Thrive Architect Review

By Marius Kiniulis – June 15, 2022

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Thrive Architect ReviewWelcome to my SUPER in-depth Thrive Architect review.

In this review, I’ll take an in-depth look at:

  • What you can do with Thrive Architect
  • Thrive Architect key features
  • What I like about Thrive Architect
  • What I didn’t like about Thrive Architect
  • How Thrive Architect compares to its competitors
  • And so much more

As a person who has tested Thrive Architect (I guarantee you this is 100% true), I’ll help you understand what this tool is all about and how you can benefit from it.

This review should help you understand what the tool is about and whether or not you can benefit from it.

Let’s get right into it.

⭐ Rating: 4.47 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
💲 Price: $97.00 a year
🏷  Free Trial:
Not Available
🔙 Money-Back Guarantee:
30 Days
✉ Support:
Email, help desk ticket
💳 Payment Method:
Credit card, PayPal
🌍 Official Website:


Hi, my name is Marius Kiniulis. I work with business websites and I’m the creator of this MARKINBLOG site. You can find out more about me and this website here.

I was once in your position, searching for transparent information on whether Thrive Architect was a good enough tool to invest in it.

This review is written by someone who used & tested the Thrive Architect plugin and is now sharing his experience.

Marius Kiniulis

About Thrive Architect

Let me take you through my experience with Thrive Architect, a visual page builder for WordPress, so you can decide if it’s right for you.

Let’s find out what Thrive Architect is, what company (and people) run this platform, and what you can do with it.

What Is Thrive Architect?

Thrive Architect is a visual page builder for WordPress that you can use to create unique pages. It is built with an obsessive focus on being as fast as possible to use.

It works well with business websites that place a high priority on conversions.

Also, because business owners are often on the go, Thrive Architect’s design is simple to use.

Company Details

Company: whitesquare GmbH

Address: c/o Patrizia Melaugh Beckengässchen 1 Schaffhausen, SCHAFFHAUSEN, 8200 Switzerland

Phone: Unknown

Founded: 2011

The company is founded by Shane Melaugh and Paul McCarthy.

How Does Thrive Architect Work?

Thrive Architect works as a separate WordPress plugin that lets you bring a visual editor to your page editor.

Everything follows a straightforward idea when you set up the Thrive Architect editor.

If you want to tweak anything, you click on it, and you will see your edits straightaway. If you’re rearranging anything, click, then drag and drop.

Thrive Architect comes with 319 professionally designed and conversion-focused landing page templates. It makes it easy to build customizable appearing opt-in sites, webinar pages, and sales pages.

The following are some of the conversion-focused aspects integrated into the tool:

  • Countdown timers
  • Testimonials
  • Lead generation forms
  • Unlimited customizable buttons

They are all compatible with the email marketing software you’re using.

Who Is Thrive Architect Best For?

Thrive Architect is a good landing page builder for many users and an excellent option for marketers.

Users may enjoy the platform’s hassle-free experience thanks to the fact that all the tools work together seamlessly under one roof.

Here are some businesses that can benefit from using Thrive Architect:

  • Local small business owners who want to increase sales, leads, and revenue.
  • Affiliate marketers who want to have an all-in-one system in one place.
  • Membership site creators who are having trouble launching their membership sites.
  • Coaches and consultants with an existing online presence or selling online courses looking to grow your audience, or who are shifting their practice into the online market.
  • Marketing agencies who want to easily manage their leads.
  • Digital product creators who’re looking for a nice platform to sell and market their products
  • Webinar organizers
  • And any other entrepreneurs

Who Is Thrive Architect Not For?

  • Thrive Architect isn’t for you if you operate with websites other than WordPress
  • Thrive Architect isn’t for beginners seeking a platform with a single tool. Thrive Architect has a variety of tools with which to work

Methodology: How Has Thrive Architect Been Tested?

This tool was tested using my 11-step review process involving hours of tests and performance evaluation.

To thoroughly test Thrive Architect and its possibilities, I signed up for Thrive Architect and bought a paid subscription to evaluate the platform’s capabilities.

Following this, I began using the plugin and evaluating it based on metrics like:

  • Flexibility and limitations: What are the platform’s features, how do they work, and what advantages can you expect? What are the drawbacks?
  • Management and User Experience (UX): I consider the platform’s ease of use and functionality
  • Security: How does the platform protect users’ personal information and keep them safe
  • Affordability: I assessed the affordability of this tool depending on its price and the different plans it offers
  • Communication and Support: What are the support options, how does support respond to your queries, and how do they solve them.
  • User Ratings and Reputation: What is the feedback from real Thrive Architect users on other review platforms

I spent hours testing and examining Thrive Architect to provide you with a 100% objective and unbiased review.

Everything written in this review is 100% real and on the basis of my personal experience.

Thrive Architect Review: What Does It Look Like in Reality?

In this Thrive Architect review, I will look deeper into this WordPress plugin. Among the many questions I will answer are:

  • How easy is it to install Thrive Architect?
  • Is it simple to operate?
  • How fast is it?
  • And plenty of other pressing queries.

I will also try to explain my thoughts on various performance areas and assign a star rating to each review category.

So, let’s dive in.

FLEXIBILITY AND LIMITATIONS: What Can You Do With Thrive Architect?

Choosing such a builder requires first finding out:

How flexible is the tool?

How does it function?

Are there any limitations to its capabilities?

Let’s take a closer look at the flexibilities and limitations of the tool.

What Are the Key Features of Thrive Architect?

Thrive Architect offers an array of features geared towards automating your business and sales process.

Some of these features include:

  • Drag and drop page builder
  • Styled lists
  • Lead generation forms
  • Content boxes
  • Animated countdown timers
  • Content reveal
  • Pricing tables
  • Contact forms
  • Call to action (CTA) boxes
  • Thrive Architect elements
1. Drag And Drop Page Builder

Thrive Architect allows you to create a marketing-focused WordPress website with ease using front-end visual theme creation magic.

The best part?

You do not need any tech skills.

You might probably be wondering – why does it outperform other WordPress themes and site builders?

Well, here’s what I’ll tell you.

Thrive Architect is a full-fledged WordPress theme and site builder.

Thrive Architect Visual Editor

It has drag-and-drop front-end customization. And with this plugin, you will have complete control over the design and functionality of your website.

You will be able customize your:

  • Page layout
  • Category pages
  • Header
  • Sidebar
  • Search pages
  • 404s
  • Footer
  • Blog post templates

All in one place.

2. Styled Lists

Here’s another useful feature that I’m using quite actively.

Like a bulleted list, the “Styled List” offers a variety of customization choices.

Thrive Architect Styled Lists

Lists, bulleted and numbered, are the foundation of any well-organized document.

There are several places where you can use them in your content:

  • Blog articles
  • Comparison pages
  • Landing pages
  • Sales pages
  • Opt-in forms
  • And more

Using the text editor’s basic ordered list will not excite your visitors enough to encourage them to make a purchase.

So, with Thrive Architect, you can use the styled list and numbered list elements.

There are so many customization choices available with these two that you will make lists for fun.

3. Lead Generation Forms

This is my favorite.

Thrive Architect also offers lead generation elements.

Thrive Architect Lead Generation Elements

If you want your website visitors to sign up for your newsletter, webinar, or join your WordPress site, the Lead Generation element is your best bet.

You can do it by creating an API connection between your website’s “Lead Generation” feature and the email marketing service you use.

4. Content Boxes

Thrive Architect’s “Content Box” feature can be helpful while designing your website.

Thrive Architect Content Box

It serves as a container for other elements that you can also place inside of it.

Depending on your objective, you can use various features, such as buttons and photos.

Using the “Content Box,” you drag and drop items in.

As a result, you will develop the most relevant content for your website.

5. Animated Countdown Timers

A countdown timer is an effective approach to encourage customers to make quick buying decisions.

Thrive Architect Countdown Timer

And I love it so much that I was able to find this feature on Thrive Architect.

You can also display your countdown timer on the product or checkout page.

Choose where you want your timer to appear on the website, the start and end date, and what you want to do when the timer expires.

The only drawback I noticed is that only 6 designed templates of countdown timers are offered.

Of course, the same templates can be customized by yourself. But still, I would love to see more.

6. Content Reveal

Well, I found this pretty interesting.

Thrive Architect offers a Content Reveal feature.

And you would probably like to know what can be done with this feature?

You can use the Content Reveal element to only show some parts of your page to users after a set amount of time.

Thrive Architect Content Reveal

Drag and drop the ‘Content Reveal’ feature onto your website like you would any other element.

The option comes in handy when customizing the feature.

It allows you to specify how long the material should be visible to your users.

Setting auto-scrolling on a page that has several pages is beneficial.

You can use the ‘Content reveal’ element on a lower section of the page, where visitors must scroll down to see it.

Afterwards, it will automatically scroll down to expose whatever information you’ve chosen.

7. Pricing Tables

Thrive Architect gives you access to over 250 different landing pages.

Each Thrive Architect landing page is compatible with a specific pricing table template.

Thrive Architect Pricing Tables

A pricing table is nothing more than a comparison table for your products or services.

There are now separate pricing table templates for each of the Thrive Architect sales page templates, which share the same design language, such as:

  • Font
  • Color scheme
  • Vibe
8. Contact Forms

Thrive Architect Contact Forms

Thrive Architect auto-generates a simple contact form when you drag and drop the element anywhere in your content or on a landing page.

It will include fields like name, email, and message.

Using the sidebar settings, you can add, remove, and change the fields in the form.

In addition, you can choose which email addresses will receive messages and what visitors will see when they complete the form.

Thrive Architect lets you customize every aspect of the contact form.

Many pre-designed layouts are available by selecting “change template” from the template settings menu.

9. Call to Action (CTA) Boxes

The “Call to Action” feature is available while using Thrive Architect to build your website.

You can persuade a user to take action, such as subscribe or buy on your website, with the help of this element.

For example, using the Call to Action button on a sales page can lead people to your checkout page and encourage them to buy your products.

Thrive Architect’s Call to Action templates fall into two categories:

Page Block Call-to-Action Templates

Thrive Architect Page block call-to-action templates

Each ready-to-use page block contains a collection of page blocks—smart landing page templates from Thrive Architect.

A 3-box icon shows a page block-ready template set.

It’s simple to add a page block call to action template to your landing page design once you have loaded a Smart Landing Page template into Thrive.

Call-to-Action Element Templates

Thrive Architect Call to action element templates

You can use Thrive Architect’s Call to Action elements on blog posts and landing pages.

Like Page Block templates, you note that Call to Action element templates do not instantly adapt your landing page’s color and font style when they load.

10. Thrive Architect Elements

Thrive Architect ElementsWhen you open the Thrive content builder right-hand sidebar, you will see a variety of elements to choose from.

The following is a complete list of them:

  • Background section
  • Custom menu
  • Paragraph/Text
  • Heading
  • Image
  • Divider
  • Fill counter
  • Progress bar
  • Social share
  • Column layout
  • Click to Tweet
  • Disqus comments
  • Facebook comments
  • Fully scalable (Retina) icons
  • Post grid
  • Star rating
  • Tabs
  • WordPress content
  • Data tables
  • Custom HTML/CSS
  • Toggle
  • Responsive video embed
  • Table of contents
  • Google Maps

What Are Thrive Architect Limitations?

  • Compared to other builders, there aren’t as many elements
  • There are still a few bugs that need a fix

My Verdict And Rating

I should say I quite liked the flexibility and feature set of the Thrive Architect.

I really doubt you will miss any features (well unless you need something very specific).

True, despite the fact that using the tool everywhere you will find detailed explanations on how to use it, it is still not so easy to understand it.

So, I think that Thrive Architect is flexible enough to meet the expectations of most customers.

My rating for Thrive Architect flexibility and limitations: 4.8 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

MANAGEMENT AND USER EXPERIENCE: How Easy Is It to Set up And Use Thrive Architect?

Unlike other Thrive Themes plugins, Thrive Architect does not have a centralized dashboard to manage its features.

Thrive Architect needs to be searched in any WordPress content editor (both when creating and editing posts and pages).

Thrive Architect Button

And there you already have complete freedom of choice – whether you want to edit posts and pages with WordPress editor or with Thrive Architect.

Setting up Thrive Architect

I found setting up for Thrive Architect fairly simple and straightforward.

You just need to launch Thrive Architect visual editor and choose what page would you like to create.

Thrive Architect Choose What Page You Would Like to Create

If you choose Normal Page then it will look like any other page on your website, just you’ll be able to edit it with Thrive Architect.

Meanwhile, if you choose a Pre-built Landing Page then you’ll be able to choose from hundreds of their pre-build landing page templates and it won’t use your theme template.

In this example, I’ll choose the Normal Page.

When you open the Thrive Architect editor, you should see something similar to this:

Thrive Architect Visual Editor Example

On the right are the main controls for Thrive Architect.

Thrive Architect Main Controls

  • Add Element. Here you will find all of the elements that Thrive Architect has to offer.
  • Central Style Panel. It allows you to easily rebrand your colors and styles of a page in a few clicks.
  • Display Conditions. Helps you target your content to specific audiences based on your choice of rules.
  • Change Template. Easily change your current template. There are hundreds of pre-built templates available.
  • Settings. Advanced settings of Thrive Architect builder.
  • A/B Testing. Allows you to split test your pages in a few clicks.

As I mentioned before, Thrive Architect offers a host of features to help you create pages virtually anywhere you want.

But one thing I didn’t really like is a slightly complicated item editor.

Don’t get me wrong. This editor is infinitely versatile but its management is quite complex.

In this editor, the individual element has an infinite number of choices. This gives this tool exceptional flexibility, but at the same time makes it more difficult to use.

For me personally, it sometimes took a long time to find a way to change some settings and make my desired element exactly the way I wanted it.

However, I really enjoyed the Central Style Panel feature, which allows you to change the colors of the selected templates with just a few clicks of a button.

Thrive Architect Central Style Panel

The main thing this feature does is that templates usually have several dominant colors that can be changed easily and quickly.

This means that by changing the colors in an entire template you won’t have to spend a lot of time editing them in individual elements.

Another interesting feature of Thrive Architect is the A/B testing tool.

Thrive Architect AB Testing Tool

This tool makes it easy and quick to test your landing pages and find the best converting one.

With this tool, you can test both by replacing very small items (such as the headline or CTA button) or by two or more completely different landing pages.

Finally, if you are very advanced and can and do manage the HTML and CSS code yourself, you can handle it all in the Settings section.

Thrive Architect SettingsThis section even lets you import your own landing pages along with all the content.

My Verdict And Rating: Is Thrive Architect Easy to Use?

So, as you can see, Thrive Architect will take some time to figure out how to operate it.

However, the slightly more complex management of this plugin is mainly due to the fact that it offers an infinite number of management features so that you can create your page exactly the way you want it, without any restrictions.

True, working with this tool, you will find full explanations everywhere on how to use the individual features.

So after understanding this tool, I think you will quickly understand how it works and the work will become much faster.

My rating for Thrive Architect management and UX: 3.5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

SECURITY: How Safe Is It to Use Thrive Architect?

Security is another very important aspect to look out for.

Therefore, in this review, we will also review how safe the Thrive Architect plugin is.

How Has Thrive Architects’ Security Been Measured?

Because WordPress plugins are on personal hosting, the security of websites usually depends on how quickly the plugin developers resolve the security vulnerabilities discovered. Also, how the WordPress website owners take care of their security.

Of course, at least plugin developers fix these security vulnerabilities pretty quickly. So in this section, I will look at how often this WordPress plugin has encountered security issues.

And I will use the publicly available data from the WPScan vulnerability database to extract this information.

Thrive Architect Vulnerability Results

The most recent versions of Thrive Architect undergo thorough security tests and are now certified as secure.

Thrive Architect Vulnerability Results

And as you can see, so far the Thrive Architect WordPress plugin has not faced any major vulnerability issues.

And this is not a common cause.

My Verdict And Rating

As you can see from the information above, Thrive Architect is safe to use.

At least so far, this plugin has not encountered any major security vulnerabilities.

And that only proves the reliability of Thrive Architect in terms of security.

My rating for Thrive Architect security: 5.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

AFFORDABILITY: How Much Does It Cost to Use Thrive Architect?

Thrive Architect comes in three pricing options:

  • Thrive Architect: $97.00 a year
  • Thrive Architect + Thrive Optimize: $167.00 a year
  • Thrive Suite: $299.00 a year

But, there is no trial period.

What Are Thrive Architect Pricing Plans?

Let’s take a look at those three pricing plans more in-depth.

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect costs $97.00 a year and come with these perks:

  • 1 License
  • Thrive Architect
  • Thrive Automator
  • Templates for every page building need
  • Unlimited support for 1 Site
  • Unlimited updates for 1 Site
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
Thrive Architect + Thrive Optimize

Thrive Architect and Thrive Optimize are now available for you to use. The Bundle includes Thrive Architect’s A/B testing add-on. You can purchase Thrive Architect at an annual fee of $167.00, and this package includes the following features:

  • 1 License
  • Thrive Architect
  • Thrive Optimize
  • Thrive Automator
  • Templates for every page building need
  • Landing page A/B testing
  • Unlimited support for 1 Site
  • Unlimited updates for 1 Site
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
Thrive Suite

For $299.00 a year, you can have full access to all integrated plugins, including Thrive Architect.

A comprehensive set of conversion-focused tools will help you build and expand your online business goals. The plan comes with the following features:

  • Landing pages
  • Thrive Automator
  • Opt-in forms
  • Thrive Comments
  • Shapeshift
  • Thrive Apprentice
  • Kwik
  • Thrive Architect
  • Ommi
  • Lead form templates
  • Thrive Quiz Builder
  • 220+ landing page templates
  • Thrive Suite exclusive webinars
  • Thrive Ultimatum
  • 1270+ smart page block templates
  • The lesson, module, course overview, and school templates for online courses
  • Quiz templates
  • Scarcity campaign templates
  • Testimonial templates
  • Quizzes and surveys
  • Scarcity campaigns
  • Unlimited site updates
  • Thrive Ovation
  • Exclusive access to Thrive University
  • Thrive Optimize
  • 5 site unlimited support access
  • Exclusive access to entire Thrive Suite only courses
  • Exclusive access to the Facebook group
  • 30 days money-back guarantee

What Payment Methods Does Thrive Architect Accept?

Thrive Architect accepts payment through the following well-known options:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • PayPal

Thrive Architect Refund Policy

Thrive Architect offers a money-back guarantee of 30 days to ensure customer satisfaction. They do not issue refunds for products returned over 30 days following the date of purchase.

How Affordable Is Thrive Architect?

Since Thrive Architect is based on a yearly plan pricing model which costs only $97.00 a year, it makes it an exclusively cheap option.

Because of this, Thrive Architect is a very cost-effective solution.

My Verdict And Rating: Is It Worth It?

Well, I personally think Thrive Architect is absolutely worth the investment.

Thrive Architect offers an annual price, and the price of the product itself is just $97.00 a year (which would be just over $8.00 a month).

Given how versatile this tool is, I think it’s certainly not an expensive product that can make your website much more versatile and appealing.

My rating for Thrive Architect affordability: 4.8 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

COMMUNICATION AND SUPPORT: How Helpful Is Thrive Architect?

Communication and support are two of the most important aspects of any platform like this.

So, let’s see how swiftly Thrive Architect support team handles client concerns and resolves them.

What Are the Possible Thrive Architect Support Options?

Support Options Status
Live Chat Not Available
Email Available
Phone Not Available
Ticket System Available
Facebook Group Not Available


Thrive Architect has two main support options – ticket system and email.

In fact, both of these methods are linked into one.

Sadly, neither live chat nor email is available as a support option.

What Was My Experience With Thrive Architect Support?

Personally, I haven’t encountered any issues with Thrive Architect support.

Although Thrive Architect doesn’t offer live chat, they took about half an hour to provide me an answer to my question.

Thrive Architect Support Answer

And it’s certainly not a long time.

The answers were also very detailed and clear.

Verdict And Rating

Thrive Architect support does not have many contact methods.

The main way to contact Thrive Architect support is via their ticket system.

And as I mentioned, the big downside to me is that they don’t have a live chat option.

Overall, however, support responds fairly quickly and in detail.

So nothing very bad can be said about their support.

True, I lower my score a bit due to not having live chat.

My rating for Thrive Architect communication and support: 4.5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

CUSTOMER RATINGS AND REPUTATION: What Do Real Thrive Architect Users Think About This Software?

To create a more comprehensive picture of Thrive Architect, I decided to pay attention not only to my ratings and findings but also to check the feedback of Thrive Architect on other review platforms.

These are REAL Thrive Architect users who have used this tool and shared their feedback on these review sites.

User Ratings

Platform Overall User Rating
G2 4.4/5
Cuspera 4.04/5
Average: 4.22/5

Last update: 06/15/2022

What Do Real Thrive Architect Users Think About This Tool?

As you can see, the overall rating Thrive Architect got from its users is very very high.

Also, I did quick research, and here’s what I found people like the most about Thrive Architect:

  • Tons of awesome features
  • Easy to work drag and drop builder
  • Tons of templates available
  • No coding skills required
  • Good price

And here’s what people are complaining the most:

  • Conflicts with other plugins
  • Slow loading time
  • There’s no auto-save

Verdict And Rating

As you can see, the users themselves rate this tool quite high, and the reviews are also more positive than negative.

Thrive Architect user ratings: 4.22 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Thrive Architect Review: Final Conclusions And Overall Rating

Time for final evaluation and conclusions.

Let’s start with the pros and cons.

Thrive Architect Pros & Cons

So let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the Thrive Architect WordPress plugin and what I’ve been able to figure out about it.

What I Did Like About Thrive Architect

  • Well-optimized dashboard UX.
  • It’s very cheap.
  • Safe to use.
  • Good support.
  • Very positive user feedback.

What I Didn’t Like About Thrive Architect

  • For WordPress users only
  • A bit overwhelming.

Final Verdict & Overal Rating

Thrive Architect Verdict & Rating $97.00

What Are My Suggestions for Those Who Are Considering Thrive Architect

  • To get the most out of Thrive Architect features, you will need to consider all your options and gather as much information as possible.
  • Use one of the more recent “smart page” templates, you can quickly create new landing pages to promote your business. Content block templates expedite the design process even further
  • Thrive Architect’s A/B split-testing add-on makes it simple to increase conversions without dealing with any complex technical glitches
  • With Thrive Suite, your website has access to many new features
  • If you need help, contact the support team. The Thrive Architect support team is excellent at getting people up and running with their web application! If the installation is an issue for you, they can try installing it themselves or provide some pointers on how you can do this.