Free Trial

A Free Trial is a marketing strategy that allows potential customers to use a product or service for free for a short time so they can try using it.

Depending on the provider’s terms and conditions, this period typically ranges from a few days to a month.1


The main goal of a free trial is to let users try out all the features and benefits of a product or service before they buy it.

This helps build trust and shows the product’s value, encouraging users to become paying customers.2

Key Characteristics

  1. Limited Time Access: Users can use the product or service for a period without paying.
  2. Full Feature Availability: Users often get access to all or most features during the trial, allowing them to fully test the product.
  3. No Obligations: Users can cancel anytime during the trial without any charges, making it a risk-free way to try the product.3


  • Risk-Free Evaluation: Users can see if the product or service meets their needs without spending money.
  • Informed Decision Making: Trying the product helps users decide based on their experience.
  • Higher Conversion Rates: Providers often get more paying customers after a positive free trial experience.4


  • Software and Apps: Many companies offer free trials for tools like productivity software, design programs, and mobile apps.
  • Streaming Services: Platforms like Netflix and Spotify give free trials to attract new subscribers.
  • Subscription Boxes: Some services send a free trial box to encourage potential customers to subscribe.

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