7 Best LeadPages Alternatives

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LeadPages AlternativesWelcome to an in-depth guide and comparison of the best LeadPages alternatives.

In this guide, you’re going to find:

  • What are the best LeadPages alternatives?
  • How to choose a LeadPages alternative?
  • How much do LeadPages alternatives cost?
  • Which are the cheapest LeadPages alternatives?
  • And much more…


Quick Summary: LeadPages Alternatives

  • Best overall LeadPages alternative: Landingi – the best LeadPages alternative that can fully replace LeadPages.
  • Runner-up: FastPages.io – It is probably one of the fastest landing page builder and is way cheaper compared to LeadPages.
  • Cheapest LeadPages alternative: FastPages.io – one of the cheapest landing page builders in the market today.
  • Best for WordPress: Thrive Themes – if you’re a WordPress user then this might be a perfect LeadPages alternative (and it’s very cheap too).


Prior to writing this article, all the platforms and all of their features were fully tested.

I have actually signed up for all the platforms (including LeadPages itself) and had redeemed their paid licenses.

This means that everything is written in this guide is 100% real and is based on my own personal experience.

What Am I Looking for When Evaluating the Most Suitable Alternative? 

To create this list, I focused on landing page builders with the following qualities:

  • What do the alternatives have in common? The basic features have to be the same or at least very similar to the main product.
  • How are they different? I also pay attention to how the alternative differs and what new it can offer.
  • How is the price different? Of course, price is one of the main reasons when choosing a product, so it is also necessary to take them into account.
  • Positives and negatives about the alternative that would help to see a more realistic picture of it.

What a Good LeadPages Alternative Should Have?

The most appropriate LeadPages alternative should meet the following criteria:

  • It should have as many of the same features as possible.
  • It should have a drag-and-drop page builder.
  • It should have a library of free templates.
  • It should be easy to use it.
  • And it should come at an affordable price.

How Much Do LeadPages Alternatives Usually Cost?

LeadPages alternatives prices vary according to tools and features they have.

You can expect to pay for it anywhere from $14.00 per month to $2,497.00 per month.

Some tools are billed annually and others monthly.

Quite often, annual payment results in tremendous discount as compared to monthly payments.

Note different pricing plans determine the prices.

What Are Cheaper LeadPages Alternatives?

From the list below, the cheapest LeadPages alternatives are FastPages and Thrive Themes.

For example:

The cheapest LeadPages plan starts at $49.00 per month.

Meanwhile, FastPages lowest plan starts at $14.00 per month, while Thrive Themes is available from $19.00 per month if billed annually.

7 Best LeadPages Alternatives

Despite the fact, LeadPages is a great landing page builder (according to our study LeadPages is the 3rd most popular landing page builder in the world), there are numerous other similar software available that you can change LeadPages with.

Here’s a list of the 7 LeadPages alternatives which can be used instead of this tool:

  1. Landingi
  2. FastPages
  3. Unbounce
  4. Instapage
  5. Thrive Themes
  6. ClickFunnels
  7. OptimizePress

LeadPages Alternative #1: Landingi


Alternative: Landingi
Price: From $89.00 to $199.00 a month
Discount: Up to 38%
Trial: 14 Days FREE

Landingi is an easy landing page builder for non-programmers.

Unlike other software, Landingi users pixel-perfect drag and drop editor to create great landing pages within minutes.

This is what makes it the best alternative to LeadPages.

Why Landingi Instead of LeadPages?

  • It is slightly simpler to use
  • Landingi lowest plan offers 10 custom domains, while LeadPages cheapest plan offers 1 domain only available with annual payment.

Key Landingi Features

  • Pop-up and landing page builder
  • 400+ pop-ups and landing page templates
  • CRM/ Sales and email integrations
  • Smart section
  • Campaign scheduler
  • One-time migration service
  • Funnels
  • A/B/x testing

What Landingi Has in Common With LeadPages?

Both offer unlimited landing pages.

Also, both Landingi and LeadPages offer pop-ups that work effectively in strategically placing opt-in forms.

What Is the Difference Between LeadPages And Landingi?

Even though both platforms are landing page builders, LeadPages allows you to create alert bars and websites.

It is something that is not available on Landingi.

How Much Does Landingi Cost?

Landingi has 3 plans which are billed either monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annually.

  • Create Plan – for small business owners and companies. It is available at $89.00 per month when billed monthly and quarterly, $65.00 permonth for half-yearly payments, and $55.00 per month for annual payments.
  • Automate Plan – starts from $127.00 per month for monthly and quarterly payments, $95.00 per month half-yearly, and $79.00 per month when billed annually.
  • Agency Plan – available at $199.00 per month for monthly and quarterly payments, $169.00 per month half-yearly, and $149.00 per month annually.

Landingi Pros & Cons


  • Variety of landing page templates
  • Pixel perfect drag and drop editor
  • You can export landing pages directly to WordPress
  • Allows numerous third-party email marketing tool integrations
  • Fast and responsive customer service


  • Limited third-party integrations compared to LeadPages
  • You have to toggle back and forth for the mobile responsive view
  • Fewer customization options compared to LeadPages

LeadPages Alternative #2: FastPages


Alternative: FastPages
Price: From $14.00 to $129.00 a month
Free Trial: 14 Days FREE

FastPages is a landing page builder created to guarantee lightning-speed load times of your landing pages.

This web-based landing page maker guarantees fast load times, making it one of the best alternatives to LeadPages.

Why FastPages Instead of LeadPages?

  • It is cheaper
  • Simple and fast in creating landing pages

Key FastPages Features

  • Unlimited landing pages and conversions
  • Rocket fast landing pages
  • Zapier integrations
  • Unsplash images
  • Facebook conversion API

What FastPages Has in Common With LeadPages?

Both software offers live online training for new users.

They also offer unlimited landing pages and a drag and drop builder.

What Is the Difference Between LeadPages And FastPages?

FastPages only integrates with Zapier, MailChimp, and ActiveCampaign.

But, LeadPages integrates with various third-party tools, business systems, and applications such as Facebook, GooglePlus, WordPress, Drupal, etc.

How Much Does FastPages Cost?

FastPages has 3 pricing plans:

  • Small – costs $14.00 per month.
  • Medium – available at $49.00 month
  • Large – at $129.00 month

FastPages Pros & Cons


  • Integrates with Zapier, which gives you access to hundreds of apps
  • Fast page loading speed
  • Automated editing
  • Each page and element created on the platform is 100% SEO and mobile-optimized
  • Quite cheap


  • Limited features
  • Limited customization options

LeadPages Alternative #3: Unbounce


Alternative: Unbounce
Price: from $90.00 to $225.00 a month
Discount: up to 10% on annual plans
Trial: 14 Days FREE

Unbounce helps to create custom landing pages to convert more customers, leads, and sales.

The platform has built-in AI conversion power, smart traffic, and advanced ability to conduct split testing even for the cheapest plans.

Why Unbounce Instead of LeadPages?

  • Offers split testing even for low tier plans
  • It has a dynamic text replacement feature

Key Unbounce Features

  • Unlimited pop-ups, landing pages, and sticky bars
  • Mobile responsive page builder
  • Dynamic text replacement
  • Real-time conversion analytics
  • A/B split testing
  • Advanced targeting and scheduling
  • Unsplash photo library
  • Smart traffic

What Unbounce Has in Common With LeadPages?

Both tools allow you to create pop-ups.

Additionally, they both integrate with all the popular email marketing tools to build your email list and collect email addresses from customers.

What Is the Difference Between LeadPages And Unbounce?

Unbounce allows users to create a limited number of landing pages based on different tiers, but LeadPages offers an unlimited number of pages for all users.

On the other hand, Unbounce doesn’t integrate with Facebook while LeadPages does.

How Much Does Unbounce Cost?

This platform has 3 main plans ranging from $90.00 to $225.00 per month.

It also offers a 10% discount for all annual payments.

  • Launch – for $90.00 per month when billed monthly and $81.00 per month annually.
  • Optimize – for $135.00 per month for monthly payments and $122.00 per month annually.
  • Accelerate – for $225 per month when paid monthly and $203.00 per month when billed annually.

Unbounce Pros & Cons


  • Excellent A/B testing functionality
  • Highly customizable
  • Great templates and third party sources with more templates available such from ThemeForest
  • Easy to use landing page development tool
  • The platform has a very informative blog on lead generation and conversion optimization


  • You can’t split test landing pages created outside Unbounce
  • Managing lots of landing pages can be difficult

LeadPages Alternative #4: Instapage


Alternative: Instapage
Price: from $299.00 per month
Discount: 33% on annual billing
Trial: 14 Days FREE

Instapage is an excellent solution for lead generation and creating PPC campaigns.

Instapage is famous for its Thor render engine, which is the fastest page rendering system available.

Why Instapage Instead of LeadPages?

  • Offers more free templates
  • Instablocks helps you divide your page into blocks which makes it easier to create sections with different backgrounds

Key Instapage Features

  • Thor Render Engine
  • Server-side a/b testing
  • 1:1 Ad-to-page personalization
  • Dynamic text replacement
  • Multi-step forms
  • Heat map
  • Page migration services

What Instapage Has in Common With LeadPages?

Both platforms offer a variety of widgets.

These modules cover a variety of functions, increasing the functionality of the software.

What Is the Difference Between LeadPages And Instapage?

Unlike LeadPages, Instapage doesn’t use a grid system for its drag and drop page builder.

Instead, it offers a complete free-form building.

This means you are not limited to editing around pre-built locations defined by rows and columns.

How Much Does Instapage Cost?

Instapage only has two-tier plans:

  • Optimizing – costs $299.00 per month when billed monthly and $199.00 per month for annual payments.
  • Converting – created unique based on your needs.

Instapage Pros & Cons


  • heatmap feature
  • Numerous integrations and can easily be connected to third party email marketing tools
  • It is highly efficient thanks to Instablocks, which enables users to create standardized content and deploy it across multiple platforms.
  • Simple user interface
  • You can easily organize your pages into folders


  • Slightly expensive
  • It is a bit rigid when it comes to text customization
  • Users can not transfer pages to new systems

LeadPages Alternative #5: Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes - LeadPages Alternative

Alternative: Thrive Themes
Price: from $19.00 a month
Discount: 24% OFF on annual purchases

In general, Thrive Themes primarily focuses on creating conversion-focused WordPress themes and plugins.

All their products are built around helping online businesses convert strangers into paying customers.

Some of their products include Thrive Architect, Thrive Leads, Thrive Quiz Builder, etc.

Why Thrive Themes Instead of LeadPages?

  • Great for businesses whose websites use WordPress
  • Numerous products and features.

Key Thrive Themes Features

  • Premium templates
  • New hybrid registration element
  • ReCaptcha version 2 and 3 to prevent opt-in forms sign-ups from bots
  • A complete set of easily integrated website demo content
  • Variety of customization options
  • A library of shortcodes that can be used to insert different elements into your content

What Thrive Themes Has in Common With LeadPages?

Even though Thrive Suite excels in standard done for you factor while LeadPages is more in standard templates, both platforms are flexible in customization.

With the page editor, you can change almost all elements on your Thrive Suite page, and the same concept applies to the drag and drop feature on LeadPages.

What Is the Difference Between LeadPages And Thrive Themes?

The difference between the two comes down to, LeadPages is a hosted solution while Thrive Themes is a WordPress plugin.

This means you can use LeadPages without necessarily building a website but Thrive Themes only works if you have a website running on WordPress.

How Much Does Thrive Themes Cost?

Thrive Themes has only one pricing option.

  • Thrive Suites – costs $228 a year or $90 if paid quarterly.

Thrive Themes Pros & Cons


  • Excellent for creating affiliate and marketing sites
  • Focused on marketing which is great for an online business
  • Relatively easy to use
  • Offers over 276 templates for creating pages
  • Slightly affordable


  • It takes a lot of learning for beginners because of the numerous products
  • Unclear where one product ends and another one begins

LeadPages Alternative #6: ClickFunnels


Alternative: ClickFunnels
Price: $97 to $297 per month
Free trial: 14 Days

ClickFunnels helps you create high converting pages, build sales funnels, collect names and email addresses of your leads, follow up via email, SMS, or even create a follow-up funnel.

One thing that ClickFunnels uniquely offers compared to other alternatives to LeadPages is its ability to serve as a one-stop-shop for sales funnel and page building.

Why ClickFunnels Instead of LeadPages?

  • ClickFunnels is an all-in-one platform especially for an online business
  • It includes an embedded shopping cart which you can place anywhere on your landing page or home page
  • Serves a variety of objectives from opt-in forms, sales page, to hosting and creating a webinar page

Key ClickFunnels Features

  • Share Funnels
  • A/B testing
  • Campaign analytics
  • Customizable templates
  • Real-time editing
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Affiliate management center

What ClickFunnels Has in Common With LeadPages?

Each platform has a simple drag-and-drop editor and numerous landing page templates.

It helps you quickly and easily create landing pages to build up your email list.

What Is the Difference Between LeadPages And ClickFunnels?

LeadPages helps you create conversion-centered landing pages, conduct A/B testing, and generate high-quality leads from their variety of templates.

On the other hand, ClickFunnels is a more expensive option loaded with numerous features that go beyond creating landing pages to launching marketing campaigns and easy-to-use sales funnels.

How Much Does ClickFunnels Cost?

ClickFunnels pricing ranges from $97.00 per month to $2,497.000 per month.

The platform has three pricing plans:

  • Click Funnels- starting at $97.00 per month.
  • ClickFunnels Platinum- available at $297.00 per month.
  • Two Comma Club X – offered at $2,497.00 per month.

ClickFunnels Pros & Cons


  • Great affiliate system and cookies policy
  • All-in-one sales funnel and page builder platform
  • A lot of training and resources readily available in the members’ area
  • Numerous integrations making it easier to collect email addresses and build your email lists
  • Creates professional-looking pages and sales funnel, making your business more attractive and appealing to customers.
  • 30 days money-back guarantee


  • Expensive compared to other landing page builders
  • Poor customer support. Priority support is only available for Click Funnels Platinum and Two Comma Club users
  • It can be difficult to navigate, especially for beginners

LeadPages Alternative #7: OptimizePress


Alternative: OptimizePress
Price: From $99 to $199 a year
Money Back: 30 Days

OptimizePress is a landing page builder which only works with WordPress.

Apart from creating landing pages, OptimizePress helps you set up membership site portals, professional-looking sales funnels, and online courses.

So, if you’re looking for a platform to help you create more than just landing pages, OptimizePress might be a perfect alternative to LeadPages.

Why OptimizePress Instead of LeadPages?

  • You can create landing pages, well-structured landing pages, online courses, and a membership portal
  • Great theme and plugin, especially if you’re a WordPress user
  • Mobile-friendly designs

Key OptimizePress Features

  • Offer and sales pages templates
  • 250+ conversion-optimized templates
  • 30+ premium integrations
  • Unlimited leads and traffic
  • SmartTheme marketing theme
  • Revolutionary OptimizeBuilder page builder platform
  • Easy A/B testing on your funnels and pages

What OptimizePress Has in Common With LeadPages?

Both tools include drag and drop editors, which are fairly easy to use with ready-to-use templates.

What Is the Difference Between LeadPages And OptimizePress?

One major difference between OptimizePress and LeadPages is that OptimizePress can only be used on WordPress sites.

If you operate a custom solution, OptimizePress isn’t suitable for you.

Secondly, unlike LeadPages, OptimizePress also helps you create a well-structured sales funnel, online course, and membership portal.

How Much Does OptimizePress Cost?

OptimizePress is one of the cheapest alternatives to LeadPages.

OptimizePress has 3 plans which are billed annually.

  • Essential Plan – for $99.00 a year and can be used on only 1 personal site.
  • Suite Plan – for $199.00 a year. You can use it on up to 20 personal sites.
  • Agency Standard Plan – costs $399.00 a year. It accommodates up to 20 client sites. Agency standard is excellent for building sales funnels and pages for clients.

OptimizePress Pros & Cons


  • Enables drip-fed and locked content for membership sites
  • Mobile friendly designed templates to maximize conversion
  • You can add urgency to pages through OptimizeUrgency
  • It helps you build sales funnels on WordPress
  • Easy to use and offers a great user experience


  • It may look a little bit outdated compared to recent WordPress plugins
  • Slow and unresponsive customer service

Final Words About The LeadPages Alternatives

When looking for the most suitable LeadPages alternative, remember to consider your budget, features, and what you want to achieve with the platform.

Lastly, before purchasing it, take it for a test drive by starting the free trial period first to see whether it caters to your marketing needs.