Top ThriveCart Alternatives & Competitors

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Are you looking for the best ThriveCart alternative?

ThriveCart is a hosted shopping cart system that was released in 2016, that aims to help online store owners sell their products and services.

It has impressive features that include one-click upsells and bump offers, two-step carts, A/B testing, and a funnel builder.

So, what are the best alternatives to ThriveCart?

In this article, we will break down five of the best ThriveCart competitors and compare them to the platform.

ThriveCart AlternativeBest For:URL
Best alternative for self-checkout pages optimized for conversion.
All-in-one marketing tool. Best alternative for making sales funnel.
KartraKartra homeBest alternative for combining several tools to create an all-in-one solution for your marketing and sales needs.
Building websites from scratch with no coding knowledge (cheaper ThriveCart alternative).
Best ThriveCart alternative for WordPress sites.

ThriveCart Alternative #1: SamCart


ThriveCart Alternative - SamCart

Alternative: SamCart
Price: From $49 to $199 a month
Free Trial: 14 Days FREE
Comparison: ThriveCart vs SamCart


SamCart is another shopping cart funnel that is quite similar to ThriveCart.

The software allows eCommerce store owners to showcase their products and accept orders all on one page.

SamCart was developed specifically for online shop owners who don’t need a catalog of their products and aim to sell their products without going through several landing pages.

SamCart allows you to create a professional checkout page using the already optimized templates.

You will have a high-converting page within a few minutes, and you don’t even need any coding.

You also get one-click upsells, order bumps, coupon codes, all of which help to boost the sales generated from your shop.

It also comes with A/B testing and other built-in analytics to help you leverage the best-performing checkout pages.

Even though these two platforms are quite similar, there are some distinct differences between them.

For starters, SamCart comes with more checkout templates.

It is always good to have a few options so you can find one that suits you best.

Additionally, SamCart’s interface is much easier to use, thanks to its drag and drop builder.

When it comes to building sales funnels, you will have an easier time with SamCart as opposed to ThriveCart.

Both platforms allow you to integrate an email autoresponder.

However, with SamCart, you can only use one autoresponder at a time.

ThriveCart, on the other hand, lets you integrate several autoresponders at the same time.

 SamCart vs. ThriveCart Pricing Comparison


SamCart PricingSamCart offers three pricing plans, starting at $49 per month.

This Launch Plan gives you access to all the features that you would need to launch your business and design a one-page website for your products.

Some of the other features available here include unlimited pages and templates, custom domains, coupons and discounts, and email customization options.

Grow plan, includes some additional features to help increase each purchase value and convert more leads.

For $99 per month, you get all the elements in the Launch plan together with multiple payment plans, post-purchase upsells, and custom checkout fields.

The Scale plan at $199 per month is designed to help you start selling at scale.

Some of the advanced features that it includes are cart abandonment, A/B testing, an affiliate center, and subscription saver.

SamCart also offers an Enterprise plan that provides for an account manager, launch reviews, multiple subaccounts, and product roadmap prioritization.

This plan costs $399 per month and is customized to suit clients’ business needs.

Why SamCart Is The Best ThriveCart Alternative

SamCart is quite similar to ThriveCart, with only a few exceptions.

If you are looking for a platform that offers the same functionalities at a monthly subscription, then SamCart is your best option.

Thanks to its different templates and the drag and drop builder, you can have your checkout page up and running within no time.

You also have several lucrative features to ensure you publish high conversion pages to help you generate more sales.

Click the button below to tru SamCart14-day free trial.

1. ThriveCart Alternative #2: ClickFunnels

ThriveCart Alternative - ClickFunnels

Product: ClickFunnels
Price: $97 to $1,497
Free Trial: 14 Days FREE
Comparison: ThriveCart vs ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is Russel Brunson’s brainchild and a favorite for many internet marketers. The platform is an all-in-one solution for anyone who has online business.

It comes equipped with a variety of features to help you set up your eCommerce store for success.

You can use this software to generate and capture leads for your business, take them through the entire sales process, and convert them from a lead to a paying customer.

The main difference between ClickFunnels and ThriveCart is that the latter platform relies on the existing traffic to your site.

ThriveCart lets you build high-converting checkout pages that allow you to hold on to customers already at the checkout stage. From statistics, most customers are likely to leave at this point.

Additionally, ClickFunnels is a cloud-hosted solution, and you can access it from anywhere since you don’t require any software download.

On the downside, you will need to pay for a subscription plan so that you can continue using the service.

Failure to pay the subscription fees could result in you losing all your funnels and other data.

ThriveCart, on the other hand, allows you to use the software forever. All you have to do is pay a one-time fee for the license, and you are good to go.

ClickFunnels vs. ThriveCart Pricing Comparison

ClickFunnels Pricing

ClickFunnels offers three pricing packages for its users. The Basic plan starts at $97 per month, and users get to build 100 pages and 20 funnels.

They also get to connect the software to three domains and three payment gateways.

They get access to chat support, the funnel hacker forum, and the funnel flix, which contains courses and training sessions on marketing and personal development.

For the Platinum package, users part with $297 per month for unlimited funnels and pages. The option also allows three team members, each with their login, nine payment gateways, and nine domains.

Users also get priority support and unlimited follow-up funnels.

ClickFunnels Collective goes for $1,497 per month and also comes with unlimited funnels and pages.

Users can add up to ten team members, 27 payment gateways, and 27 domains. They also get priority support plus VIP phone support.

At the time of writing, ThriveCart is running a special offer. For $495, users can get lifetime access to ThriveCart Standard and $690 for ThriveCart Pro.

The team at ThriveCart has not announced when the offer will end. After the offer, prices will go back to $97 per month.

ThriveCart Pro includes some features that are not available in ThriveCart Standard, such as automatic sales tax calculation, a powerful affiliate center, custom domain functionality, and intelligent business projections.

Why ClickFunnels Is Among The Best ThriveCart Alternatives

Running a successful eCommerce store will require you to carry out several marketing and sales functionalities.

With ThriveCart, you will only be able to build high-converting checkout pages and sales funnels.

ClickFunnels, on the other hand, takes care of all aspects of your business, including lead and sales generation, social media automation, and even email marketing.

What’s more, is that ClickFunnels includes some features to help make your work easier. The drag and drop editor is a useful addition and ensures that anyone can use the software without any tech skills.

ThriveCart doesn’t include a drag and drop interface for the page editing.

ClickFunnels also allows for funnel sharing, so you can replicate other users’ funnels without building them from scratch.

If you are looking for a platform that will help you take care of every business aspect, then ClickFunnels is the way to go.

ThriveCart Alternative #3: Kartra

what is kartra

Just like ClickFunnels, Kartra combines several tools to create an all-in-one solution for your marketing and sales needs.

The platform is relatively new software, having been introduced in 2018.

During these years, it has established its dominance in the market, thanks to all the fantastic features it includes.

Kartra is similar to ThriveCart in some ways. For example, you can use Kartra to include upsells and order bumps to help you boost sales.

Both platforms offer an affiliate center that you can use for extra earnings. You also get A/B testing to help you publish the best funnels and checkout pages.

Additionally, Kartra supports several integrations like email autoresponders, which help you run your online business and scale it for maximum profits.

The most significant difference between the two platforms is that Kartra does more than let you build converting checkout pages.

ThriveCart cannot let you create an entire sales funnel.

Kartra comes with all the tools that you would need. All these tools work together seamlessly to ensure you get the most out of your business.

Another impressive feature available on Kartra is Behavioral Adaptive Marketing (BAM). BAM allows you to automate and personalize follow-up for your clients.

As a result, you provide your customers with an excellent user experience that will have them coming back.

BAM collects feedback from your visitor’s experience and uses profile intelligence to customize the pages for each visitor.

The platform also personalizes the follow-up experience.

Kartra vs. ThriveCart Pricing Comparison

kartra pricing

Kartra offers four pricing plans and gives you the option of paying either annually or monthly.

With the annual billing, you get to save up to 25%.

The Starter plan goes for $99 per month. For this one, you get one custom domain, 15,000 emails per month, and up to 2500 leads. You also get to sell 20 products, host 100 pages, and 50 videos, among other features.

The Silver plan costs $199 per month and comes with unlimited emails, bandwidth, pages, videos, and products. You get three custom domains and 12,500 leads.

The Gold and Platinum packages also include unlimited features. The only difference comes in the number of domains and leads. The Gold plan costs $299 per month, and you get five custom domains and 25,000 leads. For $499 per month, the Platinum plan gives you access to 50,000 leads and ten custom domains.

Why Kartra Is Among The Best ThriveCart Alternatives

Kartra not only helps you with your checkout page but with all your marketing needs as well.

Whether you want to build a sales funnel from scratch, generate leads, or use email marketing, Kartra has got you covered.

This software is the perfect fit for anyone who is looking for an all-in-one solution.

Its’ remarkable collection of features makes it one of the best ThriveCart alternatives.

ThriveCart Alternative #4: Builderall

builderall vs thrivecart

Alternative: Builderall
Price: from $0.00 to $69.90 a month
Free Trial: 14 Days FREE

Builderall is the third all-in-one solution to make it to our list of ThriveCart alternatives.

The software, just as its name suggests, helps you to build it all for your business.

When it comes to eCommerce, Builderall features a fantastic eCommerce integration tool. Thanks to this tool, you can build your online store from scratch, maintain it, and maximize your profits from the generated sales.

The super checkout feature allows you to sell your products and services with one-time or recurring payments.

You can even leverage the benefits from your business by including a super-checkout system for your affiliates.

Just like ThriveCart, Builderall lets you get the most from each customer.

The platform allows you to include upsells, downsells, and order bumps to your sales funnel so that you can generate more sales.

Besides the eCommerce features, this platform includes a collection of tools you need for your business.

It integrates with several email autoresponders, lets you share funnels with other users, and even comprises a CRM app.

Builderall also comes with a blogging app that you can use to establish your online authority and monetize your audience.

Builderall vs. ThriveCart Pricing Comparison

builderall pricingOne of the best things about Builderall is that it includes several pricing packages. If you are thinking of getting this software, you get to choose from five different plans.

The lowest-tier program is free and allows you to manage up to 100 subscribers, unlimited subdomains, super checkouts, and other fantastic features.

The other plans are Builder, Marketer, Essential and Premium, which cost $19.90, $29.90, $49.90, and $69.90, respectively.

Although all these plans differ slightly in the features they offer, the primary difference comes in the number of domains and subscribers for each plan.

The Builder plan allows you three domains and 100 subscribers while the Premium plan gives you 15 domain connections and unlimited subscribers.

ThriveCart offers a one-time payment plan that helps you save costs. However, with the monthly payment set at $97 per month, it is still more expensive than Builderall.

Therefore, Builderall is better than ThriveCart when we consider the pricing.

Why Builderall Is Among The Best ThriveCart Alternatives

One of the best things about Builderall is that it offers an all-in-one solution at an affordable price.

Besides the eCommerce features, you get all the tools you would need for the success of your business.

The platform is built for both beginners and gurus. You can even create your website using the Cheetah drag and drop builder.

You get a blogging app, email marketing automation, daily website backup, WordPress integration, and others.

Another outstanding feature of Builderall is that it offers a free plan that includes several features as well.

This feature is not typical for most marketing plans.

ThriveCart Alternative #5: OptimizePress

who should choose optimizepress

Alternative: OptimizePress
Price: from $99 to $199 a year
Money Back 30 Days

OptimizePress is one of the most popular WordPress plugins.

It is a favorite plugin for marketers who are continually building landing pages and sales pages for their sites.

But the plugin contains several other features that allow business owners to leverage their sites and turn them into marketing successes.

OptimizePres is primarily known as a landing page and marketing funnels-builder. However, one other feature that makes this plugin stand out is OptimizeCheckouts.

This feature ensures your site visitors don’t abandon their carts at checkout. You get to create seamless checkout flows from within your WP site.

OptimizeCheckouts also integrates seamlessly with Stripe.

You can receive payments from several global merchants.

Another impressive feature is the integrated checkout download.

If you ever need your customers to download a product after purchase, this feature ensures they can do so safely.

ThriveCart vs. OptimizePress Pricing Comparison

optimizepress pricingOptimizePress offers three pricing plans. Essential Plan costs $99 per year and allows you to use the plugin on one personal site. You get to build unlimited pages and unlimited leads and traffic.

The Business plan costs $149 per year. With this option, you can use OptimizePress on up to 5 WP sites.

You also get access to one million free photos and the premium templates collection.

Suite plan at $199 per year allows you to install OptimizePress in 20 sites. If you are looking for a ThriveCart alternative, this should be your ideal plan. It comes with OptimizeCheckouts, OptimizeFunnels and OptimizeLeads.

Why OptimizePress Is Among The Best ThriveCart Alternatives

OptimizePres is a WordPress plugin and therefore, an excellent alternative if you own a WP site.

The plugin includes several other features besides the checkout features on ThriveCart.

Consequently, you will be getting better value for your money if you choose OptimizePress.

One significant feature that makes it stand out is that it helps you create stunning landing pages.

Sure, checkout pages will bring in the money. But, you need to draw your customers first.

OptimizePress builder will help you create the landing pages that you need to generate and collect leads for your business.

Final Word About ThriveCart Alternatives

ThriveCart is an excellent shopping cart solution.

The one-time payment that gives you lifetime access is especially an attractive feature.

However, if you are a bit hard on the cash, it doesn’t hurt to check out other platforms. In this article, we’ve highlighted some of the best alternatives.

Luckily, most of them contain a free trial.

So, go ahead, pick one, and see if it helps you meet your business needs.