SemRush Price

How Much Does It Cost?

SemRush Pricing

FREE Trial 7-Days FREE Trial
Pro Plan: $119
Guru Plan: $229
Business Plan: $449

Get SemRush FREE Account

SemRush offers a free account option, which will give you 10 FREE requests for the first time and then:

  • 1 query per day
  • create 1 project
  • create one SEO content template
  • view traffic analytics samples
  • and set up 1 scheduled PDF report.

If you want to test it right now, just use the widget below (enter domain, keyword, or URL):

How Much Does SemRush Cost?

SemRush has three Pricing options:

  1. Pro for $119.95
  2. Guru for $229.95
  3. Business starting at $449.95.

Alternatively, you can buy yearly subscriptions, which costs:

  1. Pro $99.95
  2. Guru $191.62
  3. Business $374.95

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SemRush 7-Day FREE Trial

If you want to get FULL access to test all the features of SemRush before paying for it, you can signup for the SemRush 7 days FREE trial.

To do so just follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on this special link
  2. Create Your Account
  3. Enjoy SemRush

SemRush Special Offer

Unfortunately, SemRush doesn’t offer any type of coupon codes.

The only discount you can get from SemRush is if you’ll buy a yearly plan option, which will give you approximately 17% lower price and save up to $800.

With a yearly plan option you’re going to pay:

  • Pro $1199 $999
  • Guru $2399 $1999
  • Business $4799 $3999

In order to get a discount just follow these steps:

  1. Click on this link
  2. Choose Annual Plans
  3. Claim your subscription


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