Webinar Funnel

A Webinar Funnel is a kind of sales funnel where a webinar is used both to attract people (as a lead magnet) and to convince them to take action (convert leads).

It’s a step-by-step journey leading users through different phases, with the webinar as the main highlight.

The process begins by getting people to visit your webinar’s landing page, getting them to sign up, keeping them interested with good information during the webinar, and then leading them to a goal (for example, making a purchase).

After the webinar, the funnel continues with follow-up emails offering additional resources, answering questions, and providing special offers to encourage purchases, finishing the path from being a visitor to becoming a customer.1

Visual Representation:

webinar funnel visual representation


The main goal of a webinar funnel is to convert viewers into paying customers.

It achieves this by guiding potential customers through steps that build trust, educate them on your offerings, and ultimately nudge them toward a purchase. 2

Key Components:

The main components of a webinar funnel are:

  1. Landing Page: This is the first page visitors see. It details the webinar’s topic, speakers, and benefits and includes a clear call to action (CTA) for registration.
  2. Registration Form: A form on the landing page to collect attendee information like name and email.
  3. Confirmation Page: Shows after registration, thanking attendees and providing webinar attendance details.
  4. Email Sequence: Automated emails sent before and after the webinar to remind, engage, and follow up with registrants.
  5. Webinar Content: The actual webinar presentation is packed with valuable and engaging information for attendees.
  6. CTA During Webinar: Calls-to-action within the webinar guide participants to a specific action, like signing up or purchasing.
  7. Follow-up Sequence: Communications after the webinar aimed at engaging attendees further or encouraging them to take a particular action.3


Webinar funnels are used by many different businesses and groups that want to use webinars for marketing, selling, teaching, or connecting with customers.

They’re really helpful in fields where teaching people about the market or showing how valuable a product is plays a big part in making sales.4


For example, a company that makes project management software could set up a webinar funnel to showcase its capabilities.

There will be a page where you can learn about a webinar called “Maximizing Productivity with Our Project Management Tool.”

You can sign up right there, join the live webinar, and then be directed to a page where you can sign up for a free trial or request a personal demo.

This process is designed to lead you step by step to becoming a paying customer.

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