Thrive Leads Review

thrive leads review

Product: Thrive Leads
Price: $228/year
Deal: Thrive Suite
Free trial: 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
One of the most critical tasks for any website owner is to generate leads.

If you have been looking out for a lead generation tool for your WordPress site, you have undoubtedly come across Thrive Leads.

Many WordPress site owners will swear by the Thrive Themes plugins, and themes. But, just like any other tool, you have to poke around first before deciding it is the best for you.

If you are wondering whether it will cut it for your site, here’s a Thrive Leads review that’s going to help you make an informed decision.

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Thrive Leads Overview: What is Thrive Leads?

what is thrive leads

Thrive Leads is a lead generation tool that was designed explicitly for WordPress sites. This tool comes with a variety of features that help you collect emails and increase conversions.

Most list-building WordPress plugins focus on functionality. Thrive Leads, on the other hand, concentrates on performance and is optimized for conversion, just like all the other tools in the Thrive Themes suite.

With Thrive Leads, you can design a variety of opt-in forms, all of which aim for maximum conversion.

The best part is that you don’t even need any design skills.

All of Thrive Leads’ designs are stunning enough to entice your site visitors and get them to subscribe to your mailing list.

You can also use the plugin to manage your contacts and run targeted campaigns to bring in more prospects.

What Can Thrive Leads Do For You?

what can thrive leads do for you

Because of the wide variety of options available in Thrive Themes, you can achieve several tasks, besides list-building.

Here’s how the plugin can help you:

Create a Variety of Opt-in Forms

The best way to get people to sign up for your email list is to have some opt-in forms on your site. You can create a variety of forms and display them on different parts of your website.

With Thrive Leads, you no longer need to integrate a bunch of lead generation tools to create various opt-in forms.

Thrive Leads lets you choose from 10 designs for opt-in forms. You get to create:

  • Popup lightboxes
  • Sticky ribbons
  • In-line forms
  • Opt-in widgets

You can also decide to use several designs for different webpages for maximum results.

Target Your Intended Site Visitors

Even with the best opt-in features in place, you may not achieve the desired results if the opt-ins don’t get to the intended audience.

Thrive Leads helps you ensure that your offers get to the right people, thanks to the targeting features.

Just like the forms, you have a variety of targeting options to choose from. You can set up your site such that a site visitor viewing a particular page gets offers related to that page.

By showing your site visitors offers they would be interested in only, Thrive Leads’ targeting features helps boost your conversion rates.

You can even choose to single out exceptions or save your settings to a template so you can reuse them.

thrive leads targeting

Set Triggers

Thrive Leads also includes advanced trigger options that you can use for your opt-in forms. Triggers help dictate when the opt-in form will be displayed.

The advanced options on Thrive Leads ensure that the opt-in forms are posted at the best time when the visitor is most likely to subscribe.

There are many options for the triggers. But, they generally fall under four significant categories:

  • Scroll triggers
  • Click triggers
  • Time triggers
  • Exit triggers

You get to strategically place your opt-in forms with these triggers, so you can get the best conversion rates.

Use SmartLinks to Filter Your Offers

If you have a variety of offers up on your site, you are likely going to miss out on subscribers if you have the wrong tactics in place.

Remember that the subscribers have different needs, and not everyone will be interested in a particular offer.

Thrive Leads comes with a SmartLinks feature, which you can use to filter out your offers.

Thanks to this feature, you can showcase different offers to different site visitors, depending on what they are interested in.

You can choose what to display to a returning customer, a new subscriber, or a lead.

thrive leads smartlinks

Top Thrive Leads Features Reviewed

Drag and Drop Editor

thrive leads drag and drop editor

Thrive Leads, like many marketing solutions today, comes with a drag and drop editor.

The editor is simple to use and is quite intuitive, so you won’t spend so much time getting a design to look how you want.

Thanks to this editor, you don’t need any coding skills. You only need to choose your desired page element and drag it to a suitable position and voila!

The editor is visual, so you get to see any changes you make to the design in real-time.

Variety of Templates

thrive leads templates

Thrive Leads lets you choose from a variety of opt-in form designs. Similarly, you get several templates of these forms, so you don’t have to design the forms from scratch.

All the templates are of good quality and optimized for conversion.

Together with the drag and drop editor, the templates ensure that anyone can design their list-building forms without any coding experience.

Thrive Leads A/B Testing

thrive leads A/B testing

With Thrive Leads, you can create several variations of any opt-in form you desire.

Although all the forms are optimized for conversion, tweaking the design can result in changes in the conversion rate.

So, how do you ensure that you only publish the best?

Thrive Leads comes with an A/B testing engine that helps you choose the best converting copy. This feature is quite advanced and yet is simple to use.

You get to compare different variations of any design, see how you can tweak one for maximum conversions, and publish it.

This way, you get to increase your conversion rates with the plugin automatically.

Detailed Reporting and Analytics

thrive leads reporting and analytics

Once you have the numbers of your campaign performance, you get to know what’s doing well and what needs to go.

Thrive Leads offers actionable reporting and insights into the performance of the opt-in forms. You get all the essential metrics on your marketing campaigns.

You will get details such as how well the forms are doing and where your traffic mostly comes from.

This information is super helpful if you are looking to launch new marketing campaigns, or simply improve the existing ones.

Some of the reports you will get include:

  • Conversion
  • Comparison
  • Lead referral
  • List growth
  • Content marketing
  • Lead tracking reports


thrive leads mobile responsive

Most internet users nowadays use their mobile phones to browse. You must, therefore, ensure that your site and your forms in the extension are optimized for mobile use.

If your site isn’t mobile-responsive, then you are going to miss out on a ton of traffic. Thrive Leads ensures that you aren’t missing out on anything.

All the forms are mobile-responsive, so they will appear just as well to a mobile phone user, as they would to someone browsing on a computer.

Review of the Thrive Leads Benefits – What Do I Like the Most?

thrive leads what i like most

With so many useful and lucrative features, there’s so much to like about Thrive Leads.

For starters, this list-building plugin is one of the few in the market that offers such a wide range of opt-in forms to use.

Most tools will only have a few designs, which you have to rely on.

Thrive Leads gives you the option to choose from several options so that you don’t solely rely on a few opt-in forms.

As a result, you have higher conversion rates.

Another impressive thing about Thrive Leads is that you don’t need any coding experience to use the plugin.

You get a variety of templates that you only need to customize to your desired design.

The drag and drop editor also makes things easier, so you only need to place the page elements where you want them to be.

Thrive Leads also comes with a variety of conversion tools, all of which make it easier to build your email list. With the A/B testing feature, you are sure only to publish the best-performing forms.

You also get insights into how the forms are performing, so you know what needs improvement.

Additionally, Thrive Leads integrates with a variety of email marketing services.

This way, managing your contacts becomes easier, regardless of the email service that you currently use.

Review on the Thrive Leads Disadvantages – What I Don’t Like?

thrive leads disadvantages

Although the developers claim that Thrive Themes is a basic list-building plugin, it comes with several features and tools.

It is not basic, and a new user would spend some considerable time learning how everything works.

Some of the features are also quite close, and it may be challenging to differentiate between Lead Groups, ThriveBoxes, and Lead Shortcodes.

Another significant drawback of Thrive Leads is that it is built for WordPress sites.

You cannot use the plugin for websites hosted on other platforms.

My Review on Thrive Leads Pricing

One of the best things about the entire Thrive Themes suite is that it doesn’t hold back some advanced features for higher-tier plans.

If you are looking to have Thrive Leads for your WordPress site, you can choose to become a Thrive Suite member.

For $19 per month (annual payment), you will get 25 licenses and immediate access to all the plugins and themes available at Thrive Themes.

You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you aren’t impressed with the product.

thrive leads pricing

Is Thrive Leads Worth it?


Thrive Leads comes with all the features you would need to build an email list, and more.

If you are looking to boost the conversion rates in your WordPress site through email subscribers, thrive Leads is the way to go.

We would recommend going for the entire Thrive Themes suite if you have the money to spare.

It is an even better deal that gives you access to a bunch of other tools you will need for your site.

For prices starting at $19/month, you get:

  • Lead generation tool
  • Optimizing tool
  • Quiz builder
  • And access to all other tools

thrive themes pricing

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Thrive Leads Support Review

thrive leads customer support

When you are choosing a marketing software, you must consider the kind of support that is in place.

You should go for a tool that promises excellent customer support, so if you ever run into any problems, you are sure that you will get immediate help.

Thrive Leads has an excellent customer support system in place.

The support team is very friendly, and should you run into any problem, you can always get in touch with them.

You can get in touch with them through the dashboard or by sending an email for a faster response.

Additionally, there is a lot of documentation in the knowledge base to help you get around the plugin.

You will also find some video tutorials, showing you how best to use the features available in Thrive Leads for better conversion rates.

Thrive Leads Pros & Cons


  • Variety of opt-in forms to choose from
  • A/B testing for higher conversion rates
  • Drag and drop editor for easier designing
  • Comes with a variety of pre-made templates
  • Integrates with several email marketing services
  • Detailed reporting and insights


  • Limited to WP sites
  • Steeper learning curve due to too many features

Main Takeaways From This Leads Review

Undoubtedly, Thrive Leads is a powerful list-building plugin for WordPress sites.

It’s quite impressive that it is intuitive and easy to use.

New users don’t even require any coding skills to build opt-in forms designed for maximum conversion rates.

Some of the features that set it apart from other list-building plugins are detailed analytics, A/B testing, and SmartLinks.

If you are solely in search of a solution for a WordPress site, Thrive Leads is undoubtedly the way to go.

Disclosure: I am an independent Thrive Themes Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from Thrive Themes. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of Thrive Themes.