What Is Elementor?

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What Is Elementor?

Elementor is a plugin for building web pages in WordPress by employing the drag and drop technique, with a built-in responsive mode.

It allows you to create captivating web pages and blog posts in a live way.

It is user friendly as it does not require you to have any prior web development skills to get its hang.

Elementor helps you achieve high-quality web design without implementing CSS or code.

elementor easy to use

When designing using the WordPress editor, you can only see the changes you have made on the posts and pages by previewing the design in a different window.

The process of alternating between the editor and the preview window is annoying and time-consuming.

Elementor offers one platform to manage all aspects of your web design efficiently.

You can view all the design adjustments to your website in real-time.

The editor has different features on the left side, such as headlines, or image gallery.

What you need to do is drag and drop the element you wish to use; making Elementor less strenuous.

Elementor is beginner-friendly.

It takes a form that makes it easier to learn the editor than most page builders.

The settings are divided into three tabs; style, advanced, and contents, making it simpler to navigate and understand how to use.

Installing Elementor is as simple as this:

The Elementor core page builder is free.

Meaning, you download it and get started immediately.

However, if you wish to implement their Pro features, you will need to purchase Elementor Pro and install the plugin.

What Does Elementor Do?

elementor interface

Elementor helps you to create fascinating WordPress websites with ease and quickly.

It is the only page builder that offers a frontend approach in designing.

With Elementor, you can design anything from the complete website to landing pages.

It is easy to build promotional pages, sales pages, and even an FAQ page.

The platform is useful to design anything you want for your WordPress website by choosing a specific setting in the editor’s sidebar.

It is where you can access all the drag and drop features.

The sidebar is on the left side of the editor.

elementor design and templates

The plugin has more than several widgets, like progress bars and buttons, which you can use to customize the web pages and posts.

The devices are vast and contain both simple elements as well as advanced ones.

It has a variety of elegantly designed templates for your selection.

Some are free; others will require you to pay for them.

It also has a visual revision history feature and one of a kind mobile editing toolset.

The Revision History section allows you to keep tabs on the changes you make while enabling you to undo a previous action.

Elementor has a Style menu whereby you can set the font and colors you wish to use for your pages.

It offers styling options such as letter height and letter spacing that give your webpages a unique view. Mobile editing is another great feature that sets

Elementor apart from most page builders.

It ensures your pages are responsive.

As you build, your design adapts to the various screen sizes immediately and, you can preview this in the editor!

Only some of these named features are accessible with the free version.

They can still create an attractive website. However, to get the full package, you will need to get the Elementor Pro.

Who Can Use Elementor?


The greatest challenge as a newbie is learning to use foreign software.

If you choose a page builder that is extremely difficult to understand, it can be quite discouraging.

It may even force you to eventually give up and seek another, most probably expensive option to achieve your goal.

The simple structure reduces the learning time for beginners as compared to other page builders. All the settings are easily accessible via the sidebar.

Hence, it is simple to navigate and make any edits you need. There are also a lot of YouTube tutorials on how to use Elementor that you can view to grasp the skill.


Coding is a skill that requires you to sacrifice time to develop and perfect.

If you’re running on a tight schedule, you may not have the time for this.

The major challenge of most page builders is that some parts still need you to add some code.

For Elementor, it is unnecessary.

You can use it even though you have no coding skills.

Areas that formerly required coding in WordPress now have features that you only need to drag and drop.

More than 50+ widgets exist that can assist people who’re not proficient in IT to develop content that will benefit them.

elementor widgets


Elementor gives coders the space to be creative.

What attracts coders is the fact that it is open source.

Therefore, web developers can access the source code and alter it to suit their needs.

The coders use their creative minds to create new features and improve on the already existing ones.

It ensures that there are always updates to the software.

Meaning the software does not remain static, but keeps on improving with newly added features and themes.

Which keeps making Elementor better and better.

What Is Elementor Used For?

You use Elementor to create both personal and commercial WordPress websites.

You can create a:

  • Resume website
  • Blog
  • Business site
  • Popup
  • eCommerce site

Elementor has a Style menu.

Its styling features will ensure that your blog posts, business site, and resume appear unique and captivating to the eye.

Creating an aesthetically pleasing website is always the goal.

Elementor has all kinds of widgets to achieve this.

From shoe selling business to cupcake selling business, it is flexible and applicable for any business site.

The diverse templates give you a large pool to choose from to easily fit your needs.

With Elementor WooCommerce Builder, you can develop a beautiful custom designed web store without adding any line of code.

elementor woocommerce builder

It minimizes time while easing the design process for the web developer.

So far, there are two templates that you can use for this; product archive template and single product template.

Having a WooCommerce website is a way of boosting your sales.

You can also use Elementor for popups.

You are no longer limited to using WordPress external popup plugins.

The Elementor Popup builder ensures your popups are awesome and aligned to your website’s design. Popup forms help you get email addresses for marketing and reviews.

The Popup builder and WooCommerce builder are part of the advanced features.

If you wish to apply them, you will need to get Elementor Pro.

However, you can easily create your business site, blog, or a personal resume website using the free version.

How Can You Make Elementor Work for You?

elementor themes

WordPress offers various themes; luckily, Elementor happens to be compatible with most of these themes. It allows you to customize it from the user interface.

The two other methods of customizing a WordPress site is through manual customization, which is time-consuming, or through using code, which requires you to have a thorough knowledge of CSS.

Elementor offers an automated and simplified method making it user friendly and more preferable.

It allows you to preview your pages as you work on your pages simultaneously.

Through this, you can see the changes you are making to your theme as you work on it.

Different coders develop different themes.

Each theme serves a specific purpose. Therefore, you should research and choose a theme that will achieve yours.

For example, Hello is a simple theme that can be great for blogging posts while Sydney is a business theme making it more preferred by business owners.

If you are not certain about which one to use, you can choose a multipurpose theme since it is useful for all websites.

An example of such is OceanWP.

If you experience any problem with your theme, try contacting the developer for assistance.

Some WordPress themes are more compatible with Elementor than most and are also free. Examples include:

  • Astra theme
  • GeneratePress
  • BuWoo
  • Layers
  • and RitaFree

Choosing the right theme ensures Elementor works for you.

Disclosure: I am an independent Elementor Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from Elementor. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of Elementor.


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