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thrive apprentice review


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Product: Thrive Apprentice
Price: $97.00 a year
Free trial: 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

There are hundreds of Thrive Apprentice reviews online.

However, between all of them, there are so few honest reviews.

So, I went into writing my own review expecting a top WordPress membership site builder.

The popular marketing solution for WordPress site owners has a new addition to its suite of plugins – Thrive Apprentice.

Although it previously existed as a feature, the developers have made it a plugin on its own so that you can use it as a standalone plugin for your website.

In this Thrive Apprentice review, we will delve into this new plugin, find out what it has to offer, the available pricing plans, its pros and cons, and whether it is worth your money.

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Thrive Apprentice Overview: What is Thrive Apprentice?

what is thrive apprentice

Thrive Apprentice is a learning management system that makes it easier for WP site owners to add professional online courses to their sites.

Being a WordPress plugin, you won’t have to set up another site to host your eCourse.

Thrive Apprentice works just fine with your current theme. Once you have the plugin installed, you can get started on building your course.

An essential thing to note is that Thrive Apprentice isn’t a membership plugin.

Unlike other LMS solutions, this plugin won’t create completion certificates, progress badges, or online quizzes for your students.

Additionally, you can’t sell paid courses with it unless you integrate with a third-party membership plugin.

That said:

Most online course platforms come with some setbacks.

They could be too expensive or too complicated. Therefore, Thrive Apprentice provides a way to work with existing third-party LMS solutions to eliminate these setbacks.

By combining them with Thrive Apprentice, you get an easier way to create professional online courses and then turn them into money-making ventures.

Thrive Apprentice allows you to create any course you want, be it a simple course or an advanced one with high-value content. You can use it for video, text, and even one-page guide courses.

What Can Thrive Apprentice Do For You?

what can thrive apprentice do

Thrive Apprentice allows you to build professional-looking courses.

When paired with a third-party LMS platform, you can even use the plugin to design premium courses to sell to your members.

The courses that you create using the plugin are beautifully designed to attract new members.

You can use Thrive Apprentice to build your email list.

One of the fastest ways to get more people on your subscribers’ list is by offering freebies.

So, why don’t you offer a free short course to new subscribers in exchange for their email addresses?

You can then grow your courses organically by adding more lessons and modules to it.

One of the best things about Thrive Apprentice is that you don’t have to use it only to offer online courses.

If you have new workers coming on board, you can create a short crash course to show them how things run in your company.

You can also use it to onboard new clients faster or showcase and sell a new business product.

Top Thrive Apprentice Features Reviewed

Step-by-Step Setup Process

thrive apprentice step by step

Thrive Apprentice is designed to make everything easier for you.

Instead of learning through trial and error, you are taken through the entire process of setting everything up.

The step-by-step setup process is relatively straightforward, and it’s unlikely that you’ll get stuck.

Designing your course is simple, and you’ll easily add the lessons, chapters, and modules required to get everything rolling.

What You See Is What You Get Visual Editor

thrive apprentice visual editor

When building your courses with Thrive Apprentice, you’re going to love using the Thrive Architect builder.

This visual editor is also part of the Thrive Themes collection and is also specially built for WordPress.

One of the best things about the editor is that it’s a visual WYSIWYG editor.

This means that you won’t have to keep going back and forth to view the changes you make.

Once you add or remove an element on your online course, the change is instantaneous, and you can view it immediately.

The editor allows you to add text, videos, images, and any other design elements you need to make the course visually appealing to your students.

You can also add some essential teaching tools like tables, column layouts, or multiple media formats to your course with ease.

Third-Party Integration

It’s safe to say that the third-party integration feature is the driving force behind this plugin.

Although you can use it as a standalone plugin, you will not get the same benefits as you would from another learning management system.

Therefore, integrating Thrive Apprentice with other third-party LMS helps you build a professional-looking online course and get all the tools you need to sell it and manage it to your subscribers.

thrive apprentice sendowl integration

Combining Thrive Apprentice with other platforms like SendOwl ensures you have the right starter pack to build your subscribers list and sell premium courses to your members.

Restricted Access

thrive apprentice restrict access

Thrive Apprentice allows you to add multiple courses at the same time.

Therefore, you can choose to have some free and premium courses for your members. If this is the case, you’ll want to restrict access to the premium access for members who have paid for.

The platform allows you to specify the courses you would want to restrict and block them from non-subscribers through one click only.

Intuitive And Easy-To-Use Interface

thrive apprentice intuitive

A bonus point for Thrive Apprentice is that it is intuitive and easy to use, even for non-techies.

Both you and your students will appreciate the visually engaging and pleasing interface that allows you to access everything you need at a glance.

When designing your courses, you will not have to go through a tedious process to get everything you need in the right place.

On the other hand, your students will easily access their courses and have an engaging and professional-looking platform.

Thrive Apprentice Pros & Cons

Like every other marketing solution, Thrive Apprentice has both advantages and limitations. Before settling for the platform, you must understand what lies ahead.

Here’s a look at the pros and cons of this platform.

Review of the Thrive Apprentice Benefits – What Do I Like the Most?

  • Own your content forever

Most online course platforms require that you pay a monthly subscription.

Without the monthly fees, the platform can quickly bring down your online ‘school.’

On the other hand, Thrive Apprentice only requires that you pay for the plugin once during purchase.

Therefore, whatever you create using the plugin is yours. You don’t have to worry about the platform bringing down your content after a while since you own everything you build forever.

  • Build unlimited courses

thrive apprentice unlimited courses

If you opt for an online course platform that requires monthly subscriptions, you’ll probably be limited to the number of courses you can create per month.

With Thrive Apprentice, there’s no cap on how many courses you can have.

Because it is a lifetime purchase, you get to build unlimited courses throughout use.

  • Single purchase

When using other online course platforms, you’ll often have to pay a monthly subscription fee for the services.

This means that should you fail to pay the fees, you cannot host your professional online courses.

With Thrive Apprentice, you only need to pay once for the license pack you require and get to use the plugin for a lifetime.

The only downside to this is that full support is limited to the first year only, after which you’ll have to pay an annual subscription fee if you want.

  • Compatible with all themes

thrive apprentice theme compatibility

It’s quite impressive that Thrive Apprentice can work with any WordPress theme.

You don’t have to undo your entire website just to set up your online courses. This factor helps to save time since you only need to install the plugin and build your courses.

However, we would recommend using Thrive Apprentice with any of the themes on Thrive Themes for an even better experience.

Thrive Apprentice Disadvantages – What I Don’t Like

  • Limited to WordPress

As much as Thrive Apprentice is quite useful, it’d be better if it wasn’t limited to WordPress site owners only.

Sure, most people use WordPress to host their sites, and Thrive Apprentice will work great with any theme you have.

However, business owners who use different platforms cannot use the plugins.

  • Requires a third-party for paid courses

If you want to sell your courses, you’ll have to integrate Thrive Apprentice with a third-party platform.

Thrive Apprentice won’t allow you to accept payments via the platform.

Therefore, another LMS platform will come in handy to help you access some features you would need to deliver better-paid courses to your audience.

Review of the Thrive Apprentice Pricing

Thrive Apprentice costs $97.00 a year.

If you’re ready to buy the Thrive Apprentice plugin, you can choose to join Thrive Suite membership and get access to all the tools and features available in Thrive Themes.

If you already have your business established and are looking to market every aspect of it, becoming a member would be a better option.

If you choose this option, you get to choose between two pricing options; Thrive Suite and Thrive Agency.

Both plans give you access to all the features, and the billing is done annually.


Thrive Suite Price

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Is Thrive Apprentice Worth it?


If your business requires that you create professional courses, you’re going to love the convenience that Thrive Apprentice offers.

The price is considerable, and you even have the option of choosing multiple licenses.

If you only need the online course platform, we would recommend going for the Thrive Apprentice plugin.

However, you should also have a third-party platform in mind if you intend to sell your courses.

If you’re looking for more functionality, becoming a Thrive Themes member is a better deal.

This option allows you access to all the tools and features you would need for your business.

So, if you’re also looking for a way to generate more leads or create stunning landing pages, paying for a Thrive Membership is an ideal choice.

Thrive Apprentice Support Review

Once you’ve bought your license pack, you get one year of full support from the team.

During this year, you have access to 24/7 support via email or through the ticket system.

After the year lapses, you can either pay for more support, requiring that you pay a small annual subscription.

The support team is very helpful, and both methods will warrant your support within the shortest time.

If you would like urgent help, sending an email to the support team is a faster way.

If you choose to become a Thrive Themes member, you’ll also gain access to the members-only Thrive University.

This platform comes packed with tons of video tutorials and articles to help you fast track your business.

The courses are quite resourceful, and you learn how to use all plugins, including Thrive Apprentice, to scale your business.

Main Takeaways From This Thrive Apprentice Review

Thrive Apprentice is an excellent choice if you’re looking to add online courses to your business model.

Although you will have to include a third-party platform to provide paid courses, Thrive Apprentice makes it easier for you to design professional courses that will be appealing to your students.

The plugin is specially designed for WordPress and gives you the option of choosing from three pricing options.

Alternatively, you could become a Thrive member and access the entire Thrive Themes collection of themes and features.

So, what are you waiting for?

Sign up on the platform and get started on building professional online courses that will build your email list and boost your business.