What Is LeadPages?

Product: LeadPages
Founded: November 2012
Founders: Clay Collins, Tracy Simmons
Employees: 40+
Address: 1330 Lagoon Ave 4th floor, Minneapolis, MN 55408, United States
Phone: +1 612-230-7321
URL: www.leadpages.com

What is leadpagesLeadPages is a Software as a service (SaaS) product that works as a no-code website builder to easily build and publish landing pages, websites, optin forms, and even checkout pages.

LeadPages was founded in 2012 by Clay Collins and Tracy Simmons.

In 2020, LeadPages was acquired by Redbrick – a parent organization to a portfolio of digital operating companies.

LeadPages aims to provide tools for website building, lead generation, online selling.

Disclosure: I am an independent LeadPages affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from LeadPages. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of LeadPages.

LeadPages History

LeadPages was founded back in November 2012 by Tracy Simmons and Clay Collins.

The platform released its first software in January 2013.

At the time of launching, LeadPages had only around two dozen templates for page creation and integration to software such as AWeber, MailChimp, GoToWebinar, InfusionSoft, etc.

In September 2013, LeadPages secured Series A funding of $5 million from Arthur Ventures and Foundry Group.

In December the same year, the company launched LeadBoxes, their first lead branded feature, opt-in forms, pop-ups, which can be triggered automatically by time-lapse and visitors’ action on your page.

The following year, in January 2014, the platform added Leadlinks to their kit, which allowed users to register for an event, opt-in to an email, or a sublist.

In October 2014, LeadPages introduced Lead notifications to enable users to collect subscribers’ information to their email.

In March 2015, LeadPages launched Leaddigits – SMS-enabled opt-in campaigns.

This new feature made it easier for subscribers to join an email list, opt-in for a lead magnet, etc., through their mobile devices.

Later the same year, LeadPages introduced the drag and drop builder to help users create high-converting landing pages.

They also received the second round of funding Series B in June 2015, where they managed to fundraise $27 million from Foundry Group, Drive Capital, and Arthur Ventures.

In October of the same year, LeadPages held its first marketing conference for small businesses.

The platform then acquired email marketing startup Drip in June 2016.

About a year later, in November 2017, LeadPages announced its partnership with Facebook and launched its famous Facebook Ads Builder.

In 2020, LeadPages was acquired by Redbrick, an organization for several numerous digital marketing companies such as Assembly Digital Media, Shift, and Rebase.

In 2021, LeadPages was the 3rd most popular landing page builder in the world taking almost 11% of the market share.

Today, the platform has over 45,000 users with numerous incredible features.

Company Overview

LeadPages was initially started by a private company in the software development industry.

Its headquarters were in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the U.S.

Since 2012, the platform was operating under the holding company Avenue 81, Inc., which managed to close Series A and Series B funding successfully.

Today, LeadPages is estimated to have over 40,000 users with annual revenue of about $18 million.

The current company CEO is Jeannette Dorazio. And there works over 40 employees.

Software and Services

LeadPages software and services serve as lead generation and conversion tools.

The platform offers a variety of services which include:

  • Landing page builder
  • Website builder
  • Facebook Ad Builder
  • Email opt-in form builder
  • Checkout form builder
  • Online payments collection
  • And more…


When LeadPages was acquired by Redbrick, making it the fourth company in the organization’s portfolio, the act brought a lot of controversies, with critics alleging it would LeadPages to fall short in lead generation.

Some critics are against LeadPages because they believe there isn’t a need for a zero coding platform when you can write your HTML code.

Also, LeadPages online controversy is built around pop-up opt-in boxes.

Since most pop-ups annoy visitors, critics argue nobody in their right mind would respond to a Leadbox that promises value if they opt-in to your subscribers’ link at the bottom of your website.

Some people believe Facebook marketing is overrated and the platform’s Facebook Ad Builder won’t do small businesses any good.

However, numerous positive LeadPages reviews say otherwise.

How LeadPages Works?

what is leadpages

LeadPages works as a drag-and-drop editor platform to create landing pages, websites, opt-in forms, and checkout pages.

It offers a variety of landing page templates and customization options for colors, images, and fonts which you can tweak to match your brand.

All these LeadPages tools help you to manage your pages, collect leads, and close sales even with zero coding skills.

Who Is LeadPages for?

LeadPages is best for small online business owners and medium-sized entrepreneurs looking to increase their leads.

This tool is also ideal for digital marketers looking for a simple code-free method of creating high-converting landing pages.

Therefore, if you’re in the eCommerce industry, LeadPages might also be very helpful tool.

What Can LeadPages be Used for?

LeadPages can be used to:

  1. Create landing pages
  2. Create websites
  3. Create sales funnels
  4. Collect email subscribers through text messaging
  5. Create viral “Thank You” pages
  6. Sell products & services
  7. Promote sales or special offers

Let’s take a look at some of the things LeadPages can be used for.

1.  Create Landing Pages

leadpages landing page builder

LeadPages drag-and-drop builder enables you to create a new landing page from scratch in just a few minutes.

The platform offers a template library that you can use to squeeze pages, landing pages, and customize different elements for your page.

2. Create Websites

Leadpages create website

LeadPages has a website builder and various templates that give you a jumpstart to a high-converting website with code-free customization.

The builder of this tool is engineered to be the easiest and most effective website builder to help users transform leads into traffic.

The platform offers pre-built website pages, code-free customization, and a variety of templates.

3. Create Sales Funnels

LeadPages uses the micro-funnel system to break down a sales funnel into sizeable chunks for easy digestion.

In other words, LeadPages micro-funnel system has 3 key blocks of a sales funnel:

  • Landing page
  • Pop-up
  • Thank you page

Unlike other sales funnel-building platforms, LeadPages make it easy to create a high-converting sales funnel with just 3 easy steps.

4. Collect Email Subscribers Through Text Messaging

LeadPages opt-in text feature uses the power of SMS messaging to grow your email list.

All you have to do is craft a call to action, offer a lead magnet, and invite customers to opt-in to your email list right from their mobile phones.

5. Create Viral “Thank You” Pages

leadpages thank you page

Through LeadPages, you can also create a custom thank you page for customers from their collection on ‘thank you & confirmation’ templates.

6. Sell Products & Services

Leadpages sales

LeadPages has made it easier to sell products or services and accept payments directly.

The platform has embedded LeadPages checkouts (powered by Stripe) that can be used on any web page.

Therefore, you can use LeadPages to automatically sell and deliver digital assets, physical products, or online services.

7. Promote Sales or Special Offers

You can promote a sale or offer on LeadPages in various ways.

For instance, you can send emails to your subscribers’ list, use the Facebook ad builder to create ads and promote your sale or offer on social media, opt-in landing page, or upsell through the thank you page.

List of Key LeadPages Features

These are the key LeadPages features include:

  • Drag and drop page builder
  • Opt-in form builder
  • A/B split testing
  • Email trigger links
  • Exit-intent pop-ups

LeadPages Feature #1: Drag and Drop Page Builder

Leadpages drag and drop editor

LeadPages has a new drag and drop builder, which gives users the freedom and flexibility to create high-converting landing pages with little customization.

The new flexible LeadPages drag and drop page builder allows you to:

  • Quickly and easily add new elements to the sections of your page
  • Move and rearrange entire sections or individual elements to adjust your landing page layout and information flow
  • Each change you make on your page is automatically mobile-responsive and is displayed perfectly on all devices.

LeadPages Feature #2: Optin Form Builder

LeadPages form widgets enable users to add forms directly to their site.

The opt-in form builder is also included in the pop-ups.

Using the opt-in form builder, you can:

  • Name your form
  • Add a field
  • Add an integration
  • Insert follow up actions
  • Customize designs
  • Change the different fields
  • Customize and design and so much more.

LeadPages Feature #3: A/B Split Testing

LeadPages A/B testing allows users to compare two versions of their pages to determine which one performs better.

This will enable you to split test different elements of your page.

From headlines, background images, opt-in forms fields, call to action button to design and length, testimonials, etc.

LeadPages Feature #4: Email Trigger Links

Leadpages email trigger links

LeadPages email trigger links help users increase their email engagement by inviting existing email subscribers to sign up for new offers with just one click.

Email trigger links is a great way to engage your audience without requiring them to re-submit their email address.

The one-step opt-in links help you nurture your leads via email and seamlessly share your email list with affiliates or partners.

LeadPages Feature #5: Exit Intent Popups

markinblog exit intent popup

LeadPages offers a variety of pop-up templates you can use on your website.

When using LeadPages, you can easily set up pop-ups by choosing behavior and time-triggered settings.

For example, you can set up an exit-intent pop-up triggered when your visitor moves their mouse in a way that suggests they want to exit your page.

LeadPages Pricing

LeadPages pricing plans

LeadPages’ price ranges from $49.00 to $99.00 a month.

It has 3 different pricing billed monthly or annually.

LeadPages also offers a 25% discount on all their plans when you opt to pay yearly and a 14-day free trial period.

Here are the three main pricing plans.

Plan Price What You Get:
Standard $49.00 per month 1 site, unlimited traffic, and leads, mobile-responsive templates, lead notifications, tech support, 40+ standard integrations, free hosting, landing pages, alert bars, and pop-ups.
Pro $99.00 per month 3 sites, free hosting, mobile-responsive templates, landing pages, pop-ups, alert bars, email trigger links, lead notifications, 40+ standard integrations, online payments & sales, unlimited A/B testing, 10 opt-in text campaigns, tech customer support via chat, and email.


Apart from a 25% discount, LeadPages offers a free custom domain for an annual subscription.

LeadPages Alternatives

Besides LeadPages, there are other landing page builders available in the market.

There are 3 main LeadPages alternatives:

  • Landingi
  • Unbounce
  • Instapage

LeadPages Alternative #1: Landingi

Landingi is a comprehensive marketing platform that allows users to independently run marketing campaigns and create landing pages.

The platform offers various features to support customers in every step of marketing through launching campaigns, creating landing pages, integration, optimization, all the way to conversion.

Landingi offers a 14-day trial period to all new users.

Just like LeadPages, Landingi has 3 pricing plans starting from:

  • Create Plan at $89.00 per month
  • Automate Plan at $127.00 per month
  • Agency at $199.00 per month

Landingi offers a drag and drop tool, thus, you require zero coding skills to create beautiful landing pages and marketing campaigns.

Both Landingi and LeadPages offer unlimited landing pages, drag, and drop builder, pop-ups, domains, integrations, A/B testing, templates, Google analytics code, SEO services, and real-time editing.

Landingi is more expensive than LeadPages. But, it functions as a great WordPress plugin.

LeadPages Alternative #2: Unbounce

Unbounce is a landing page builder platform that helps users convert more traffic to your pages.

When using Unbounce, you can create custom landing pages and high converting campaigns without requiring coding skills.

Unbounce has 3 pricing plans billed monthly and annually:

  • Launch at $90.00 per month
  • Optimize at $135.00 per month
  • Accelerate at $225.00 per month

Unbounce offers a 14-day free trial for all its users and a 10% discount for an annual subscription.

The advantage of using Unbounce over LeadPages is, it offers unlimited A/B testing on all their plans while LeadPages limits it to high-tier plans.

But, LeadPages triumphs Unbounce in several ways.

It is cheaper than Unbounce, it offers full integration with Facebook, allows an unlimited number of landing pages, and can fully integrate into your existing site

LeadPages Alternative #3: Instapage

Instapage is marketed as the world’s most advanced landing page platform that lets users create landing pages for online marketing and campaign promotions.

It is where the conversion magic happens.

Instapage offers personalization, experimentation, collaboration, page speed, and ad maps.

The platform offers a 14-day trial period and has 2 pricing plans:

  • Building plan – costs $299.00 per month when billed monthly or $199.00 per month annually.
  • Converting plan – the price is available upon inquiry because it is customized according to your individual business needs.

Both LeadPages and Instapage have a drag and drop page builder, can help you deliver lead magnets, and offer a selection of widgets.

Instapage offers more free templates, it gives you more flexibility than LeadPages, but it is more expensive.

LeadPages Frequently Asked Questions

What Can You Use LeadPages for?

With LeadPages you can:

  • Create landing pages
  • Create websites
  • Create sales funnels
  • Collect email subscribers through text messaging
  • Create viral “Thank You” pages
  • Sell products & services
  • Promote sales or special offers

Is There a Free Version of Leadpages?

Unfortunately, there is no free version of LeadPages. However, Leadpages offers a 14-day free trial to test their tools. During that time you’ll enjoy free, unlimited access to all the tools associated with your chosen LeadPages plan and will experience how their platform can help you.

Can You Build a Website With LeadPages?

Yes, you can build a beautiful, high-converting website with LeadPages. LeadPages has a website builder that will let you build your website from scratch and will let you link your own domain name to it.

Can You Have a Blog on LeadPages?

Yes, LeadPages lets you have a blog on the website created with their website builder. Blog option is included even for the cheapest plan users.

Can You Use LeadPages With WordPress?

Every LeadPages account includes a plugin you can use to install your landing pages, pop-ups, and alert bars on your WordPress site.

Do You Need LeadPages?

You should use Leadpages if you have a dedicated budget for a landing page tool. This will help you to save time building landing pages since it won’t require any coding or HTML knowledge. And it will also help you grow your email list faster and convert more leads into customers.

Is LeadPages Good for SEO?

LeadPages is a totally SEO-friendly tool. It comes with built-in SEO tools and has everything that is needed to create SEO-friendly pages – fast page loading, mobile responsiveness, structured HTML, etc. Every page created with LeadPages also comes with easy-to-use SEO settings and previews.


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Disclosure: I am an independent LeadPages affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from LeadPages. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of LeadPages.