Supplement Funnel

A Supplement Funnel is a specialized sales funnel designed to market and sell dietary supplements and nutritional products online.

It takes potential customers from first learning about the supplement to deciding to buy it.

This funnel uses specific marketing, informative content, convincing writing, and special deals to gain trust, show the product’s worth, and motivate people to buy.1

Visual Representation:

supplement funnel visual representation


The primary purpose of a supplement funnel is to effectively navigate a potential customer through the complexities and considerations involved in purchasing dietary supplements.

This type of funnel is designed to address common customer questions and concerns, highlight the unique benefits of the supplements, and provide a trustworthy and informative purchasing journey.2

Key Elements:

Key components of the supplement funnel are tailored to educate potential customers, build trust, and convert interest into sales.

Here’s a breakdown of the essential elements:

  1. Awareness Campaigns: Use ads and social media to introduce the supplement.
  2. Landing Page: Highlights the supplement’s benefits and customer testimonials.
  3. Lead Magnet: Offers free health guides in exchange for email sign-ups.
  4. Email Sequence: Sends informative emails to build interest and trust.
  5. Sales Page: Persuasively presents the supplement, emphasizing its uniqueness.
  6. Checkout Process: Provides an easy and secure way to buy the supplement.
  7. Thank You Page: Confirms the purchase and suggests related products.
  8. Follow-Up and Retention: Sends post-purchase emails for feedback and reorders.
  9. Upsell/Cross-Sell: Recommends additional products to complement the initial purchase.
  10. Customer Support and FAQ: Offers help and answers to common questions.1


Supplement funnels are used by dietary supplement brands, health and wellness companies, and individual sellers in the nutraceutical field.

They work well for online shops and e-commerce sites selling directly to customers.


For example, a company that sells a new weight loss supplement might use a supplement funnel that begins with specific Facebook ads.

These ads take people to a webpage with an engaging video of happy customers, an e-book on weight loss tips that you can get by giving your email, and a special deal to start.

After giving their email, potential buyers get a few informative emails explaining more about how the supplement helps, ending with a special deal for a short time to motivate them to buy.

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