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Thrive Clever Widgets Review

Name: Thrive Clever Widgets
URL: https://thrivethemes.com/cleverwidgets/
Price: $39 to $97
Membership: $19/month for access to all their plugins & themes

What is Thrive Clever Widgets?

Thrive Clever Widgets is a WordPress plugin that helps you make your website smarter by giving you full control over which widgets are displayed where on your site.

Using the Clever Widgets plugin, you can easily show highly relevant content in your widget areas. Instead of a generic offering that barely raises an eyebrow, you can show your visitors the kind of thing that makes them say “this is exactly what I’ve been looking for!”

Thrive Clever Widgets Price

How Much Does it Cost?

Thrive Clever Widgets price starts from $39 for 1 site license and goes up to $97 for 15 licenses. For this price you get: full feature set, unlimited updates and one year support.

Thrive Clever Widgets Price

Thrive Clever Widgets Discount

The only way to get Thrive Clever Widgets for a discounted price is when you buy 5 or 15 license pack.

The idea is simple – you buy more Thrive Clever Widgets licenses they give you a bigger discount.

Thrive Clever Widgets Discount Structure:

Total Price
1 License
5 Licenses
15 Licenses

Thrive Themes Membership Price

Thrive Themes membership costs only $19/month for individuals and $49/month for agencies.

This will give you access to all of their other products (cool bonus, isn’t it?). Also you will get access to all the features releases for free of cost (for example, if they will release a new product you won’t need to pay anything on top to start using it).

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