishes a specific set of goals.

As an alternative, a conventional sales funnel would concentrate on a single user persona or client avatar and a single conversion objective.

It’s a set of lead magnets, landing pages, sales pages, emails, and more, all designed to push prospects from one step to the next.

While there are many ways to get around a website, a funnel lays out a clear path for consumers to follow through the buying process.

A sales funnel website helps to move prospects down and closer to a sale. Meanwhile, on a simple website prospects can go anywhere they want, even possibly getting further away from buying your product or service.

What Is Sales Funnel Website Used for?

The purpose of a sales funnel website is to drive traffic to your website and convert it into sales.

Although there can be a compelling aspect of your digital strategy, you should not use your funnels in place of your website. Instead, find the best approach to integrate them into your existing website, and boost your revenues for the brand or business.

It would help if you put in place a sales funnel website for several reasons, among them:

Customer Generation

With a sales funnel website, you can guide a company’s target audience through a sequence that could lead to them becoming clients.

Empower the Effort

An effective sales funnel website narrows the company’s target audience. Clients who have begun their journey down the funnel will have an easier time converting into paying customers.

Companies can use a sales funnel website to exclude leads who aren’t ready to buy. They can do it by asking them to go through a series of steps before making a transaction.


As you can see, sales funnel websites can be a very powerful online sales tool.

True, most of the time they are not used as separate websites, but as a certain separate part of the website.

And each website can have from one to many sales funnels.

So, the smart use of a sales funnel website can raise your sales to a much higher level.

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