Free Plus Shipping Funnel

A Free Plus Shipping Funnel is a specific type of sales funnel where companies give away a free product and ask customers to pay for the shipping and handling.

This approach aims to attract customers by making it feel less risky to try something new.

The business can still cover some expenses and make more sales later with extra offers or future purchases.

The funnel typically starts with a compelling offer for a free item and then leads the customer through more offers that go well with the free item, helping to increase the total value of their purchase.1

Visual Representation:

Free Plus Shipping Funnel Stages


The primary purpose of a free plus shipping funnel is to attract new customers by offering something that seems very valuable without much upfront cost.

This method is good for generating new leads, creating a list of customers, and educating more people about the brand.

It also opens the door for more sales since customers who go for the free deal might buy more items or services either during checkout or from later marketing activities.2

Key Components:

Here are the key components of the free plus shipping funnel:

  1. Offer Page: Introduces the free product, with customers only paying for shipping.
  2. Lead Capture: Collects customer contact info for the order and future marketing.
  3. Shipping Charges: Details the shipping and handling costs upfront.
  4. Order Form: Simple form for shipping details and payment of shipping costs.
  5. Upsells: Presents additional, related products at a discount right after the initial order.
  6. Downsells: Offers a lower-priced item if the upsell is declined to add value.
  7. Confirmation Page: Summarizes the order and may suggest more products.3

How It Works:

  1. Attract Customers: Advertise a free product, highlighting the value and quality to attract potential customers.
  2. Capture Information: During the checkout process, collect shipping details and, optionally, email addresses for future marketing campaigns.
  3. Cover Costs: Charge a shipping fee that covers the cost of the product and shipping, ensuring the offer remains financially viable.
  4. Offer Upsells: Present additional products or services at the point of sale to encourage customers to add more items to their orders.
  5. Nurture Relationships: Use the contact information gathered to engage customers in ongoing marketing communications, fostering long-term relationships.4


  • Customer Acquisition: Easily attracts new customers with free product offers.
  • Cost Recovery: Shipping fees can cover the cost of the product and its delivery.
  • Upsell Opportunities: Introduces higher-value products to increase order value.
  • Market Testing: Tests customer interest in new products with minimal risk.
  • Brand Exposure: Boosts awareness as people love sharing free offers.5


The free plus shipping funnel is commonly used in e-commerce, especially by companies wanting to quickly grow their customer base or launch new products.

It’s helpful in markets with lots of competition, where getting customers’ attention is tough.

Businesses also use this strategy to eliminate old or extra stock, as it helps them clear out space for new items while attracting new customers.6


For example, an online store that sells fitness gear gives away a sturdy resistance band for free, asking customers to just cover the shipping cost.

When customers check out, they also get to buy a detailed workout guide at a lower price and a monthly fitness challenge subscription.

This approach helps customers pay for the free item and lets them learn more about the brand’s products.

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