LeadPages vs Instapage
In-Depth Comparison

LeadPages vs InstapageThere are several marketing tools that you can use to design your landing pages, LeadPages and Instapage remain two of the most popular software.

These two marketing platforms present so many similarities. It is no surprise that choosing between LeadPages and Instapage is a challenge for many marketers.

Both LeadPages and Instapage are great tools to use to scale your online business. LeadPages is the go-to software for anyone who is just getting started with building landing pages. Meanwhile, Instapage offers a lot more flexibility when it comes to templates and customizing.

If you are having a hard time choosing between the two, then you are going to love this article.

In this overview, we’ll compare LeadPages and Instapage features, and prices, as well as give some tips for each platform.

LeadPages vs. Instapage Comparison

PurposeAllows you to create landing pages, website pages, or even an entire websiteYou can only create landing pages, but not complete websites
IntegrationsIntegrates with popular email marketing softwareIntegrates with popular email marketing software
Page BuilderDrag and drop interfaceDrag and drop interface
TemplatesDifferent templates are available which you can customize to suit youYou can choose from the 200+ templates available or build your landing page from scratch
CollaborationNot ideal for team projects since there are limited collaboration toolsBetter collaboration tools make it suitable for group projects
A/B TestingA/B Split testing is only available in high tier pricing plansA/B Split testing is available for both pricing plans
Best forRecommended for novice marketersRecommended for experienced marketers
Free TrialOffers a 14-day trial period.Offers a 14-day trial period.
PriceStarts from $25 a monthStarts from $149 a month

Why Is LeadPages Better Than Instapage?

Many marketers will swear by LeadPages when it comes to choosing the best landing page builder.

The platform comes with an easy-to-use interface, making it a favorite for all marketers who don’t know how to code.

LeadPages, although simple, comes with a variety of features to allow you to create fantastic landing pages.

You can also use the platform to grow your email list via text with a feature called Lead Digits.

So, in what ways is LeadPages better than InstaPage?

Let’s have a look below.

– LeadPages Easier to Use

leadpages easy to useAlthough both platforms are quite easy to use, LeadPages is easier and accommodates new users better.

The drag-and-drop editor comes in handy when you are trying to customize your landing pages.

You can either choose from existing templates or custom code your landing page using HTML and CSS.

– LeadPages Offers Broader Widget Selection

leadpages widgetsWhen customizing your landing pages, you will have to add different elements to the page, such as text, images, and videos.

These elements are referred to as widgets.

Both LeadPages and InstaPage come with the essential widgets.

However, LeadPages has a broader selection, which may come in handy in some cases. LeadPages has 18 widgets in total, while InstaPage only has 11.

You can use the editor interface to customize certain aspects of the widget.

The Checkout widget is especially a bonus advantage over InstaPage.

The widget allows you to use Stripe to sell digital products. You can even sell eBooks and webinar tickets since LeadPages handles the delivery process as well.

– LeadPages Has Mobile Responsive Templates

leadpages mobile responive templatesBoth LeadPages and Instapage come with pre-built templates that you only need to customize.

However, LeadPages’ templates are mobile responsive while those on Instapage aren’t.

With templates that are not mobile responsive, you will have site visitors who are using mobile phones leaving the site before they even have proper access.

As a result, you end up losing traffic that you could have turned into subscribers.

If you are going to use Instapage on your phone, you will have to download the app for your Android or iOS device.

– LeadPages Has a Leadboxes Feature

leadpages leadboxesHave you ever been on a site where pop-ups appear out of nowhere when you are browsing through?

Well, LeadPages can help you create these pop-ups for your website.

The pop-up boxes usually appear on their own, or after some triggering.

Whichever the case, these boxes can help you increase engagement and generate more leads eventually.

Designing the boxes will also take you a short time since you will be using the same drag and drop editor.

You can use Leadboxes on all pages, including those not designed using LeadPages.

– LeadPages Offers Multiple Ways to Sign up Subscribers

LeadPages is a great tool to capture leads, and it is quite impressive that you can do this in several ways.

Leadlinks is one of the features that make this possible.

This feature allows your subscribers to sign up for a webinar or a sub-list automatically.

All they have to do is click on a link.

Leaddigits is another impressive feature that lets your website visitors join your email list via SMS.

– LeadPages Has an Alert Bars Feature

leadpages alertbarsYou’ll want to promote your offers on your site, and LeadPages can help you with that.

The marketing resource allows you to create notification bars that you can place on your landing pages.

You can use these alert bars to promote your offers or email list, and you can use them on other website pages besides your landing pages.

Why is Instapage Better Than LeadPages?

For most marketers, Instapage is the high-end version of LeadPages.

It comes with nearly the same features as those found on LeadPages, with just a few differences.

The significant difference between these two platforms lies in their primary focus.

With LeadPages, you can do more than just create landing pages.

You can build an entire website or even create pop-ups.

Instapage, on the other hand, focuses entirely on designing stunning landing pages and comes with a collection of tools to help with that.

One of the ways through which online marketers make the most out of Instapage is through Post-Click Automation (PCA).

For every campaign you run, you will need an advertising funnel.

Instapage makes it easier for you to automate the post-click stage in the advertising funnel.

This way, you can quickly capture leads and maximize your advertising conversions to turn your site visitors into high-value clients.

Here are several ways through which Instapage is better than LeadPages.

– Instapage Offers More Templates

instapage templatesBoth Instapage and LeadPages comes with some templates that are already optimized for conversion.

All you have to do is use the drag and drop feature to customize the pages.

However, Instapage’s selection of templates is more comprehensive than that of LeadPages.

For freelancers and solopreneurs, this may not be too much of an issue.

Marketing agencies and more significant enterprises will undoubtedly benefit from the selection.

– Instapage Has a Better Customization

instapage customizeWhen designing your landing pages, you will need to bring out your creativity skills, whether you use the templates or not.

With Instapage, you can customize your pages better to suit all your needs.

You can change the fonts, the colors, the size of the fonts and widgets, among other things. Besides, you can also build your pages from scratch and have complete control over the page layout.

– Instapage Has a Flexible Editor

instapage editorOne of the areas where LeadPages comes short of Instapage is the drag and drop editor.

While both editors are functional, Instapage’s is smoother and more flexible.

Unlike the case with LeadPages, you won’t have random widgets popping up out of nowhere.

Because of the editor’s flexibility, you can create landing pages with a better responsive design.

The ability to make separate edits for different designs makes this platform quite lucrative for businesses that have high traffic.

– Instapage Has a More Detailed Analytics

instapage analyticsAnalytics will be an essential part of your marketing campaign.

You need to know how well your ads are doing, so you can tell where you need to improve or change your marketing strategy.

Both platforms will offer you analytics of the traffic and conversion rates.

Instapage, however, takes things a notch higher, thanks to the more detailed in-dashboard analytics section.

You can even connect with your Google AdWords account to view your cost per visitor/lead.

An impressive feature is Heatmaps tracking, which lets you see at what point of the funnel you site visitors are in, and what they are clicking on the most.

Instapage Offers a Royalty-Free Photos

You are going to need many photos to make your ad campaigns more visually appealing.

Getting copyright-free images on this platform is easier, as compared to LeadPages.

The platform integrates seamlessly with Bigstock.

For a one-time payment, you will get access to 31 million images, videos, and vectors that you can use when creating your pages.

– Instapage Has a Better Collaboration Options

instapage collaborationBesides all the necessary tools you need to build landing pages, Instapage also comes with collaboration tools that make it easier for teams to work together.

Thanks to these tools, you can quickly insert comments or request edits for a specific element in a landing page.

You can also tag your teammates, share your templates with clients, or your legal team if need be.

Instapage also has a message center that displays all your notifications from the landing pages.

Instapage Has a Dynamic Text Replacement Feature

instapage personalizationFor your ad campaign to be successful, you need to make it as personal as you can for every site visitor.

This may seem like a challenge, but Instapage makes things easier for you with dynamic text replacement.

This useful feature lets you edit the text in real-time.

By doing so, you can quickly align a visitor’s experience from the time they click on your ad to when they get to your landing page.

In turn, you can boost your conversion rates.

LeadPages vs. Instapage Pricing Comparison

Standard plan - $25 a month

  • All features available in the start plan
  • Unlimited landing pages
  • 40+ standard integrations
  • Facebook and Instagram ad builder
Business plan - $149 a month

  • Server-side A/B testing
  • Conversion analytics
  • Dynamic text replacement
  • Post click score
  • Thor Render Engine
  • SSL encryption
  • GDPR compliance
Pro Plan - $48 a month

  • All features available in Standard Plan
  • Ten opt-in text campaigns
  • A/B split testing
  • Email trigger links
  • Online sales and payments
  • Build up to 3 sites
  • Tech support via both email and chat
Enterprise plan - Customized

  • All features available in the Business Plan
  • Real-time visual collaboration
  • Direct-lead bypass
  • Editable global blocks
  • Dedicated launch specialist
  • Customer success manager
  • Custom feature implementation
Advanced Plan - $199 a month

  • All features available in Pro Plan
  • Build up to 50 sites
  • Advanced integrations
  • 50 extra opt-in text campaigns
  • 1-on-1 quick start calls
  • Priority phone, email, and chat tech support

For most marketers, the price of these marketing tools is usually the deciding factor.

Instapage comes with more features, and it is, therefore, no surprise that it is more expensive.

The platform’s standard plan starts at $149 per month, compared to LeadPages’ $25 standard plan.

When choosing the best marketing platform for your business, you will have to take into account the available pricing plans.

You need to be sure of what you are getting with each plan so that you can choose the best one.

LeadPages or Instapage: Which is Better for You?

Even with an in-depth comparison review, it may still be difficult for you to choose one tool.

So, which of the two should you choose for your business?

Other than the pricing plans, the choice of the better tool for you will boil down to preference and needs.

What do you want to achieve in marketing your business? What features can’t you do without? Are you after speed and simplicity, or does better customization sound more appealing?

Both platforms are excellent landing page builders and come with a variety of features.

So, who should choose what?

Who Should Choose LeadPages?

leadpagesLeadPages is the go-to software for anyone who is just getting started with building landing pages.

The platform is easy to use, requires no coding experience, and even the novice designer can have their page live in as little as 15 minutes.

If you are looking for a simple platform to help you design your landing pages faster, LeadPages is your answer.

Because it does not come packed with features, it takes a shorter time to load, and you will have your pages published faster.

This marketing tool is also ideal for anyone who wants to add pop-ups to sites they created on platforms other than LeadPages.

That said, you can use LeadPages to build entire websites, and not just landing pages.

Of course, if you are just getting started and are working on a tight budget, this option would be better suited for you.

Who Should Choose Instapage?

instapageInstapage offers a lot more flexibility when it comes to templates and customizing.

The software gives you more control over the final look of your landing pages.

One of the features that make Instapage more prevalent among some marketers is the free-form editor.

For people who would love to let their creativity run wild, Instapage is a must-have.

Instapage’s editor allows you to have better say on where to place which widget, and is smoother, making the process of building landing pages quite easy.

This software is also the best choice if you want to build pages from scratch.

Instapage allows you to put your coding skills to test. You can use either HTML, CSS, or JavaScript to create your stunning landing pages.

Instapage is also an excellent option for teams that work together to design landing pages.

Specific features, such as advanced analytics, are especially helpful. If you would like more marketing tools and don’t mind paying for them, then you should choose Instapage.

Final Word on LeadPages vs. Instapage

Choosing the right marketing tools for your business is a crucial factor for its success.

You need to select a tool that will work well for you and help you achieve your business goals.

Both LeadPages and InstaPage are excellent options for marketers who are looking for a landing page builder.

They both come with features that help you design pages that will capture leads and sales and boost the conversion numbers.

Choosing between the LeadPages and Instapage will depend on your preferences.

Sure, you will read reviews on the two online, but why not try out the software yourself?

Both LeadPages and InstaPage offer a 14-day trial, during which you can access all the features available for your chosen pricing plan.

So, go ahead and try out the two before you finally make your decision.

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