Awareness Stage

The Awareness Stage is the first stage of the buyer’s journey.

In this initial phase, potential customers become aware of a brand, product, or service for the first time.

This stage is crucial for setting the foundation for future interactions, guiding potential customers from knowing about a brand to considering its offerings.1

Visual Representation:

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The purpose of the awareness stage is to inform and educate the target market about a brand’s existence or its solutions to their needs or problems.

It aims to create a solid first impression that sparks interest and curiosity, encouraging further exploration.

The goal is to increase brand recognition and recall, ensuring the brand stays top of mind when the customer is ready to move to the next stages of the funnel.2

How Awareness Works:

In the Awareness Stage, businesses deploy various strategies to reach potential customers where they spend their time.

Efforts are focused on:

  • Spreading the Word: Utilizing advertising, content marketing, social media, and public relations to introduce the brand to a broad audience.
  • Highlighting Needs and Solutions: Presenting content that resonates with the audience’s challenges and how the brand can solve them.
  • Creating Engaging Experiences: Crafting memorable content or experiences that leave a lasting impression on the audience.


The awareness stage is about casting a wide net, embracing a broad audience, and making as many connections as possible.

Businesses deploy various marketing strategies and channels to achieve this, from content marketing and SEO to social media advertising and influencer collaborations.

The content crafted for this stage is rich in educational value, designed to answer questions, solve problems, and provide undeniable value to the audience.3


A tech startup launching a new productivity app might use targeted social media ads and influencer partnerships to introduce the app to its target demographic.

The startup ignites interest by sharing compelling stories about how the app solves common productivity challenges.

It lays the groundwork for potential customers to seek more information, moving them into the interest stage of the funnel.

How to Reach Potential Customers in the Awareness Stage:

  • Create educational content, such as blog posts, articles, and videos, that addresses the problems or needs that your target audience is facing.4
  • Be active on social media and share your educational content with your followers.
  • Run targeted ads to people searching for information about the problems or needs your product or service solves.

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