LeadPages vs OptimizePress
In-Depth Comparison

leadpages vs optimizepressAre you looking for an answer which is the better software between LeadPages and OptimizePress?

So, you’re not alone.

And, for this reason, we have taken it upon ourselves to make an in-depth comparison between the LeadPages and OptimizePress.

Admittedly, these two platforms have an almost equal number of fans and followers.

The popularity of these two platforms can be attributed to their similarity in features.

However, they also have some sharp differences.

Leadpages is a stand-alone landing page builder and lead generation tool and is most suitable for those who want to capture email subscribers, provide lead magnets, and build sales funnels to scale your business. Meanwhile, OptimizePress is a WordPress plugin and theme, but also has lots of built-in features such as landing page builder, sales page templates, opt-in, and so on.

We hope that by the end of this comparison, you will identify which of the two will fit your needs better so that you can use it to scale your online business.

LeadPages vs OptimizePress Comparison

StatusIt’s a stand-alone landing page builder.It’s a WordPress plugin.
IntegrationsYou can integrate it with all the popular tools in the market to help you streamline your online business.You can integrate it with multiple other platforms such as autoresponders.
Easy of UseHas a very short learning curve compared to OptimizePress.Has a longer learning curve compared to Leadpages.
EditorIts drag and drop builder can be a bit sluggish, and the load time can be a bit slow, especially if you’ve worked with other faster builders.Its drag and drop page builder is quite fast and responsive.
TemplatesHas over 300 landing page templates.Has around 30 landing page templates.
Free TrialOffers a 14-day trial period.Has no free trial. Instead, they have a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their services.
PriceStarts from $25 a monthStarts from $99 a year

LeadPages is a stand-alone landing page builder and lead generation tool. It’s one of the best tools you can use to capture email subscribers, provide lead magnets, and build sales funnels to scale your business.

OptimizePress is a WordPress plugin and theme. This plugin has lots of built-in features such as landing page builder, sales page templates, opt-in, and so on. It is an excellent lead generation tool to help you populate your email subscribers and scale your business.

Why is LeadPages Better Than OptimizePress?

– LeadPages Is Easier to Use

leadpages easy to useBoth Leadpages and OptimizePress are relatively easy to use.

However, when you pay close attention, you will find out that LeadPages has a shorter learning curve.

It’s simple to learn and start designing your landing pages as compared to OptimizePress.

– LeadPages Has More Templates Compared to OptimizePress

instapage templatesLeadPages has over 300 templates to help you create beautiful landing pages, opt-ins, sales pages, and so on.

These many templates are essential since you don’t want to create a landing page that looks exactly like a million other landing pages in the market.

– LeadPages Has a LeadDigits Feature

LeadPages SMSToday, most people are on their cell phones than anything else. Most people access news through social media on their cell phones.

Cell phones have become an integral part of life.

It is, therefore, crucial for any marketer to think of ways in which they can use the power of SMS to increase their email list.

Therefore, LeadPages have the Leaddigits feature, which helps people to subscribe to an email list after receiving a text message.

This is very effective, especially if you are running a localized business targeting a specific group of individuals.

– LeadPages Has a LeadLinks Feature

LeadPages Collect LeadsHave you ever noticed that sign up forms that require subscribers to fill in multiple boxes get lower sign-ups as compared to short sign-up forms?

This is the reason why most sign-up forms only ask for the name and the email address.



High conversions.

But, what if it could get easier?

Yes, easier than a name and an email address?

Leadlinks is a feature by Leadpages that only require one to clink on a link, and they’re subscribed automatically!

As simple as that.

One-click subscription.

– LeadPages Offers a 14-Day Free Trial

LeadPages free trial for 14 daysBuild before you buy.

That’s the tagline used by Leadpages to convey the fact that you’re not required to commit before you know if the platform will work for you.

With Leadpages, you will get a 14-day trial period with any other plans you choose.

The free trial reduces the risk on your side as the customer and also gives you time to see whether the platform will fit your needs.

However, it is essential to note that not all these templates are free.

For example, if you’re building a membership site, only 100 templates are free.

The rest are available for $10-$15.

All in all, 100 templates should be sufficient.

Why is OptimizePress Better Than LeadPages?

– OptimizePress Is Optimized for WordPress

Do you have a website such as a membership site, an e-commerce site, or a marketing website on WordPress?

If you do, then listen.

OptimizePress, unlike other plugins or landing page builders, has been optimized to work with WordPress.

For over six years since its inceptions, the developers have been streamlining the landing page builder to ensure that it helps you increase your conversion.

It’s important to note that OptimizePress, unlike other SaaS that tries to do it all with every other platform, OptimizePress is specific.

It is a landing page, and sales funnel builder that only works with WordPress.

– OptimizePress Lets You Create Entire Membership Sites

optimizepress membership sitesAre you a coach selling a membership course?

Well, OptimizePress might just be your solution.

With OptimizePress, you can create an entire membership site using their pre-built templates.

This makes your work much more manageable.

The only thing you need to prepare is your content.

You can easily integrate payment options and other functionalities you need on your membership site to make it functional and operational.

– OptimizePress Has a Faster Drag and Drop Page Builder

OptimizePress Drag and Drop Page BuilderGone are the days when you had to pay top dollars for expert designers to help you design landing pages.

Today, even if you’re a tech noob, the drag and drop page builder makes it easy to come up with a landing page in minutes.

Both these platforms have a drag and drop page builder, making them easy to use for all marketers.

However, the OptimizePress page builder is more responsive compared to Leadpages. Leadpages also load quite slow, which can be frustrating.

– It Has an OptimizeCheckout Feature

OptimizePress OptimizeCheckoutThis is one of their latest features aimed at helping eCommerce store owners.

The OptimizeCheckout plugin helps to create seamless checkout pages to assist customers in making their purchase without any hitches.

You can easily integrate your Stripe account to the OptimizePress.

And, according to the official statement by OptimizePress, you will also have the ability to connect the checkout page to other payment options.

– OptimizePress Marketplace

OptimizePress MarketplaceMost people might think that the 30 templates available on OptimizePress might not be sufficient.

For that reason, OptimizePress has a marketplace that has hundreds of templates for sale (some are free).

The good thing about the marketplace is that most of these templates have already been proven to convert.

They have been tried and tested.

Therefore, if you don’t want to spend your time dragging and dropping the free templates trying to customize them, hop on the marketplace.

Search for the templates that fit your niche and audience. Once you do, make the purchase.

The OptimizePress Marketplace makes tons and tons of templates available for as little as $5.

However, some membership bundle templates can go up to $100.

LeadPages vs OptimizePress Pricing Comparison

Even before we begin the comparison, I’d love to preempt something: there is no comparison when it comes to the pricing points of these two platforms.

Why do I say so?

OptimizePress Pricing

optimizepress pricingOptimizePress initially was charging an attractive one time fee.

You only had to make a single payment to get access to the platform.

However, today they have a yearly subscription.

All in all, they are still way cheaper as compared to LeadPages.

The Essential plan goes for $99 per year.

With the Essential plan, you get to access the following features:

  • You can use the plan on only 1 personal site
  • Build unlimited landing pages, sales pages, opt-in forms, and so on.
  • No limit on leads and traffic
  • Access to the OptimizeBuilder Page Building Platform
  • SmartTheme
  • Templates Cloud Access including 100+ Templates
  • 20+ Premium Integrations inc Zapier
  • Email Support from the global team

The Business plan goes for $149 per year.

It has all the features in the Essential plan and others such as:

  • You can use it on 5 websites
  • You will get access to over 1 million free photos with Unsplash integration
  • OptimizeUrgency to add scarcity alerts to your pages for increased conversions
  • OnePage Membership Course: How to Sell Courses & Memberships with OptimizePress

The Suite plan goes for $199 per year.

With it, you get all the features in Business plan and others such as:

  • You can use it on 20 websites
  • OptimizeFunnels to help you create marketing funnels in WordPress with ease
  • OptimizeLeads
  • OptimizeCheckouts
  • Priority access to our new product releases

Now let’s have a look at the Leadpages Pricing.

Leadpages Pricing

leadpages priceIt also has four plans, namely Standard, Pro, and Advanced.

The Standard plan goes for $25 per month.

With the Standard Plan, you get the following features:

  • You can use it on a single site
  • Landing Pages, Pop-Ups, Alert Bars
  • Unlimited Traffic & Leads
  • You get free hosting by Leadpages
  • Mobile-Responsive Templates
  • Lead Notifications
  • Email support
  • 40+ Standard Integrations
  • Facebook & Instagram Ad Builder

The Pro plan goes for $48 per month.

It comes with all the features in the Standard plan with a few additional features such as:

  • You can use it on three sites
  • Customer support includes email and chats for more efficiency and speed.
  • Online Sales and Payments
  • Unlimited A/B Split Testing
  • LeadLinks
  • 10 Opt-in Text Campaigns (LeadDigits)

The Advanced plan goes for $199 per month.

It has all the features in the Pro plan and some other additional features such as:

  • You can use it in up to 50 websites
  • Advanced Integrations
  • Includes 5 Pro Sub Accounts
  • 50 Extra Opt-in Text Campaigns
  • 1-on-1 Quick Start Call

N.B. The above prices are in the condition that you pay annually.

However, if you choose to pay monthly, you will have to part with $37 for the Standard plan, $79 for the Pro plan, and $321 for the Advanced plan!

The annual plan comes with a 39% discount and a free domain.

If you look closely, the lowest package by LeadPages will cost you $275 per year while you only pay $99 for the most economical package by OptimizePress.

If you compare the other packages side by side, you will note that the difference is staggering!

Like we mentioned, there is no comparison in their price point!

LeadPages or OptimizePress: Which is Better for You?

LeadPages and OptimizePress are both straightforward to use, efficient in lead generation, and extremely important in online marketing.

However, to decide which is better for you, you need to ask yourself a few questions:

  • How many websites do you want to use the platforms with?
  • Are they all WordPress websites, or do you have other websites?
  • Are you looking for a platform you will learn how to use in minutes, or you’re willing to invest a bit of your time learning all its aspects and functionality?
  • What is your budget?

Who Should Choose LeadPages?

leadpagesIf you use multiple websites other than WordPress, then LeadPages will be the right solution for you.

If you’re looking for a standalone landing page builder that is easy to use, then you should consider LeadPages.

If you have more than 20 websites, then you might not have an option than to use Leadpages since the OptimizePress Suite plan can only be used with up to 20 sites.

It might not be cheaper, but at least you don’t have to deal with multiple accounts.

To get LeadPages, click the button below to get their 14-day trial period.

Who Should Choose OptimizePress?

who should choose optimizepressOne of the most obvious facts is that you can only use OptimizePress if you have WordPress sites.

Otherwise, if you use other platforms, OptimizePress will not be of any use.

If you already have WordPress accounts and are looking to increase your conversion rate at an affordable price, then definitely consider OptimizePress.

To get OptimizePress, click the button below and try them out. You will get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Final Words About LeadPages vs OptimizePress

Both LeadPages and OptimizePress are excellent landing page builders.

You can use any of these platforms to design beautiful landing pages that are optimized for conversion.

If you’d like to try out one of the platforms, or you want to switch from one platform to the other, sign up for the platform of your choice below.