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Product: Thrive Theme Builder
Price: $97.00 a year
Money Back: 30 Days
Special Offer: Thrive Suite for $299.00 a year

Thrive Theme Theme Builder ReviewThrive Theme Builder aims to solve the issues present in the WordPress customizer. This WordPress theme will offer a visual front-end editor that will allow you to customize every aspect of your site wholly. The builder is a theme and is not to be confused with Thrive Architect, which is a page-builder.

In this Thrive Theme Builder review, we will delve into details of the builder, what you should expect, and how it differs from Thrive Architect.

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What is Thrive Theme Builder?

Thrive Theme Builder is a visual front-end editing service that allows WordPress users to design and build their themes without needing any coding skills.

Basically, what it does it lets you build, edit, and customize every aspect of your WordPress website with a visual drag-and-drop designer.

Thrive Theme Builder vs Thrive Architect

thrive theme builder vs thrive architectMost WordPress users will confuse the Thrive Theme Builder with Thrive Architect, given that the two are almost similar.

The developers explain that they did not want to use a different editor, to avoid making the users have to master another editor altogether.

There is a significant difference in the way Thrive Theme Builder and Thrive Architect let you customize your WordPress site.

With Thrive Architect, the changes that you make will only affect the current page you are working on.

Thrive Theme Builder, on the other hand, lets you make changes that affect several pages, even hundreds of them, on your site.

What’s even more important to know is the eventual Thrive Theme builder will work hand-in-hand with Thrive Architect. 

The combination of Thrive Theme Builder and Thrive Architect will be dynamic.

Users will be able to use Thrive Theme Builder to create stunning themes, while Thrive Architect will come in handy with fantastic content.

The former helps users to manage their site’s structure and layout while the latter helps them manage content. The result? A website that looks great captures leads and converts clicks into sales.

The developers’ primary aim is to make Thrive Theme Builder the first fully customizable WordPress theme, editable from the front-end.

This means that eventually, users will be able to use the builder to build entire sites.

Currently, the platform allows for page templates and dynamic content customization.

Plans are underway to include custom post types and to have the platform support popular plugins like WooCommerce.

How Can You Benefit From the Thrive Theme Builder?

If you have a WordPress blog, you know how essential it is that you have a working theme to go along with it. The WordPress platform cannot actually work without a theme.

So, why did Thrive Themes come up with a theme builder? Here are several ways through which you can benefit from using the Thrive Theme Builder.

Thrive Theme Builder Will Let You Design Your Theme

Although there are several themes already available on WordPress, you may, at times, find the need to customize some template-based content.

With the WordPress customizer, you can only tweak your site’s content, but not the template’s content, such as menus and sidebars.

With the Thrive Theme Builder, you get to design your perfect theme and tweak it however you want to.

You don’t need any coding skills, and you can use the site creation wizard to build your ideal theme in just under 15 minutes.

Thrive Theme Builder Has a Front-end Visual Editor

Using the WordPress customizer to tweak themes will have you using back-end menus and moving back to the front-end to see what your final page will look like.

Although it is effective, the process can take quite some time and can be pretty annoying.

Thrive Theme Builder allows you to edit your website from the front-end. You get to see whatever changes you make to the site instantly.

The best part is that editing is a straightforward process, and all you have to do is click on an item to edit it.

Thrive Theme Builder Will Let You Edit Your Entire Website

Every so often, you may find it necessary to change your website’s look. With the WordPress customizer, this process will be time-consuming, since you can only customize one page at a time.

With the Thrive Theme Builder, any changes that you make to a blog post apply to the entire website. This means that you only need a few minutes to make significant changes, as you deem fit, to your entire site.

Thrive Theme Builder Will Let You Choose to Build From Scratch Or Use Existing Templates

The developers at Thrive Themes had both experienced users and novices in mind while creating this theme.

The theme builder gives you creative freedom, should you choose to design your theme from scratch.

If you are not that confident in your skills, you can decide to use the pre-designed templates, which you will need to download.

An advantage of these themes is that they are conversion-focused, and therefore, ideal for businesses.

The templates are also available for pages, posts, and page sections.

Thrive Theme Builder Will Let You Create Mobile-Optimized Themes

A significant hindrance to using WordPress themes is that some of them may not be mobile-optimized.

Mobile users may, therefore, find it difficult to view your site.

Some of these themes are also quite heavy, which results in a long loading time that may deter site visitors.

The themes you build using the Thrive Themes Builder are light and customized for mobile use.

You, therefore, don’t need to worry about losing your mobile users’ traffic.

Thrive Theme Builder Features Reviewed

1. It Has a Smart Color Technology

Businesses grow and evolve.

In the process, the need to rebrand may arise. Say, for example, you wish to change your brand’s colors.

With the WordPress customizer, the process is quite tedious, and you may have to pull down your site for a few days as you make the changes.

The Thrive Theme Builder features smart color technology that lets users change the brand colors in their site with just one click.

You can also update all the fonts on your website using this feature.

2. It Has a Drag-and-Drop Feature

One of the most lucrative features of a customization platform is that it should be easy to use.

Thrive Theme Builder comes with a drag and drop editor.

All you need to do is choose an item and decide where you want to place it and voila!

3. It Comes With Smart Dynamics Templates

Building dynamic content on other WordPress Themes is often quite challenging.

The smart dynamics templates available on Thrive Theme Builder let you design dynamic content anywhere on your site.

Rather than edit specific words or images on your website, this feature enables you to use placeholders instead.

The result is that you have pages with the same layout but different content.

4. It Comes Comes With a Shapeshift Theme

If you do not want to build your theme from scratch, you can take advantage of the Shapeshift Theme. This theme comes pre-installed in the Thrive Theme Builder and is conversion-based. With this theme, you can have your WordPress site operating in under 15 minutes.

The theme comes with pre-installed design templates for pages, posts, and page sections.

It also includes homepage templates, all optimized for conversion. You can, however, still customize the theme to look the way you want it to.

Thrive Theme Builder Pricing Review

Thrive Theme Builder costs only $97.00 a year.

There’s also a Thrive Theme Builder + Thrive Architect bundle available that costs $167.00 a year.

You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you aren’t impressed with the product.

Thrive Theme Builder Pros & Cons


  • No coding experience is needed
  • You can customize your entire website, instead of single pages
  • Front-end visual editing makes it easier for you to track changes you make to the site
  • Ideal for advanced users with coding knowledge and beginners who only need to make a few tweaks.
  • Pre-designed templates are conversion-focused and ideal for businesses
  • It is a product on its own and won’t change your existing website unless you install the builder


  • It is currently only available to Thrive Members

Main Takeaways From This Thrive Theme Builder Review

Thrive Theme Builder is the first-of-its-kind service which lets easily and quickly customize your website from the front-end and get to see the changes updated instantly.

The most crucial point to note is that Thrive Theme Builder is a theme and not a page builder like Thrive Architect.

It is a different product and will, therefore, not replace Thrive Architect but your WordPress theme instead.

The best thing about the builder is that you can change your entire site by just a few clicks. You don’t need any coding, and it helps you save time.