Share Funnel

Share Funnel is a pre-designed sales funnel template that others can easily share and replicate, mainly in network marketing or affiliate marketing.

This is a special feature that some sales funnel builders have.

It allows you to create a shareable link for a sales funnel.

When someone clicks this link, they can import a copy of that funnel into their own workspace.1

Key Components

  1. Landing Page: This is the first page visitors see, and it is meant to capture their attention and encourage them to take action, like providing their contact information or making a purchase.
  2. Sales Page: A detailed page about the product or service, including persuasive content, testimonials, and a call-to-action to drive sales.
  3. Opt-In Form: This is a form for visitors to fill out to receive more information or a free resource. It collects their contact details for future marketing.
  4. Thank You Page: The page visitors see after completing an action, often giving additional instructions or offers.

Use Cases

  • Affiliate Marketing: Affiliates can quickly start promoting products and earning commissions.
  • Network Marketing: Team members can use the same high-converting sales system for standardized marketing.
  • Small Businesses: Implement effective marketing strategies without extensive technical knowledge.2


  • For Creators: Creators can add value by sharing high-quality funnel templates. This feature also promotes teamwork and community growth among marketing professionals.
  • For Users: Importing ready-made funnels saves time and resources. Users benefit from expert designs without trial and error, making it ideal for beginners and those wanting to test new marketing strategies quickly.


Consider a digital marketing consultant who has developed a high-converting lead generation funnel.

By sharing this funnel, they empower clients to replicate their success.

Similarly, an e-commerce business might share a sales page funnel with peers in a non-competitive market, fostering industry-wide efficiency.

Online course creators might distribute a webinar funnel to colleagues, aiding in increased course sign-ups.

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