Product Launch Funnel

A Product Launch Funnel is a specialized sales funnel tailored to introduce new products.

This funnel uses a series of content pieces, similar to movie trailers, to offer previews of the product before it’s purchased.

This funnel includes several pages aimed at generating anticipation.

These pages typically feature a video or other content that begins a story unveiled in parts, spaced at least a day apart.1

Visual Representation:

Product Launch Funnel


The main goal of a product launch funnel is to successfully bring a new product into the market, creating a clear path to turn potential customers into actual buyers.

It seeks to generate excitement about the product, teach the target audience about its advantages and features, answer any questions they might have, and encourage them to act fast by creating a feeling of urgency, boosting the chances of a successful product launch.2

Components of a Product Launch Funnel:

Here are the main components of a product launch funnel:

  1. Teaser Page: Builds initial excitement with minimal details and a launch countdown.
  2. Lead Capture Page: Gathers emails in exchange for updates or exclusive offers.
  3. Pre-Launch Content: Shares relevant content to educate and build anticipation.
  4. Launch Announcement: Officially reveals the product with crucial details and offers.
  5. Sales Page: Presents the product, its benefits, and a clear call-to-action to buy.
  6. Checkout Process: Offers an easy and secure way to complete the purchase.
  7. Thank You Page: Confirms the order and provides next steps or delivery info.
  8. Upsell/Cross-sell Offers: Suggests related products or upgrades during checkout.
  9. Post-Purchase Follow-Up: Sends thank-you emails and guides on product use.3


The product launch funnel is used by big and small companies to introduce new products.

It is especially useful for digital products, consumer goods, technological devices, and other products, where educating the consumer and building anticipation is key to driving sales.4


For example, a tech company releasing a new smartwatch could set up a product launch funnel with a countdown to the launch, teaser videos of its features, detailed pages about the product’s specs and benefits, customer stories about its effect on their lives, and a pre-order page offering discounts for early buyers.

Through the funnel, visitors are prompted to sign up for updates, share info on social media, and ultimately, buy the product.

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