Thrive Quiz Builder Review

thrive quiz builder review

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Product: Thrive Quiz Builder
Price: $97.00 a year
Free trial: 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
There are hundreds of Thrive Quiz Builder reviews online.

However, between all of them, there are so few honest reviews.

So, I went into writing my own review expecting a top WordPress quiz builder.

Just like other WordPress plugins, Thrive Quiz Builder has tons of features that turn quiz building into a brisk task. It is also personalized, making it easy to use.

If you are a site owner, you can attest that creating an intricate attention-grabbing quiz without any coding knowledge or photoshop skills isn’t easy.

In this review, you’ll unearth all about how the Thrive Quiz Builder plugin is designed to benefit your site.

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Thrive Quiz Builder Overview: What is Thrive Quiz Builder?

what is thrive quiz builder

Thrive Quiz Builder is a WordPress plugin used to create quizzes.

It accomplishes so much more than just building ordinary quizzes. It low-key works as a fun survey strategy allowing you to engage customers directly while building your email list.

It strictly creates quizzes on your site and cannot embed quizzes on any social media platform.

But, you can easily share them to different channels and direct visitors back to your site.

Thrive Quiz Builder has:

  • Numerous templates, simple and complex
  • Advanced functionality features
  • Four different styles that transform simple random quizzes into a gateway to getting more customer insight

What Can Thrive Quiz Builder Do For You?

Create a Quiz for Your Website

thrive quiz builder

As the name suggests, the primary goal of Thrive Quiz Builder is to create simple or complex quizzes to engage visitors on your site.

This plugin will help you come up with amazing complex quizzes regardless of whether or not you’re equipped with coding skills.

Collect Varied Results

thive quiz builder branching system

You can create branching quizzes. Your questions don’t have to be similar to every person. Thanks to Thrive Quiz Builder, you can pose different questions depending on the answer provided previously.

Group Your Visitors According to Different Preferences

thrive quiz builder visitor segmenting

You no longer have to cast one net for all your visitors. Depending on the answers provided, you can discover what your visitors like and dislike.

Also, using Thrive Quiz Builder, your audience can sign up to various lists or different parts within the same list based on the results obtained at the end of the quiz.

This helps you group your visitors according to their particular interests.

Filter Content Displayed to Your Visitors

thrive quiz builder dynamic content

Thanks to Thrive Quiz Builder, you can take immediate action on visitors as per the answers provided. This is referred to as ‘dynamic content.’

Dynamic content varies from affiliate link recommendations, a personalized search on blog posts, etc. This prevents you from losing visitors by displaying irrelevant information.

Top Thrive Quiz Builder Features Reviewed

A/B Testing Feature

thrive quiz builder a/b testing

Thrive Quiz Builder is designed to create optimum conversion quizzes. This tool allows you to design different variations and carry out separate A/B testing in each stage of the quiz.

For instance, you can test the splash page to determine a preferable layout.

After that, proceed to test the opt-in forms to establish which page gets a higher conversion rate.

You can also check the result content page to know which layout gets more social shares.

The user interface is straightforward, making it easy to use. You can opt to launch your tests on autopilot, allowing the plugin to eliminate poorly performing variations automatically.

Powerful Analytics

thrive quiz builder analytics

Thrive Quiz Builder analytics are exact. You can monitor your quiz performance from every single aspect. With this data, you can point out the loopholes and determine which parts of your quiz need improvement.

Using the analytics feature, you can get:

  • Reports from tracking across time
  • Individual questions statistics
  • Social media sharing statistics
  • User statistics
  • Quiz flow, starting vs. finishing

This means that you’ll know how each question is being answered, which results get a lot of shares,  how many people fail to complete the quiz, and so much more.

These metrics help you know and understand your visitors better.

Four Quiz Templates

thrive quiz builder quiz templates

Thrive Quiz Builder has three template options you can choose from. These templates touch on the three most important types of quizzes.

First is the Build From Scratch. It allows you to come up with your quiz without any predefined settings.

The second is List Building. This creates quizzes designed to lengthen your mailing list. Therefore a visitor can only access the results page after signing up for your list.

The third one is Social Shares. The result page contains a social share badge where your visitors can share with friends. This aims at increasing the popularity of your site.

And the last is to Gain Customer Insights. This survey quiz template allows you to gain valuable insights into your existing customers. The participant in this quiz type doesn’t receive a specific result.

Instead, the results page contains the same content for everyone. This type of quiz is especially useful for learning more about your visitors and segmenting your existing customer base.

All four templates have a pre-built splash and result pages that you can customize to suit your personal preference.

Variety Quiz Types

thrive quiz builder quiz types

Thrive Quiz Builder doesn’t limit you to a particular quiz type. It has four different styles: number, percentage, personality, and right or wrong.

Number displays results of the quiz inform of digits. Therefore a visitor will be given a score to represent the overall performance.

The Percentage provides a visitor with results in a percentage form.

Personality relays the final result as a particular personality type depending on the options you provided from the quiz.

Lastly, Right or Wrong gives a fraction of the correct answers a participant managed to get, i.e., 4/10.

The variation in result displays creates uniqueness, therefore, you can tweak your quiz to stand out from the others.

Mobile Responsive

Thrive Quiz Builder is optimized for different screen sizes. All quizzes will look spectacular regardless of whether a visitor is browsing from their tablet or a smartphone.

Users don’t have to rotate their screens or switch to ‘desktop site’ just to have a full view. This creates a fun and pleasant experience for all your customers.

Thrive Quiz Builders Pros & Cons


  • Allows A/B testing to optimize conversion rates
  • Drag and Drop editor
  • Mobile responsive providing an excellent display on all screen sizes
  • Powerful Analytics to monitor performance at each quiz stage
  • A variety of quiz types for different result displays
  • Different templates you can choose from
  • Customizable prebuilt splash and result pages to suit various preferences
  • Badged editors with pre-sized social sharing templates
  • Easy quiz builder
  • Question weighing for precise scoring


  • Only three quiz templates available
  • Limited customization options

Review of Thrive Quiz Builder Benefits – What Do I Like The Most?

thrive quiz builder what do i like the most

Undoubtedly, Thrive Quiz Builder has so many useful features. What makes it stand out from other tools available on the internet today is the all-inclusive feature.

It doesn’t only focus on creating quizzes but also on optimizing conversion rates.

Like all other WordPress plugins, Thrive Quiz Builder helps site owners increase conversions by adding to their mailing list.

Regardless of which quiz-style you are using, you can prompt visitors to sign up before taking the test or answer the questions before displaying results.

This allows you to effortlessly build your mailing list without going through unnecessary struggles.

Another best aspect of Thrive Quiz Builder is its ease of use. Familiarizing yourself with coding language or hiring an expert is exhausting, expensive, and quite frankly time-consuming.

Luckily, this tool has adopted a friendly user interface with drag and drop editor features making it simple to navigate and use. No technicalities were employed. No experience is required whatsoever.

Thrive Quiz Builder has a variety of conversion tools.

With the A/B testing, you don’t have to second guess your quiz.

You can easily create different variations and select the most effective one according to your audience reception.

Also, you don’t have to spend so much time closely monitoring and sieving poorly performing pages. You can set the tool on autopilot, sit back, and let Thrive Quiz Builder do all the work of filtering out what visitors don’t prefer.

Review of the Thrive Quiz Builder Disadvantages – What I Don’t Like?

Even though Thrive Quiz Builder has many prominent features, some areas could use a little improvement.

For instance, more answer formats. Currently, results can be displayed in only four different formats:

  • Percentage
  • Right or wrong
  • Personality
  • Number

This means that you have to design your quiz to suit only these options.

Another deal-breaker is a few quiz templates.

Three options make it harder to design something that will stand out from your competitors. The odds of having something similar to someone are slightly raised.

My Review on Thrive Quiz Builder Pricing

Thrive Quiz Builder is very affordable to WordPress users.

The plugin is packed together with many other great plugins in Thrive Suite bundle.

This grants you access to all Thrive themes and plugins inclusive of the Quiz Builder.

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Contrary to regular packages, the membership scheme grants you unlimited constant support.

You also get a 100% 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not pleased with the plugin.

Is Thrive Quiz Builder Worth it?

is thrive quiz builder worth it

Yes. Thrive Quiz Builder is effective, easy to navigate, set up, and launches your quizzes. It doesn’t solely focus on building quizzes and neglect increasing conversion rates.

You can create quizzes to engage your visitors in a fun manner while building up the audience for your email list at the same time.

To top it all up, it has affordable pricing plans. Plus, paying for one service, grants you access to another.

Thrive Quiz Builder Support Review

thrive quiz builder support

Thrive Quiz has an excellent support team in place. One purchase guarantees you a full year of unlimited support.

You can quickly get in touch with an agent by sending a direct email from your dashboard. Emails are answered within 24 hours.

The plugin also comes with training to help you understand how to build and launch your quizzes.

They also have a blog with different articles that provide additional relevant information. The articles are in various categories.

Therefore, you can get clarity on any unclear points without necessarily having to contact a customer care agent.

You can also get a video clearly illustrating how to use the tool for optimum conversion rates.

Main Takeaways From This Quiz Builder Review

Setting up and launching quizzes is a smart way to engage customers and get them to sign up.

Thrive Quiz Builder integrates conversion rates and creates quizzes at the same time. The plugin gives WordPress website owners a chance to get visitors to sign up.

It is also important to note that the tool has additional features such as A/B testing and proper analytics that make you better understand your visitors’ preferences.

If you’re looking for a great quiz builder to suit your WordPress site, Thrive Quiz is the way to go!