500+ Templates Optimized For Conversions

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Instapage Templates

Instapage offers 500+ templates that are fully customizable templates and are designed to increase your conversions.

These templates are already optimized for conversions so upload it to your account, adopt few lines to match your website and you can use it immediately.

You can choose Instapage templates in any of these categories:

  • App download
  • Business service inquiry
  • Demo request
  • Course registration
  • Event registration
  • Product launch
  • Product sales
  • Special promotion
  • Thank you page
  • Trial signup
  • Up-sell or bonus
  • Waitlist signup
  • Webinar registration

Instapage FREE Templates

All of the Instapage templates are FREE to use. You just need to have a paid subscription in order to use the templates from the Instapage template gallery.

1. Instapage Business Service Inquiry Templates

Instapage Business Inquiry Template

2. Instapage Daily Deals Templates

Instapage Daily Deals Templates

3. Instapage Demo Request Templates

Instapage Demo Request Template

4. Instapage Event Registration Templates

Instapage Event Registration Template

5. Instapage Product Launch Templates

Instapage Product Launch Templates

6. Instapage Product Sales Templates

Instapage Product Sales Temnplates

7. Instapage Thank You Page Templates

Instapage Thank You Page Templates

8. Instapage Trial Signup Templates

Instapage Trial Signup Templates

9. Instapage Up-Sell Or Bonus Templates

Instapage Up-sell Or Bonus Templates

10. Instapage Waitlist Registration Templates

Instapage Waitlist Registration Templates

11. Instapage Webinar Registration Templates

Instapage Webinar Registration Templates