Thrive Suite Review
(a.k.a Thrive Themes Membership)

thrive themes membership

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Product: Thrive Suite
Price: from $19/month­
Discount: 36% OFF for annual purchases
Thrive Suite (previously Thrive Themes Membership) is a special plan that gives access to ALL the Thrive Themes products for a special price.

The Suite comes with several perks that any online business owner will find useful.

And in this Thrive Suite review, you’ll find out what you get if you decide to choose this plan.

thrive themes pricing

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Thrive Suite Overview: What is Thrive Themes Suite?

Thrive Themes is a collection of themes and plugins that are specifically designed for WordPress sites.

With a Thrive Suite membership, you get access to all the themes and plugins as well as other perks that come with it.

In general, different Thrive Themes products have different pricing options letting users buy them separately.

Thrive Suite is a special plan that gives access to ALL the Thrive Themes plugins for a special price.

With Thrive Suite you’re going to get access to all these tools:

But, with the entire collection, you get access to all the tools that you would need for your online business.

Additionally, Thrive Suite comes with several other benefits that include access to updates, unlimited support from the development team, and even exclusive content.

What Is Included Inside the Thrive Suite?

Full Suite of Thrive Themes Plugins

thrive themes plugins

For your Thrive Suite subscription, you will get access to all the themes and plugins available in the suite.

Thrive Themes developers ensure that the collection comes with all the tools that you would need for an online business.

So, whether you are looking for a tool to help you create your website from scratch, build landing pages, or even optimize your headlines for conversion, you are bound to get them in the collection.

One of the best things about the plugins is that they are all easy to use.

You don’t need any coding experience to maneuver through them.

Additionally, they all integrate seamlessly with each other, so you have complete back-end control of your site without needing other add-ons.

Below you will find the eleven plugins that are included in the suite.

Thrive Themes PluginUsed For:
Thrive Architect
This is a drag and drop page builder that you can use to create webpages or even entire websites from scratch. The plugin comes with a variety of page templates that you can use when creating the landing pages for your sales funnels, opt-in forms, and even webinars, and other.
Thrive Optimize

Thrive Optimize allows you to perform A/B tests for the landing pages and other pages that you build using Thrive Architect. It is the only plugin in the suite that does now work independently.
Thrive Theme Builder

This plugin allows you to customize the WordPress themes. Just like the Thrive Architect, it features a drag and drop editor, so you only need to move elements where you want them to be without writing any code.
Thrive Leads

This plugin makes it easier for you to generate leads and build your subscribers list. It includes several unique features that ensure you boost your conversion rates through stunning opt-in forms, detailed A/B testing, among other analytical features.
Thrive Quiz Builder

It helps you create simple quizzes that are straight to the point and that are conversion-focused. These quizzes help you increase social interaction with your site visitors and grow your subscribers' list.
Thrive Ultimatum

This plugin lets you use a powerful marketing tactic called scarcity campaigns. Thanks to Thrive Ultimatum, you can create customized evergreen funnels that will prompt your site visitors to take action, effectively leading to more conversion rates.
Thrive Ovation Thrive Ovation makes it easier for you to collect customer testimonials and display them on your website to attract other customers.
Thrive Clever WidgetsThrive Clever Widgets makes it easier for you to customize the widgets there to suit your site visitors. This way, they are more likely to click on the posts, which ultimately leads to better conversion rates.
Thrive Headline OptimizerThis plugin lets you optimize your headlines to ensure to increase clicks and reduce bounce rates.
Thrive ApprenticeIt is a learning management course that allows you to create and customize self-hosted courses.
Thrive CommentsThanks to this plugin, you won't ever have to miss comments made to any of your blog posts. Thrive Comments allows you to respond and manage your comments to boost engagement with your audience.

Constant Updates and Instant Access

thrive themes updates

To enhance users’ experience, Thrive Themes is continuously looking for ways to improve the themes and plugins in the collection.

As a Thrive member, you will get access to any updates made to the marketing tools in the collections.

Besides, Thrive Themes reserves instant access to the updates for Thrive Members.

Therefore, as soon as an update is available for any of the themes or plugins, you will be among the first ones to access it, before it is released to other users.

Exclusive Courses, Templates, and Content

thrive membership exclusive content

Another impressive thing about Thrive Themes is that it usually includes several courses and content for its users.

However, as a Thrive Suite member, you will gain access to some exclusive content and courses to help you become a better marketer.

Also, the developers have some of the templates reserved for members only. With access to the premium templates, you have more freedom when it comes to your site’s design.

This way, you are better equipped to design stunning sites that draw in more potential customers.

Unlimited Support

thrive themes membership support

Even with easy-to-use plugins, you may run into some trouble at any point.

It helps if you are assured that you can always get in touch with the customer support team and have your problems sorted out.

If you buy the plugins independently, you will only have access to one year of full support.

As a Thrive Suite member, however, you get unlimited support throughout your entire use of the themes and plugins.

Shapeshift Theme

thrive themes membership shapeshift

Thrive Suite membership will give you access to the theme builder as well as several themes that you can use for your WordPress site.

As a member, you will also have access to Shapeshift, a theme that is exclusive to Thrive Suite members.

Although Thrive Themes comes with a variety of other themes, Shapeshift is unique because it is the only one that is conversion-focused.

This means that the theme is already optimized to bring in more clients, so you won’t have to worry much about boosting the conversion rates on your site.

Shapeshift is also multi-purpose and you will only have to do a bit of customization to ensure that your site is focused on more customers.

Thrive University

thrive themes university content

The digital marketing industry is continuously evolving. If you want to keep staying ahead of the competition, your best bet would be to keep sharpening your skills.

Thrive Suite membership allows you to easily do so thanks to Thrive University that is exclusive to members only.

Thrive University contains tons of valuable courses that will help you sharpen your marketing skills. The marketing courses are actionable and made by marketing experts.

So, you can be sure that you will be learning the very best material there is to help skyrocket your online business.

Thrive Suite Pros & Cons

Review of the Thrive Suite Benefits – What Do I Like the Most?

  • All-in-one Marketing Solution

Thrive Suite offers an all-in-one marketing solution for your WordPress site.

In the collection, you get marketing tools to help you with lead generation, split testing, headline optimization, comment management, among other integral tasks for your site’s success.

Additionally, seeing as all the tools are by Thrive Themes, you don’t have to worry about them not integrating to work together. This way, you have all the tools that you would need available in one place.

  • Suitable for Small Business Owners

The Thrive Themes suite was designed with the solopreneur in mind.

What this means is that all the themes and plugins are designed in such a way that you will not need any coding skills.

Whether you have previous marketing experience or not, you will find Thrive Themes quite easy to use.

One of the most lucrative features it includes advanced marketing solutions but tweaks them to suit a small business owner.

This way, you can still get the best marketing solutions for your site even if you are totally new to digital marketing.

  • Multiple Licenses

Thrive Suite allows for two pricing packages.

For either package, your monthly subscription includes multiple licenses. As an online business owner, you may find it useful to create other websites.

With Thrive Suite membership, you will not have to pay for a separate membership plan since you can use your existing one for other sites as well.

This particular feature is especially useful for marketing agencies who may need the themes and plugins for several of their clients’ websites.

  • Knowledge Base

Thrive Themes comes with a fully-equipped Knowledge Base that is helpful to any member.

In the Knowledge Base, you will find tons of articles and video tutorials to help you make the most out of all tools and features on Thrive Themes.

Thrive Suite will also give you access to the community forum where you get to interact with other members.

Besides all the learning from Thrive University, the Knowledge Base can come in handy in helping you gain some valuable marketing tips and tricks.

Thrive Suite Disadvantages – What I Don’t Like

  • Limited to WordPress

The most significant disadvantage of being a Thrive Suite member is that you are limited to WordPress.

The collection of tools was explicitly designed for WordPress.

Therefore, if you are using a different hosting platform for your site, you may have to migrate, or you may not have access to all the tools and features.

  • Steeper Learning Curve

Although there are plenty of articles and tutorials to help you find your way, you may find it a bit tiresome to master how everything works.

Because of the variety of tools in the collection, new users may find it a bit overwhelming to learn how everything works.[/vc_column_text]

Review of the Thrive Suite Pricing

thrive memebership pricing

If you are looking to become a Thrive Suite member, you get to choose between two pricing packages.

For both packages, billing is done annually, and you will have access to the same features explained above.

The only difference is the number of sites that you can install the themes and plugins.

Thrive Suite costs $19/month. This plan allows you to install the themes and plugins on 25 of your sites.

If you are looking to install Thrive Themes in up to 50 sites, Thrive Agency membership will be the best option.

For this plan, you will pay $49/month.

Is Thrive Suite Membership Worth It?


Picture this:

Your online business is going to need a variety of tools for it to be successful.

Instead of buying all these tools separately and end up with extravagant costs, wouldn’t it be great if you could have all the tools in one place at a reasonable price?

As a Thrive Suite member, you have access to all these tools, constant updates, and instant access to unlimited support.

Besides, Thrive University and the Knowledge Base, which are exclusive to members, are excellent tools to help you become a better marketer.

So, if you are looking to become better at digital marketing and have all the tools at your disposal, Thrive Suite is a worthy venture.

Main Takeaways From This Thrive Suite Review

Thrive Suite comes with several perks that will help you skyrocket your online business.

If you are looking for the ideal solution for your WordPress site, then perhaps you should consider becoming a Thrive Suite member.

Your monthly subscription gives you access to all the themes and plugins, constant updates, unlimited support, and other exclusive perks that other users cannot access.

If you, especially, are a non-tech savvy person, Thrive Suite may be the missing link to boost your conversion rates and sales.

So, why don’t you sign up and give it a try?