Seinfeld Sequence

Seinfeld Sequence is an email marketing strategy named after the popular TV show “Seinfeld.”

It involves sending a series of seemingly unrelated, entertaining, and engaging emails to subscribers to keep the audience interested and engaged over time.

Unlike traditional email sequences that focus on selling or promoting specific products, the Seinfeld Sequence focuses on building a relationship with the audience through enjoyable content that consistently provides value.1


The Seinfeld Sequence aims to keep in touch with subscribers in a light and engaging way, avoiding the fatigue of constant sales messages.

By sending content that’s either fun or interesting, businesses can keep their audience’s attention and ensure that their emails are opened and enjoyed.

This method helps keep the brand fresh in the minds of subscribers. So, when it’s time to promote or sell something, the audience is more receptive and interested.2


In practice, the Seinfeld Sequence is typically used as a part of a broader email marketing campaign.

It’s especially effective in retargeting efforts, where the objective is re-engaging prospects who have shown interest but haven’t yet converted.

The key is maintaining a consistent tone and style that reflects the brand’s personality.3


Consider an email sequence where a brand shares a humorous story about an everyday office scenario.

The narrative might revolve around common office quirks or humorous incidents.

Toward the end, the email subtly discusses how the brand’s product could have made a difference in that scenario, concluding with a soft call to action.

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