Thrive Clever Widgets Review

thrive clever widgets

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Product: Thrive Clever Widgets
Price: $299.00 a year
Free trial: 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
There are hundreds of Thrive Clever Widgets reviews online.

However, between all of them, there are so few honest reviews.

So, I went into writing my own review expecting a top WordPress widget plugin.

Thrive Clever Widgets is a WordPress plugin that you can use to enhance your sidebars. With this plugin, you can turn a secondary feature in your site into numbers boost.

Still don’t understand how essential this plugin is?

Keep reading this review to find out more about Thrive Clever Widgets.

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Thrive Clever Widgets Overview: What is Thrive Clever Widgets?

If you are looking for more clicks, you should figure out how to target the right audience by having the right widgets in place.

Thrive Clever Widgets gives you better control over your sidebar. Instead of having generic widgets in your sidebar, you get to control what your site visitors see.

Like many other marketing options, Thrive Clever Widgets studies the behavior of your site visitors. It then uses the results to display the most relevant widgets.

In turn, you get more clicks, which translates to better conversion rates.

What Can Thrive Clever Widgets Do For You?

Thrive Clever Widgets can help make your website smarter.

Most site wonders use the sidebar as a secondary feature.

With this plugin, you can set targeting rules to ensure you show different content to your site visitors.

The plugin learns your site visitors’ behavior and uses the information to display relevant ads. In so doing, you are assured of better conversion rates.

The result is going to be as shown in the picture below:

thrive clever widgets example

Top Thrive Clever Widgets Features Reviewed

Floating Sidebar Widgets

Instead of having a generic sidebar, Thrive Clever Widgets allows you to display different sidebars. When you are trying to boost conversion rates, one of the most useful sidebars is a floating one.

A floating sidebar moves along the content as a site visitor scrolls down a webpage. Statistics show that these sidebars are more likely to result in higher conversion rates.

With Thrive Clever Widgets, you can include a floating sidebar in one or several webpages for higher clicks on your content.

Simple Click Tracking

Clever Widgets lets you track your clicks on your site. You get to see how your sidebar ads are doing by displaying how many people are clicking on each one.

The plugin also lets you set up some filters to ensure bots and crawlers don’t reflect on your click tracking results.

Seamless Integration

thrive clever widgets features

Thrive Clever Widgets integrates seamlessly with the existing widgets in your WP dashboard.

If you decide to use Thrive Clever Widgets for your site, you won’t have to worry about getting the widgets to work with the new plugin.

Thrive lever Widgets integrates seamlessly with your WP dashboard and exists as a bar at the bottom.

Advanced Targeting

This is one of the essential features that make Thrive Clever Widgets an asset for your site.

Seeing as your site owners have different needs from your website, you must ensure your ads are specific to your site visitors’ needs.

Thrive Clever Widgets allows you to target your ads and classify them by post category, product category, and any other classification you want.

You can also choose the pages you want to display the widgets and even where you want them to show.

The exclusions section even lets you exclude the widgets from specific locations on the webpages.

Thrive Clever Widgets Pros & Cons

Review of the Thrive Clever Widgets Benefits – What Do I Like the Most?

  • Speed

Thrive Themes builds every one of its products with speed in mind.

One of the most significant factors for a successful website is speed.

If you have a slow-loading site, there are high chances that you will have higher bounce rates.

Thrive Clever Widgets ensures that your site doesn’t slow down because of the widgets.

Even if you create several widgets that target conversions, the plugin will not slow down your website. If you choose to load several widgets only, the excluded one will not affect its speed.

This way, you will not lose any of your valuable customers.

  • Easy to Use

The plugin is not complicated.

Thrive Clever Widgets comes with an easy setup, and it’s even easier to use.

You don’t need any coding experience to use the plugin, which is a useful feature for everyone, including site owners who are only getting started with the plugin.

Thrive Clever Widgets Disadvantages – What I Don’t Like

  • WordPress Plugin

Thrive Clever Widgets can come as part of Thrive Themes Suite or as a standalone plugin.

But, one of its limiting disadvantages is that it is only available for WordPress sites. Website owners who have their sites hosted on different platforms cannot use Thrive Clever Widgets.

  • Expensive

Currently, Thrive Clever Widgets has an offer for its 5-pack and 15-pack licenses.

However, without a price reduction, this plugin is quite expensive. If you are a bit tight on money, you are better off paying for Thrive Suite to access all the themes and plugins for your site.

Review of the Thrive Clever Widgets Pricing

Like many of the WordPress plugins available on the Thrive Themes suite, you can get it together with Thrive Suite membership.

The packages start at $299.00 a year. As a Thrive Member, you will have access to all the 25 themes and plugins available in the Thrive Themes Suite.

Is Thrive Clever Widgets Worth it?

Thrive Clever Widgets is the plugin that you need to get the most out of your widgets.

For the longest time, website owners have been using generic widgets for all their site visitors.

But, your site visitors have different needs, and if you are going to get more clicks from them, you are better off using targeted ads.

But, you might find the price a bit on the higher end. If that’s the case, then you should go for the Thrive Suite plan. With this plan, you will have access to all the themes and plugins, all of which will work excellently to ensure your site’s conversion rates skyrocket.

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Thrive Clever Widgets Support Review

Thrive Clever Widgets has excellent customer support in place.

If you ever run into any trouble when using the plugin, you can always call the support team for some help.

Once you pay for a Thrive Clever Widgets license pack, you get one year of full support. During this one year, the support team will answer any questions you might have about the plugin.

Additionally, the site has numerous video tutorials and articles that get into the details of how everything works.

If you are better off with self-help, you will find tons of materials to help you make Thrive Clever Widgets work great for your business.

Main Takeaways From This Thrive Clever Widgets Review

Thrive Clever Widgets is a fantastic plugin that lets you turn your website’s secondary feature into an excellent opportunity.

By displaying relevant widgets to your site visitors, you can connect better with them.

In turn, they are better suited to click the links you provide, which means you get lower bounce rates and more conversion rates.

Thrive Clever Widgets is the answer you are looking for if you want to leverage your sidebar.

So, why don’t you buy a license pack and get started?

You even get a 30-day money-back guarantee, in case you don’t like the plugin.