What Is ThriveCart?

Product: ThriveCart
Price: $495-$690
Money Back: 30 days
Discount: $2305 OFF
Founded: 2016

what is thrivecart

ThriveCart is a self-hosted shopping cart platform. It helps online store owners create stunning checkout pages that are optimized for high conversion rates.

This tool allows you to design payment forms, bump offers, and create subscription plans suitable for your customers.

With ThriveCart you can sell and promote your products, be they physical or digital ones.

Like many marketing solutions, ThriveCart comes with a variety of features to help scale your business:

  • A/B testing, so you can test your checkout pages and only publish the best-performing ones.
  • Accepting payments from several processors, which is quite convenient for your customers.
  • Integrate with different email autoresponders to help build and manage your subscriber list.

Basically, ThriveCart takes care of the entire checkout process to reduce your bounce rate and abandoned carts.

Usual Price: $95+/mth – $1,950+/yr
Current Price: $495-$690 Lifetime

What Does ThriveCart Do?

1. ThriveCart Lets You Create High-Converting Checkout Pages

ThriveCart CheckoutThriveCart allows you to create highly converting checkout pages that reduce the number of abandoned carts. Setting up your checkout pages is a straightforward process.

The platform comes with some template designs, all optimized for conversion. Thanks to these templates, you don’t need any coding skills as you only need some customization to get everything set up.

Thrivecart also allows you to carry out A/B split testing.

Thanks to this feature, you get to see the analytics of a particular page and compare it to others.

You get to split test variations of the pages you create so that you only publish those that will generate more sales and bring in more customers.

2. ThriveCart lets You Create One-Click Upsells and Bump Offers

One of the oldest marketing strategies in the books is offering upsells and bump offers to your customers.

ThriveCart takes things a step further and lets you add one-click upsells and bump offers.

Your customers can quickly add complementary products to their cart without going to the trouble of entering their details all over again.

With bump orders, you get to add additional offers just before your customer checks out.

Both upsells and bump offers help maximize the profits per sale, which means more revenue for you.

thrivecart bump offers

3. ThriveCart Lets You Design Two-Step Shopping Carts

Another essential aspect of your eCommerce store is collecting data about your customers.

If you can collect valuable information, you become better placed to serve your customers and meet their needs. Multi-step forms offer this advantage over one-step ones.

Say, for example, you are selling a simple product. With a one-step checkout form, your client will only pay for the product and leave your site.

On the other hand, you can set up a two-step checkout form such that you get to collect some information from them before they leave your site.

You could, for example, ask them to leave their name and email address in the first step and then proceed to checkout.

In so doing, you will have their email address, which you can use for your subscriber list, even if they abandon their cart.

Who Can Use ThriveCart?

Anyone who runs an online store.

As long as you are selling some products online, ThriveCart checkout cart solution will come in handy.

who can use thrivecart

ThriveCart was designed to help ease the checkout process for online entrepreneurs. Therefore, anyone who offers physical or digital products and services stands to gain something from this platform.

The highly converting checkout pages allow you to create a seamless checkout process for your customers.

If your clients have an easy time completing their orders from your store, they are likely to come back.

In turn, ThriveCart helps reduce the number of abandoned carts so you can generate more sales and even collect leads.

ThriveCart comes with checkout templates that you only need to customize a bit to suit your business needs.

As such, the platform is an excellent choice for every eCommerce store owner, including those who have no coding experience.

One drawback, however, is that the platform isn’t ideal if you are looking to sell multiple products and services. In this case, you are better suited to another platform, such as Shopify or WooCommerce.

What is ThriveCart Used For?

Designing Embeddable Cart Pages And Popups

ThriveCart allows you to embed checkout pages on your site, regardless of what site hosting you are using. All you need to do is paste a provided code on the desired web page.

ThriveCart also offers you the option of a popup checkout form.

With this option, your customers will only need to click on a button on your website and have the cart appear immediately.

thrivecart embed cart

If you are a blogger or an eCommerce entrepreneur who employs content marketing, this feature will especially be useful. You get to advertise your products on your website and have your customers pay for them without leaving the webpage.

Recurring Subscription Products

A fantastic feature of this platform is that it supports recurring subscription-based products and services.

thrivecart recurring subscriptions

With ThriveCart, you can set up your checkout page to support one-time payments, pay your own price, split pays, and even free trials.

If you offer a subscription-based product or service, the platform will begin an automated workflow with the email responder that you choose. You then get to add a tag label to help you identify them better.

The platform’s customer management section divides your customers into segments. This way, you will have no trouble identifying customers who belong to different payment plans.

When setting up recurring payments, you will appreciate Thrivecart’s Dunning feature. Thanks to this feature, you get insights into your recurring payments and subscriptions at a glance.

You become better placed to increase and retain your recurring revenue without the need for external platforms.

How Can You Make ThriveCart Work for You?

ThriveCart comes with a variety of features and you may be wondering if they will work for you.

Here are some things you should have in mind to get the most out of ThriveCart.

1. Test Several Variations

Although all the templates are optimized for high conversion rates, it helps if you have several variations of your checkout pages.

Creating a checkout page will only take a few minutes. Therefore, ensure you create several of them and use the A/B split testing feature to get the one that performs the best.

2. Set Up Automation To Recover Lost Sales

The truth is that no matter how hard you try, you will still have some customers abandoning their carts.

So, how do you recover these lost sales?

ThriveCart comes with a cart abandonment feature that lets you connect these customers to your email autoresponder. They are then added to your email campaign and have follow-up emails sent to them automatically.

Final Word About ThriveCart

ThriveCart is one of the best cart solutions that are currently in the market.

The platform has been around for four years, during which it has helped thousands of businesses make their checkout process seamless.

ThriveCart comes with a variety of features that make it easier for anyone with an online store to generate more leads and sales.

ThriveCart is ideal for any type of store, whether you are selling physical or digital products and services.

The best part?

The platform currently offers a lifetime offer.

For $495, users will get lifetime access to ThriveCart. If you wish to purchase ThriveCart Pro, which comes with some additional features, you will have to pay $690.

This deal is quite lucrative given all the features available on the platform, so why don’t you go ahead and grab it before the offer expires?

Disclosure: I am an independent ThriveCart Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from ThriveCart. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ThriveCart.


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