Branding StatisticsThe identity of something is what sells it. It is what identifies it in a pool of other products of the same nature.

Customers identify themselves with a brand and associate the company’s product with it. It influences customer loyalty, awareness, and sales of a product.

Branding is crucial for any company.

A company’s branding is its image to customers.

Every company or business ought to have its branding game highest if its ultimate goal is to maximize profits.

Below are statistics, facts, and trends that explain why branding is essential for your company.


General Branding Statistics

1. Consistent branding across all avenues increases revenue by 23%.

Having your brand advertised on all social media platforms and other channels is set to increase your revenue.

Once customers engage with it on social media circles, their level of trust increases, thus an increase in revenue.

2. 89% of marketers say that brand awareness is their top goal.

The surest way to have your product get more sales is by marketing it to the target audience.

The best way to sell your product is by first having your brand known by the target market.

3. 77% percent of marketing leaders say a strong brand is critical to their growth plans.

For growth, your identity has to be a shaker in the market to attract more customers and revenue.

4. There will be 5-7 interactions before a customer recognizes a brand.

In branding, the more your brand appears to a customer, the more likely they are to remember it.

To maximize on this, ensure your brand engagements is heightened on every platform.

5. 48% of customers say their first interaction is best to earn loyalty.

The dating scene isn’t the only instance where you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Design your brand in a way that is centered more on customer satisfaction than revenue.

6. 91% of consumers would instead buy from authentic brands.

Originality is the hallmark of creativity. Consumers like authentic and creatively produced products. Let authenticity be the main feature of your brand.

7. 82% of investors want a company that has a strong brand

Nobody is willing to invest in something that isn’t known. Work on strengthening your brand name and brands will flock once you’re a household name.

Content Quality and Business Branding

The content posted on the company’s blog influences the clients’ decision as it is where consumers interact with the company. As the logo influences the brand, the content seeks to assure the consumer of what they’re getting themselves.

8. 78% of consumers trust custom content.

Having custom content on your blog shows that your brand cares, as compared to posting generic content.

If writing is not your cup of tea, you can consider hiring one of the academic writing companies – their expertise often goes beyond academics, they are also competent in marketing content.

9. 23% of marketers judge a brand by the first content they’ve encountered

If the primary content posted by a brand is disappointing, marketers are likely to judge the brand and assume everything about it is disappointing.

10. 61% of customers are likely to buy from companies with unique content.

Customers are likely to buy and associate with a brand that is a breath of fresh air, something unique, a voice that cannot be associated with any other brand.

11. 54% of consumers would like to see video content from the brands they support

A study conducted by HubSpot shows that most consumers love video content as they are highly engaging, and are better than interactive articles and social content.

12. 53% of businesses rely on content marketing as a branding strategy.

Most businesses use carefully curated content to help market themselves to their clients. In the process, creating awareness of their brand.

The Effect of a Logo in Personal Branding

Logos are the face of a company. They are the most recognizable parts of the visual brand of a company. Here are a few logo branding statistics,

13. It takes 5-7 impressions for people to remember your brand.

With thousands of brands in the market, the consumer needs to see your logo more than 5 times in order to recognize it.

The pretty red and white color scheme on the Coca-Cola logo is recognizable by almost all adults on the planet.

This fact goes a long way in showing how effective a logo is in the branding of a company.

15. 33% of the top 100 brands include blue in their logos.

The effect of color in branding cannot be underestimated. Therefore, more than 33% of top brands use blue in their logos to make the most out of it.

A logo should be simple, attention-grabbing, and effective. It should be comprehensible within the first 10 seconds of viewership.

Color Effect in Company Branding

The effect of color in marketing and the world at large cannot be underestimated. Color is an influential part of the making of a brand.

The choice of the brand color palette has a significant influence on your company branding, as seen below:

17. 93% of buyers focus on brand color when purchasing a product

Consumers have their color of preference. When selecting a brand color, consider a color that favors the majority.

18. Only 21% of marketers use their brand color in 80% of their presentation slides.

Presentations are considered a part of a brand. Include the brand color to identify the presentation slide with your brand.

19. People make a subconscious judgment about a product based on color.

The assessment of a consumer the first time they see a product is based on color, between 62% and 90%.

The Power of Employer Ratings

Employer branding is how the world sees you as an employer. Whether the best and skilled prospective employees are willing to choose your company. Below are a few employer branding statistics.

20. 50% of candidates say they wouldn’t work for a company with a bad reputation.

The employer ratings of a company are crucial as it determines how candidates perceive it, and whether or not they are willing to work for it.

21. 92% of candidates say they would leave their current employers for companies with an excellent reputation.

With an excellent employer rating statistic, a company will not only attract prospective candidates but also get the attention of candidates working with other reputable firms.

22. 69% of candidates are likely to apply to a job if the employer manages its brand.

Personal branding is crucial as many candidates view it as the ability of the company to take care of their needs.

If the company takes care of its brand, then it can take care of their employees’ needs.

23. 51% of employed candidates are looking for new openings

Employer branding is essential to be the target of skilled and experienced personnel looking for new opportunities in the market.

24. Ethnically diverse companies are 35% likely to have higher financial performance in the industry.

A company with personnel who are diverse ethnically are united by the common goal of performance and ultimate productivity.

25. Millennials are the dominant demographic in the labor market.

Employer branding efforts should be majorly centered on curating content relatable to millennials.

In Conclusion

Business branding is crucial for the success of any company or business.

To maximize on the different types of branding, one should study each component to understand how they can maximize it to their advantage.

The statistics above show that branding is more effective than PR efforts, even more, the reason why every company should treat it with sheer concern.


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Rohan Gillett
6 months ago

The first few points are quite obvious for obvious reasons. But the lower the list goes there are some surprising results, also for obvious reasons! They really are extremely interesting. 94% of the world’s population recognize Coca Cola? 94%!!! That is crazy! And what is just as interesting is that the next point states that 33% of the top 100 brands have blue in their logs. I wonder what the percentage would be for red and white? I’ll try and find an answer to that soon. Very nice article, many thanks for posting it!